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Presenters notice

1 Book of Mormon Research
1 Book of Mormon Research
Presenters on the latest Heartland Geography Research

Held Fall 2016  - 18th International

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference

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Some of our speakers are experts in more than one category: check related categories for their profiles.

Rod L. Meldrum
Rod L. Meldrum
President - The FIRM Foundation

 Rod L. Meldrum is a researcher, author and national lecturer on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, its historical efficacy and the scriptural and physical evidences that have recently been discovered indicating North America as the location where its epic history may have played out. His highly referenced and comprehensive research, as shared in live presentations and educational materials, has created a “swelling movement within the Church” according to Seth Perry of the Martin Mary Center which is the institute for advanced research in all fields of the study of religion at the University of Chicago Divinity School as published in their publication, Sightings 4/29/10. Click HERE to read the article. For more information about Rod L. Meldrum click HERE.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Titles:

Heartland Hinterland Hypothesis: Finally! A Synthesis of Book of Mormon Geography Theories

The American Promised Land Covenant

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Titles

Dinosaurs and the Fossilization Process

Having served as senior scientific researcher on a natural sciences textbook project for seven years, discoveries made involving the process by which living organizms become fossilized has, for the first time been observed.  What is this process, how long does it really take and where has it been observed in nature?  Join Rod as he takes you through the research that led to the discovery of the process. 

The Hinterland Hypothethis: Heartland Core, Mesoamerica Periphery

An article written by an advocate of the Mesoamerican theory offered a synthesis between it and the Heartland model by suggesting that the primary lands of the Book of Mormon were in Mesoamerica, but accounts of defectors travelling northward in the text give some credence to the Heartland model, thus offering a bridge between the two dominant geography theories.  A synthesis would certainly be appreciated if the theories could become "one" in defending the historicity of the Book of Mormon.  What if the Heartland geography were the primary lands and the Mesoamerica lands were the 'hinterlands' or outlying locations?  The new Hinterland Hypothesis could finally provide the 'oneness' Church leaders and members have looked toward for so long.

Visualizing Book of Mormon Chronology: A Photographic and Video Chronology of the Thousand Year History of the Nephites in America

Join Brother Meldrum for a stunningly beautiful overview of the Nephite history from Lehi's landing, through the lands of Nephi, Zarahemla and Bountiful to the final battle at the Hill Cumorah. New arial photography and video have made it possible to see their lands as never before.

FIRM Foundation Expo Presentation Titles - Oct. 2015

Who Are "The Remnant" of the Book of Mormon? 

Wayne N. May
Wayne N. May
Publisher - Ancient American Magazine

Wayne N. May was born and raised in Wisconsin.  He is a 46 year convert to the LDS Church and has served in four Branch Presidencies, three Elder Quorum Presidencies, Seminary Instructor, Gospel Doctrine Instructor, Veil worker at the St. Paul Minnesota Temple, and currently is serving as Gospel Doctrine Teacher of the Menomonie Wisconsin Branch, Oakdale, Minnesota Stake. His wife Kristine is active with Wayne in the archaeological discoveries of the Midwest. Together they publish the quarterly magazine Ancient American which has been in continuous print for 26 years and covers the pre-Columbian Americas. Wayne and Kristine are the parents of seven children, and grandparents to sixteen.

Wayne is author of five books on the subject of Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America. They are titled; This Land: Zarahemla and the Nephite NationThis Land: Only One Cumorah; This Land: They Came from the EAST; book four is This Land: America 2,000 B.C. to 500 A.D and book five is This Land: Willard's Cumorah Land. Wayne gives firesides to members and non-members alike, wherever he is invited to present. He has been presenting information on the topic of North America's archaeological data from New York to California since 1994 which demonstrates how it applies to the Book of Mormon timeline.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Cumorah Land: The Last Stand

Zarahemla Project Update 2016

Hill Forts of Ohio: A Closer Look

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Titles

Elephants in North America + Zarahemla Project Update

Book of Mormon Geography: The Earthworks

Book of Mormon Benchmarks: Wayne's Choice

Oct. 2015 Titles below:

Book of Mormon Archaeology in North America 101; A Review of the Evidence

Zarahemla Project Update 2015

Lehi's Legacy to North America

Timothy Ballard
Timothy Ballard
Best-Selling Author, Speaker and TV Host

Timothy Ballard is the best-selling author of The Covenant; One Nation Under God; America's Sacred and Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel. He is also the author of the earlier LDS version of this work entitled, The American Covenant, Volumes I and II.

Tim is an honors graduate of BYU and holds advanced degrees in Politics from Middlebury College--The Monterey institute of International Studies. He has worked for the CIA and as a U.S. Special Agent, and now as the head of a private organization called Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) where he focuses on dismantling child trafficking organizations.  Tim plays the leading role in a new movie being made by Academy Award winner, Jerry Molen.  The full-length feature documentary-film focuses on Tim’s work as a modern-day “Abolitionist”. His Operation Underground Railroad has rescued hundreds of innocent children from the horrendous crime of sex slavery and was featured on the cover of the March/April 2015 LDSLiving Magazine.

He has appeared on numerous national news programs and has guest-hosted The Blaze/Glenn Beck TV Show.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title: The American Covenant

Jonathan Neville
Jonathan Neville
JAG Attorney, Author, Novelist, Church History Researcher, World Traveler

Jonathan Neville received a B.S. in Agricultural Economics, and M.S. in Agribusiness, and a J.D., all from Brigham Young University. He clerked for the Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court, then entered the JAG in the Air Force for five years before practicing mostly corporate law for many years. He has written over 30 legal commentaries, a dozen novels, and numerous articles. He has done LLM work at the University of Washington and teaches environmental science and ethics. He has lived in Europe for 8 years and the Philippines for 2 years. His work and other interests have taken him to every continent and over 60 countries.

He first became interested in ancient cultures when visiting Italy and Greece as a teenager. At BYU he took an honors class from John Sorenson and began a life-long study of Book of Mormon archaeology, anthropology, and related topics. He has visited ancient sites in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle-East, and North, Central and South America. A long-time follower of the Mesoamerican model of Book of Mormon geography, he came across discrepancies that led him to reject that model. Within the last year he delved into Church history, focusing on the origin of the Mesoamerican theory. He has developed some astonishing new perspectives on previously little known historical facts and has uncovered what is becoming known as the "Smoking Gun" of the Mesoamerican theory.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Titles

Mesomania: The History of the Mesoamerican Theories

Oliver Cowdrey's Letter VII and Moroni's America

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Titles

Oliver Cowdrey's Letter VII & Book of Mormon Central

The Lost City of Zarahemla

2015 Presentation Titles below:

Moroni's America; A Detailed Book of Mormon Geography, Chapter by Chapter

Education of a Prophet; Young Mormon's Journey from Hill Cumorah to Zarahemla

The Smoking Gun of Book of Mormon geography

Oliver Cowdrey's Letter VII and Book of Mormon Geography

Amberli Nelson, MA
Amberli Nelson, MA
Ancient Sacred Jewish Symbology Expert

 Amberli Gustin Nelson received a B.S. in Sociology from Brigham Young University ('94) and recently completed her Master's Degree in Athletic Administration from CUI (2014). A busy wife and mother of seven, Amberli has a deep and abiding love of truth, knowledge and greater understanding and therefore she thoroughly enjoys reading about and researching subjects she is most passionate about which include: sacred symbology, The Book of Mormon, early LDS church history, and Jewish religious customs, beliefs and traditions. She has become an expert on ancient Jewish practices, especially those involving the Laws of Moses.  She delights in sharing this knowledge with others and does so with energy and enthusiasm.  

Amberli has discovered compelling new evidence that the ancient Hopewell Mound Builders may have been living the laws of Moses based on archaeological findings of the essential materials required for obedience to those laws.  Her incredibly powerful new presentation was a tremendous hit at our Spring 2012 National Conference and she has some incredible new information to share.  Her presentation was titled - Connections Between Jewish Family, Cultural and Religious Practises and Those of  the Ancient Hopewell Civilization. Amberli has a life-long passion for researching ancient scriptures, customs and symbols - especially in connection with the Law of Moses. She delights in traveling, learning and in sharing her knowledge with others and does so with great enthusiasm and passion. Amberli and her family reside in Salem, Utah. 

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing: Animals in the Book of Mormon

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Title:

Fascinating New Hebraisms Found in the Heartland

Oct. 2015 Titles below:

Presentation Title: The Lost Tribes of Israel in the Heartland of America

Kels Goodman
Kels Goodman
Film Producer - Hidden in the Heartland

Kels has been in the film business for 25 years, best known for the creation of "Will it Blend", one of the most successful viral ad campaigns of all time, garnering over a half a billion views on YouTube.  He has also produced a number of feature films such as "Handcart", "The Latter-Days of Elvis Presley", "Wayward" and "The Last Eagle Scout". His current project "Hidden in the Heartland" is currently in development, covering the research material provided by the FIRM Foundation.  Watch the Trailer for "Hidden in the Heartland" HERE

Hidden in the Heartland

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title: Hidden in the Heartland TV Series

Hidden in the Heartland is a television series that completed a six-episode run on Utah TV station KJZZ, covering many of the untold stories that brings evidence and logic to the coming about of the Mormon faith and it's role in America today.

Lori Bean Henderson
Lori Bean Henderson
Documentary Producer, Executive Assistant - KSL News, Radio Host

Lori Bean Henderson is the granddaughter of Willard and Rebecca Bean, the first missionaries called back to Palmyra, New York in 1915, 84 years after the saints were driven out.  To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of their mission call, and the contributions they made to the Church, Lori wrote and produced the documentary “Love Unfeigned”, available on DVD.

Lori is an executive assistant for KSL News in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She has also partnered with her husband Matt Henderson in the creation of MormonMediaNetwork.com, a group of websites including JosephKnew.com (Book of Mormon evidence), MormonHippie.com (holistic and self-reliant living), and ThisIsTheMarketplace.com.  Lori also hosts their internet radio program “Mormon Tea” promoting LDS values and relevant information on a variety of topics.

Lori is certified in two energy healing modalities and has training in the use of medicinal herbs and essential oils, and runs her own business at TurningHeartsTogether.com.  She has 4 children and 3 grandchildren.  She loves yoga and tai chi, gardening, traveling, and studying the Word of Wisdom and holistic living.  Lori has recently co-authored the healthy recipe book “15-Minute Mindful Meals” due out in time for Mother’s Day!

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Early Research in Cumorahland

SUMMARY:  During his 24-year mission on the Joseph Smith Farm (1915-1939), Willard Bean did some of the first research in Book of Mormon geography.  His early research inspired many present-day Book of Mormon scholars and archaeologists.  Interesting findings and personal stories highlight the Land of Many Waters, climate change, great battlefields and more!

Kathy Alissa Burris
Kathy Alissa Burris
Palmyra & Hill Cumorah Expert Witness

Kathy Alissa Burris was born and raised in Palmyra, New York. She attended Brigham Young University and served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She worked in Human Resources for Mercer Consulting Firm and Cummins, Inc. Kathy currently resides near Seattle, WA. She and her husband have adopted six, special needs children from all over this beautiful planet. As two of her children are deaf, her family speak both English and American Sign Language.

Kathy spent many years working at LDS church historic sites around Palmyra, performed in the Hill Cumorah Pageant for many years and gained an unfailing testimony of the Gospel that was forged by the constant anti-Mormon sentiment prevalent in the Village of Palmyra and surrounding communities. Her father, Lee Ward, became an amateur church historian and was often asked to give visitors personal tours of the region. She was blessed to attend these tours and learn of the known and often unknown LDS and Native American historic landmarks of the Finger Lakes vicinity. Growing up in the area of the restoration of the Gospel, Kathy gained many personal experiences that solidified her testimony and love for Joseph Smith as a man and a prophet.

Due to her love of history, Kathy frequently visited the local libraries where she researched the Smith Family and Palmyra history.  During her studies, she became overwhelmed of the unwavering strength of the Smith family during their extensive persecution and trials while living in Palmyra. Their personal hardships helped Kathy persevere through her own maltreatment simply being a member of the Church in the Palmyra area. Kathy’s husband is an active duty officer in the United States Army. This profession has given her family the privilege of living in many areas in the United States, affording her the opportunity to present her personal experiences growing up in Palmyra to many Ward and Stake firesides and conferences over the years. Kathy is currently the Gospel Principles teacher for her ward in Eatonville, WA.

 Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title

Growing Up in Palmyra, New York: A Testimony of the Prophetic Calling of Joseph Smith and the Restoration

Summary: Kathy’s presentation focuses on the known and little known historic places, people and events that occurred in and around Palmyra, NY, along with the Book of Mormon events that occurred in the area of Cumorah. Kathy shares her personal stories, historic finds and artifacts relating to the Smith family and Book of Mormon, all the while instilling a powerful testimony of the divine calling of the Prophet, Joseph Smith, and the physical and spiritual events surrounding the Book of Mormon and it’s peoples.

Steven E. Smoot
Steven E. Smoot
Author, Historian, Film Producer, Commercial Developer

Steven Edgar Smoot is President of the Family First Foundation and President of Excel Investment Corporation and Watchman Properties. He is Author of the book, Lost American Antiquities a Hidden History and co-producer of many documentaries, the two most known documentaries are The Lost Civilizations of North America and Demographic Winter the Decline of the Human Family.  He has  been an invited speaker on the Decline of the Human Family and Demographics at the European Union and at many World Congress of Families events worldwide. 

Steven has also spoken at many ancient origin conference's on the silence and science surrounding America's ancient civilizations. Answering the why, how and who questions as to why we haven't heard more about these ancient mound building cultures. Steven will also be sharing findings showing how migration patterns and the trading of precious metals, tobacco and Indian slaves can answer an age old question as to how religious teachings and practices became common to ancient cultures on many continents. 


Inter-twined through each of his documentaries is a common thread that shows that society cannot always rely on today’s scientific and academic communities for scholarly truths. One would think that by using scientific methods that scientists would be encouraged to follow the evidences wherever they may lead and in time come to a truthful conclusion.  But since the mid 1800’s as these documentaries reveal,  Social Engineers have learned that they can use the sciences and their influential political positions as a powerful tool to crush dissent on the origin and evolution of man and a myriad of other social and political issues.

 Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Silencing America's Ancient Civilizations, the Why, How and Who

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Titles

Destruction of the Family: A Demographic Time Bomb

Oct. 2015 Titles below:

Native American Indian Origins and the Evolutionary Stairway

Demographics; The Fate & Future of Society


Paul Rimmasch
Paul Rimmasch
Crime Scene Investigator for Weber-Metro CSI, Utah

Paul Rimmasch was born and reared in the Salt Lake Valley. He graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminalistics and a minor in Photography. Paul has spent the last fifteen years working as a Crime Scene Investigator for Weber-Metro CSI and is active in Forensic Science education and Law Enforcement training. He lives in Ogden Utah with his wife and three children and is an avid hiker and gardener.

Paul has parlayed a life long interest in Book of Mormon Archaeology and LDS Church History into his first novel, The Lost Stones. Watch the book trailer HERE.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Josephus and the Jaredites... and Other News

Douglas E. Brinley
Douglas E. Brinley
Former Professor of Church History and Doctrine, BYU

Douglas E. Brinley is a retired professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University.  He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Utah State University and a Ph.D. from BYU.  The author or coauthor of 15 books, including “Between Husband and Wife: Gospel Perspectives on Marital Intimacy,” he has been a popular speaker at BYU Education Week.  He has served as the president of the Texas Dallas Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and he and his wife, Geri, are the parents of six children.

Doug speaks of his book, “America in Peril; Ten Stages in the Destruction of a Promised Land.”  Four civilizations have inhabited this promised land from its beginning.  The first three were destroyed by the Lord because of  wickedness.  They all began well, only to disintegrate and violate covenants with Deity. His presentation follows their rise and demise through ten stages so that those of us now living on this land can see what Mormon and Moroni, who saw our day, felt we needed to know in order to avoid the same fate. What Latter-day Saints can do to prevent the same ending as the former civilizations will become clear.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Is America In Peril? 10 Stages in the Destruction of a Promised Land

James F. Stoddard III
James F. Stoddard III
President - Joseph Smith Foundation

James F. Stoddard III is the husband of Leslie Sarah Stoddard and father of 9 children. He is a direct descendant of Asael and Mary Duty Smith, the Prophet Joseph Smith’s grandparents, and other LDS Church history figures. He is the founder of the Joseph Smith Foundation with its divisions Joseph Smith Academy, Joseph Smith Forum, and ZionVision.

He and his family are the producers of several professional documentaries including: Joseph Smith: More than You KnowFor Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned GovernmentsFor Our Day: Covenant on the Land and Creation and Evolution: A Witness of Prophets. James has worked in private, public, religious, corporate and home education as well as Web development, software engineering, videography and natural health. He also serves on the Firm Foundation Executive Advisory and Strategic Planning Board and authors many papers and articles on the Web. His research supports the writings and teachings of ancient and latter-day prophets.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Titles:

Parallel Problems, Parallel Answers from the Book of Mormon

Faithful Answers for Tough LDS Questions

2016 Expo Presentations:

Unknown Mormon Doctrine in Michigan Tablets

Hannukiah Earthwork Foretells Last Days

L. Hannah Stoddard
L. Hannah Stoddard
Director - For Our Day Film Series

 L. Hannah Stoddard is the producer of the documentary video, For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments and director of the film For Our Day: Covenant on the Land. She is a Co-Founder of the Joseph Smith Foundation Inspira Project, as well as the online youth organization - Maidens with a Mission.  

Hanna has been home schooled and privately educated.  She directs all Joseph Smith Foundation projects, including Joseph Smith Foundation FAQs, and InspiraWiki's Timelines and Maps.  She also co-directs Joseph Smith Foundation projects including Joseph Smith Forum, Joseph Smith Academy, and ZionVision. She has worked as a graphic artist, software developer, videographer, project manager and research assistant. Hannah's research supports the writings and teachings of ancient and latter-day prophets. 

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Titles:

Parallel Problems, Parallel Answers from the Book of Mormon

Faithful Answers for Tough LDS Questions

2016 Expo Presentations:

Unknown Mormon Doctrine in Michigan Tablets

Hannukiah Earthwork Foretells Last Days

Lenet Read
Lenet Read
Author & Lecturer

Lenet Hadley Read has published over twenty articles in the Ensign, Meridian Magazine, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies and Encyclopedia of Mormonism. She has published four books (one by Deseret Book), and has lectured at Education Week, CES Symposiums, and many conferences. Her Gospel Doctrine Blog, which includes Book of Mormon Geography, is posted on www.ldsgospeldoctrine.net.

Graduating from BYU with a B.A., she did post-graduate studies in religion at the University of Florida. Her major research has been on how Jewish Holy Days prophesied all of Christ’s major works, including the beginning of the Days of Awe at Hill Cumorah. They also hold significant prophecy for the future.

 Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Cumorah: Time of Awe

Rian Nelson
Rian Nelson
Book of Mormon Researcher

Rian has always loved the Book of Mormon and its heroes, and after 40 years of searching for the location where his heroes lived, served, and fought for their freedom has finally been realized. They lived right where the Prophet Joseph Smith said they did, in the United Stated of America. Rian’s passion for this new found belief has added to his previous testimony and inspired him to create art, maps, and relics, to inspire others.

 Rian’s passion for truth has been ignited by the description of a “mound” from Rod, the location of the “narrow neck of land” from Jonathan, the amazing “finds” from Wayne, the inspiration of the Stoddard family, and the testimony from the “Prophets Sword” through Jolene and Howard Smith. Rian thanks his friends Val, Ken, and Kendra for creating art, and cartoons of Rian’s favorite heroes, and a special thanks to Steve Blake who taught Rian a new talent, creating “cool relics.”

 The Book of Mormon is true and a testament of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rian served a mission with wonderful Lamanites in Fiji and is married to his biggest hero Stacy. They live in Bountiful and have two amazing children with their first grandchild on the way.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Titles:

The Narrow Neck, Gaps and Passes of the Book of Mormon

Summary: Using hundreds of maps and years of Book of Mormon geography study, Rian will take you on a journey of understanding regarding the necks, passages, strips and the Narrow Neck of Land of the Book of Mormon.

Lehi in FL, Nephi in TN, Mosiah in IA, and Mormon from Cumorah to Zarahemla

Summary: The geography of the Book of Mormon comes to light as you learn about the lands the Book of Mormon prophets were writing about.  Rian will share detailed information about some of the more enigmatic geographic passages of scripture. 

Howard Carlos Smith
Howard Carlos Smith
Author - Keeper of the Prophets Sword

Howard Carlos Smith holds a B.S. Degree in Engineering from Utah State University and an M.S. Degree from Brigham Young University.  As a teacher and trainer he taught over 15,000 students spanning a period of forty-five years.  He was one of three missionaries to open the Island of Puerto Rico for missionary work.


Howard Carlos Smith learned of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo Legion Lieutenant General’s sword through his Uncle Delbert Nobel, a direct descendent of Joseph Bates Noble who was a personal friend and bodyguard to the Prophet.  On their way to fateful Carthage, the Prophet asked Brother Noble to return to Nauvoo with a letter for his wife Emma and a pistol for Porter Rockwell.  He also removed his sword and gave it as a gift to his trusted bodyguard who had served him while on Zion’s Camp and beyond his death. The sword has been kept hidden away, being passed from generation to generation of the Noble family for 165 years.  This legendary sword of the Prophet, Joseph Smith has never been displayed publicly…until now.


Howard visited his Uncle Delbert son LaMar who allowed him to hold the sword. Howard recalls “Holding the sword, I felt a spirit like I’ve never felt before…almost like grasping the hand of the Prophet himself” he said. Howard presents his historical research and findings as he discovered the secrets of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s legendary sword.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Return of the Prophets Sword

2016 Expo Presentations:

Joseph Smith's Nauvoo Legion Sword

Angels & Translated Beings

Pamela Romney Openshaw
Pamela Romney Openshaw
Author of Promises of the Constitution

 Pamela Romney Openshaw found her passion for the Constitution and yearning for the politics of good, moral government while serving as an elected delegate from Nebraska to President Carter's 1980 White House Conference on Families.  She saw how political forces can distort procedures and policies so that they appear to represent the will of the American people, but it became obvious that powerful forces for both good and evil operate in the hearts of those who lead. 

Her love of country, family, and life itself led her to begin speaking publicly for the Right to Life movement and into a private study of the morality of public policy. This fascinating journey left her concerned, yet hopeful, for the future of our country.  She remains optimistic about the strength, integrity and willingness to act with her fellow Americans in the conservative Christian cause.   

 A college degree in education opened the door to teaching: in elementary school, high school, and public school special education. Those endeavors have been shelved as she currently invests her efforts in teaching about our inspired, dynamic and currently embattled United States Constitution. Her greatest love, other than God, family, and country, is teaching—and she loves teaching the truth.

Pamela also loves the business world and the free enterprise system that backs America. She has created and operated several businesses, including a consulting firm, several sales organizations, a food establishment, and a construction firm. Each was exciting and successful, but ultimately she returned to what means the most to her: a life filled with family, church, and teaching in some form.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Government in the Book of Mormon: Use of Power in Ancient and Modern America

Summary:  The Book of Mormon and the US Constitution prove each other in this eye-opening presentation.  Exercising power is essential in government, but it must be used well.  The wise and unwise uses of power: for protection, prosperity, property, in law and war and more will showcase US and Nephite govenments.  Attend and you will see ancient and modern American history through new eyes.

Previous Presentations:  April 2016 Expo
Constitutions: Israelite, Nephite & American
Profound similarities unite three great cultures and point to the location of the Book Of Mormon within US borders

America's Patriots: Ancient & Modern
Intriguing stories of great Nephite figures and America's founders, known and little-known, parallel each other in a rich, heartfelt tapestry
Civil Government: Nephite & American
Reading the Book of Mormon is like reading the Newspaper. What does it teach us about America's future?

Lonnie Crockett Ph.D.
Lonnie Crockett Ph.D.
Professor, Author, Lover of the Constitution

Lonnie Crockett was raised in the great state of Alaska for the first 30 years of his life.  As a boy, he hunted, fished, played baseball and was very active in Boy Scouting, earning his Eagle and Silver Palm awards.  He even delivered news papers by dog team.  He attended BYU for two years before serving an LDS Mission in Switzerland for 2 ½ years, then returned; married his wife Pam and today enjoys his ten children and 30 grandchildren. 

Lonnie moved to Utah to continue his education, acquiring a BS in Accounting and a BA in Business Administration and a BA American History.  He went on to earn a  Masters Degree in Taxation and his Ph.D. in Tax Law. 

"Dr. Crockett" as his students called him, has taught at Stevens Henager, Eagle Gate, Utah Career Colleges and Weber State University, teaching Accounting, English, English Composition, Business Communication, Auditing, and Pension and Estate Planning, Business Law and Individual and Corporate Taxation; and his favorite subject, American History.  He has lectured extensively on the United States Constitution to many and varied groups including the Daughters of the American Revolution, Utah Youth Council, schools and other respected organizations. 

Today Lonnie owns and operates, with his wife Pam, an accounting, tax /business consulting and estate planning/asset protection practice which is nestled along with his home in the picturesque town of Huntsville, Utah, up in Ogden Valley. An avid reader of American History and Religious topic he also loves riding horses, skiing and our GREAT country.

He is the author of two books: Emergency Preparedness Made Easy & The United States Constitution Made Easy…To Understand

And yes, Lonnie is a descendent of Davy Crockett’s brother, being Davy's great, great, great, great, nephew.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Why is Understanding the Constitution  Necessary for Our Day?

2016 Expo Presentations:

Why A Constitution in the First Place?

Understanding the Constitution

Thomas Jefferson said, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the People… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”   And George Washington said, “…the United States Constitution, its only keepers, the People.”  So, I pose the questions, How is it even possible for the People to “keep” the Constitution inviolate, and preserve and defend it, if the People do not know or understand what it says, much less understand the original intent of the Framers?  Sadly, today, our public schools and Universities pay little attention to educating our children and young adults about the foundation of America, our Constitution, making it the freest and most prosperous nation ever in the history of mankind.  One would think that teaching this fact would be paramount in our educational institutions; unfortunately, this has been sorely neglected and we are suffering the effect of that ignorance today.

Similarly, if We The People are not familiar with, or do not know what the Constitution of the United States says, how are we to know when it is being violated by our President or Representatives?  We cannot!  This is no different than the Ten commandments; they must be known first to understood when one of them is being violated.  The same goes with the Constitution, the permanent voice of the People.  In this case, ignorance is an excuse.  “We The People are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.Abraham Lincoln

Every member of the state ought diligently to read and to study the Constitution of his country…By knowing their rights, they will sooner perceive when they are violated and be the better prepared to defend and assert them.John Jay

Richard Proctor
Richard Proctor
Economist, Financial Expert

He has been actively engaged in Economics for 55 years, an Undergraduate degree in 1965 and a Master’s degree in 1972.  He did not attempt to get his PHD since the economic climate would have required a socialistic slant.  In the late 1960s he observed the creation of the two-tiered international gold standard resulting in the abolishment of the international gold standard in 1971.  He then also observed the follow-on interest rate and inflation explosion of the 1970s.  He can and will, upon request, explain the reasons behind the inflation of the 1970s.  

He has followed the shadow government since the 1960’s and has read around 100,000 pages over these 55 years.  He began writing in 2005 to keep a record of all the things he had learned, and then produced an internet political newsletter every Tuesday for 6 years, from 2006 to 2012.

 He served in the Air Force from 1965 to 1985 and retired as a major.  He has formed his own businesses since then in a variety of companies, including computer sales and programming in the late 1980’s, an insurance price containment system in the early 1990’s, and retail food service in the malls from 1993 to 2004.  He provided international investment opportunities from 2004 to 2010.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Limiting the Federal Government's Monetary Influence on the States

2016 Expo Presentation:

Liberty - Can it survive the 21st Century?

This presentation will focus on the secret combinations foretold in the Book of Mormon.  Many of those prophecies will be cited and discussed.  Then the fulfillment of those prophecies will be discussed in detail.  When did the secret combinations start, who were the people involved, how are they doing their destruction of our society, and what can we do to fight against them?  REMEMBER YOU CAN’T FIGHT AGAINST OR AVOID SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

Mark & Jill Clifford
Mark & Jill Clifford
Owners of Legacy Tours and Travel

Legacy Tours has been conducting tours with Rod Meldrum since 2010. Owners Mark and Jill Clifford and Kris Kimball enjoy helping guests explore the amazing sites introduced in Rod's book: Discovering the Book of Mormon in America's Heartland. Mark, Jill and Kris love to travel! They realize there is no better way to understand a subject than to visit the sites, see the places and walk the paths of history. They believe you can have an incredible tour that educates you, inspires you and also lets you have unique and fun experiences.

Mark and Jill graduated from Brigham Young University. Mark has a degree in psychology and Jill has her degree in Humanities. Mark studied abroad in Russia and has traveled throughout Europe and Great Britain. Jill studied abroad in Israel, Austria and Prague. Mark has also been involved in real estate and hotels. Jill taught high school English. Mark and Jill have four children.

Kris Kimball is married  with 3 children and 4 beautiful grandchildren.  Kris loves to travel and  has an unquenchable desire to seek after knowledge and truth. She traveled in 2009 and 2010 on humanitarian expeditions to Kenya which included  building a school in Mygunami, a small village outside of Mombasa. Out of all of her travels around the world,  Israel is her most favorite. She loves visiting the homeland of Jesus Christ, it always increases her love and testimony of her Savior.

2016 Expo Presentation:

Touring Sacred Book of Mormon Sites in North America

Summary: Learn more about why touring the hundreds of sacred Book of Mormon sites in North America is becoming the most sought after touring destination for LDS faithful.  Also find out about special travel discounts for Expo attendees!

Jon McNaughton
Jon McNaughton
Renowned LDS Painter - One Nation Under God

Jon McNaughton is an established artist from Utah whose new paintings have attracted the international attention of millions over the last few years. Highly detailed religious and patriotic subjects are the focus of his paintings. The artist’s experiences and faith are the inspiration for his work.

 “I have traveled to many places around the world to know my subjects, but when I work on a painting with many figures I will usually pose models and photograph them and then paint them as I see them in my mind. I choose to paint from the heart and evoke my personal vision into each painting.”

  I prefer to paint pictures that I believe have relevance to what is going on in the world, that make a statement, that stand for something. I hope people will study the paintings and try to understand the deeper meaning. Some of the themes are controversial, but I feel strongly about what is happening in our world today.

 There are three kinds of people who view my paintings: Those who like it, those who hate it, and those who simply don’t understand. I am especially interested in this last category. I hope my work will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level. I like to use metaphor and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.”

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

Unveiling of New Art Piece: Mormon Abridging the Plates in Cumorah

Val Brinkerhoff
Val Brinkerhoff
Author, Artist, Professor and Researcher

Val Brinkerhoff is an author, artist, professor, and researcher. He has authored thirty magazine articles and fourteen books, eight as the sole author. His latest work is centered on the connection between heavenly signs, the Hebrew Holy days, and the last-days prophecies of Isaiah, Daniel, and John and Revelator. Collectively these witnesses mark the birth, death, and second coming return of the Lord Jesus Christ, along with the Elias preparing the way before Him.

His last three books include (1) Seven Heavenly Witnesses of the Coming of Jesus Christ; (2) Awake and Arise: Coming Tribulation and Judgment with a Mighty and Strong One to Deliver - the Last-days according to Isaiah; and (3) The Original Location of the Temple and the Atonement. They have been called monumental works, unraveling hidden truths revealed in the heavens, the Holy Days, and the prophetic books. His research also points to a more accurate geographic setting for the Jerusalem temple and the atonement of Christ across from it. They are relevant truths for coming last-days events, including the return of our Lord. We must "awake and arise" in preparation for the return of the Bridegroom.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

The Awakening of the Latter-day Remnant of Joseph

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Title:

Presentation title: The Remnant Awakens

Summary: Our Savior has visited the Native American remnant from time to time, preparing them for their last-days mission in fulfillment of the covenant made with Joseph sold into Egypt. What did Christ do in these visits, and what is the end-times role of Manasseh remnant according to the Book of Mormon? How will they work with Ephraim?

Presentation title: The Heavens Speak

Summary: The Heavens continue to present important signs to us in connection with the Lord’s calendar. The years 2016 and 2017 will be eventful years. What do the signs express? What might we expect in America and upon the world stage?

Oct. 2015 Presentation Title:  Awake and Arise - the Bridegroom is Coming

Summary: The heavens continue to mark last-days events of note. Signs there do not lie, nor can man change them. What are they expressing for the coming months and years? What is “the sign of the coming of the Son of Man” as addressed by Joseph Smith, and that of the Servant He will send to the prepare the way before Him? A better understanding of God’s heavenly calendar reveals these and other events. They are right around the corner. Let us "awake and arise."

Val Chadwick Bagley
Val Chadwick Bagley
Artist, Cartoonist

Val Chadwick Bagley is an American cartoonist and illustrator. He has illustrated many Latter-day Saint childrens books as well as regularly contributed cartoons to LDS magazines The New Era and The Friend. Although he is sometimes confused with Pat Bagley, editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, the two are not related.

Although he was raised in Southern California, Val Chadwick Bagley loves to tell people he's from Wyoming, which is true..... Val was born in Afton, Wyoming where he lived with his parents until he was just 6 weeks old. His father then moved his family to Southern California where Val  grew up.

Growing up in California, near Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, was the perfect environment for Val to develop his artistic skills. With encouragement from his mother, he decorated a bulletin board at home each month.  He's been decorating, drawing, coloring and entertaining people ever since.

The opportunity to share his testimony, love of the Book of Mormon, and his engaging sense of humor has enabled him to use his talents to create several books and card games for the LDS market.

Val's had many nicknames throughout his life but the one his wife loves the most is Valiant. He loves our Father in Heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ; has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon; a deep love and respect or the Prophet Joseph Smith and is grateful for the church and the solid foundation it is in his life. He is valiant in always giving his best and trying to do his best every day.

Sharing his testimony through art has blessed Val and his family as well as Latter-day Saint people worldwide.

Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, Sept. 2016

Presentation Title:

A Cartoonist's Conversion to the Heartland Geography

Firm Foundation Expo, April 2016

Presentation: "It Just Makes Sense!"

Summary: Listen to Val as he shares his amazing story about drawing cartoons for over 25 years about Mesoamerica and how he recently became highly motivated by the Heartland Model. He will show you his brand new cartoons drawn specifically for the Heartland audience. You will love his humor and his conversion story.

Presenters and Artists at Our Previous Events
Presenters and Artists at Our Previous Events
We Thank All Our Previous Conference Presenters and Artists - Below

Each of the speakers listed below have gratiously shared of their time, talents and knowledge with FIRM Foundation events over the past few years.  These are the best of the best in their fields and it is a privilege to have had them participate in our International Book of Mormon Evidence Conferences, Regional Conferences, America's Freedom Education Week and other events.  We thank each and every one of them for their service and expertise, along with their willingness to share that knowledge with others. 

Boyd J. Tuttle
Boyd J. Tuttle
President, Digital Legend Press & Publishing

Boyd graduated from BYU with a degree in Engineering in 1986 and then earned his MBA from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA in 1991. After twenty plus years of working for Xerox Corporation in New York and Japan, Boyd retired early to start a publishing venture he called Digital Legend Publishing, Inc.

Eight years later, Digital Legend has over 100 titles in print, many of which have become regional bestsellers with some receiving national attention.  Among the authors published by Legends are many of the presenters at this conference: Timothy Ballard, Val Brinkerhoff, Rod Meldrum, Steve Smoot, Jonathan Neville, Bruce Porter, Gary Wright, David Allen, Stephen Spykerman, Doug Brinley, Richard Proctor, Paul Rimmasch. Others include Leslie Rees, Joseph F. McConkie, Bob Lonsberry, Sherman L. Fleek, M. Catherine Thomas, Richard Eyre, Emma Lou Thayne, Keith Terry, Herschel Pedersen, Ed J. Pinegar, Alan F. Layton, Elder Dennis Neuenschwander, Elder John K. Carmack and many others.   

Boyd currently serves as Executive Vice-President of the FIRM Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming Firm Foundation Magazine set to launch at a future date. Digital Legend has been named “Official Publisher” of all things Heartland.  In that capacity Legend has published no less than 40 individual titles (books, DVDs , etc.) that specifically support the goals and objectives of the FIRM Foundation. Tens of thousands of these titles have sold and today they serve as the literary backbone and educational showcase of the Heartland library.  For more information visit: www.digitalegend.com (LDS titles) and www.legendslibrary for national titles.

Some of you may remember Boyd’s father, Elder A. Theodore Tuttle of the First Quorum of Seventy who died in 1986.  Boyd and his family recently relocated from New York and now reside in Cottonwood Heights, UT where he and his wife Holly are the parents of nine children.

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Titles

Discoveries in the Heartland Library

New Millennial Science & 3rd Great Awakening

St. George 2016 Presentation Title: Coming Forth of Millennial Light and Truth

Oct. 2015 Title: Milk Meat or Mysteries: How much Truth Can you Endure? This presentation looks at the tsunami-like wave of “knowledge and inspiration” that has been pouring into the Foundation in recent years, and will explore the best ways to comprehend it all.  Boyd will also explore several of his newest and most compelling titles and manuscripts that have just released or which soon will.  Boyd will also discuss a new way to examine religion, science and history through the lens of “Millennial Light and Truth.”


2 Emergency Preparedness
2 Emergency Preparedness
Presentations on Emeregency Preparedness Education

FIRM Foundation Expo - Spring 2016

Emergency Preparedness Speakers

Scroll Down to See Additional Categories and Speakers

Roger K. Young
Roger K. Young
Best Selling Author & Lecturer of Last Days Signs

Roger K. Young is the #1 selling LDS author & lecturer on the Signs of the Times and the Events of the Last Days over the last 25 years.  His books; As a Thief in the Night, Behold the Fig Tree, When Ye Shall See All These Things, And There Shall Be Signs, Zion the Holy City of New Jerusalem, Dreams and Visions of the Last Days, To Your Tents O Israel, They Must Needs Be Chastened and Tried, Escape From Babylon, and his newest book: The Collapse, have become essential LDS gospel library materials and his lectures are often standing room only. He is also a Preparedness Expert, owns and operates the Total Solar Innovation Solar Energy company, and is currently Senior Editor of the Global Research Initiative (GRI) monthly Newsletter. 

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Titles  -

The Basics of Emergency Survival and Preparedness. Why most 72 hour kits will kill you, the priorities you should prepare for, how to fix the problems, and much more. 

All About Solar Energy: the basics, the Do's and the Don'ts, the Gotchas to look out for. Why you should or should not use solar energy.

Oct. 2015 Titles below:

THE FUTURE OF AMERICA & THE WORLD, WITH FOCUS ON THE NEXT 2 YEARS.  (The Coming World Wars in Europe, America, the Middles East, the collapse and the Things you should know to About to Prepare For, with current Updates.)    Join Roger in a fascinating presentation and discussion about the long prophesied events in the history of the world.

 The Basics of Emergency Survival and Preparedness

All About Solar Energy


Delores Kahkonen
Delores Kahkonen
Native American Indian Upper Cayuga of the Six Nations

I am originally from Ontario, Canada and am Upper Cayuga of the Six Nations/ Iroquois; also known as the Haudenosaunee. And I belong to the Bear Clan. My family lived with my Grandmother, Marie (Webster) Jamieson, until I was about six years old. She took over the responsibility of looking after me while we lived with her. Grandmother was a well known Iroquoian/First Nations historian.  It was she that taught me of the Six Nations’ legends and traditions, as well as our history. In addition, my mother, Charlotte (Jamieson) Taylor, was a traditional storyteller.

My husband, Allan, and I currently live in St. George, Utah. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I reared four sons and am a grandmother to nine grandchildren and one great grandson. My Bachelor of Science, a Masters in Secondary Education, and my teaching certification were obtained at Southern Utah University. My goal is to help Native American Indians with the knowledge I am able to obtain from furthering my education. To be the wind beneath their wings; thus, enabling them to soar like an eagle.

Most of my work was at Dixie State University in the Career Center, the GED Adult Education Program, and I was the Coordinator and a teacher of English as Second Language (ESL) for Washington County School District’s ESL Adult Program housed at Dixie State University.

Additionally, I tutored Native American Indian students with their writing classes, on a voluntary basis, for many years while at Dixie State University and served as their Advisor for the Native American Indian students’ club for two years. During the winter semester of 2010, I was an instructor for Brock University teaching a Master of Education class on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada. Furthermore, I have written six culturally relevant books for grades four to six.  Presently I am the midst of writing and have decided to incorporate two books into one with three sections to be titled Gaoyahdeo - Where the Heavens Meet the Earth.”  The new goal is to have it completed by the fall.

 FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Title:

Presentation: The Lord’s Dawning Begins

SUMMARY: A PowerPoint regarding the eighty-five Native American Indian Chiefs whose initial work was done in the St. George Temple, on August 29, 1877.  An overview of information from “Voices from the Past Leading the Way” and “Gaoyahdeo: Where the Heavens meet the Earth” will be offeredThis will facilitate further light and knowledge regarding these remarkable Indian Chiefs.  The presentation will be accompanied by Native American Indian drumming and singing at the beginning and end.

St. George Regional Conference, 2016  Presentation:  “Gaoyahdeo” - Where the Heavens Meet the Earth

Note: “Gaoyahdeo” is a Cayuga word meaning where the heavens meet the earth.

SUMMARY:  “The Temples . . . become to us the gates of Heaven.  They are esteemed most holy unto the Lord of all places on the earth; therein the faithful approach nearest unto God, and obtain the greatest fellowship and inspiration of His Holy Spirit.”  Quoted from Apostle Franklin D. Richards - May 17, 1884 Journal of Discourses, Vol. 25, pg. 231. This presentation is a follow-up to Voices from the Past Leading the Way.  In “Gaoyahdeo” - Where the Heavens Meet the Earth I will recap my discovery of the eighty-five Native American Indian Chiefs whose work was done in the St. George Temple, on August 29, 1877 and reveal what lead up to the discovery that their temple work was never completed. Seventy-four of these Native American Indian Chiefs are my people – Six Nations/Iroquois and they had been waiting almost 138 years for the remainder of their temple ordinances to be fulfilled. I will impart additional, inspiring information about these incredible Native American Indian Chiefs that you may come to know them as I do.  Also, an update on the progress of the completion of the Chiefs’ temple work will be provided.  Additionally, a list of the names of the eleven ordinance workers that performed the original baptisms and confirmations of the eighty-five Native American Indian Chiefs on Aug. 29, 1877 and details regarding these elect brethren.

Ed Hendershot
Ed Hendershot
Emergency Medical Expert

Ed Hendershot, has over 15 years of combined experience as an EMT-Intermediate/Firefighter, certified in BTLS (Basic Trauma Life Support), Dive Rescue Public Safety Diver, and 10 years in law enforcement. He has taught classes throughout the western United States, and has been on National Geographic channel show about survival.

We are entering the times of tribulation prophesied in the scriptures. In this presentation, we will arm with knowledge by discussing the catastrophic events most probable to occur and how they could affect you … and how to be prepared for, treat and survive injuries and trauma resulting from these events. The discussion will be based on the signs of the times; scriptural prophecy, modern prophecy and recent dreams and visions.

Ed and his wife Carol, live in Star Idaho. He is founder and CEO of Medical Vanguard, providing training and comprehensive emergency medical kits and supplies.

Here are a couple ‘recognizable’ people who have medical kits designed by Ed: Glenn and Tonya Beck, and several others at ‘the Blaze’ television network; ‘Survivorman;’ Les Stroud, Constitutional Sheriffs “CSPOA” founder; Richard Mack, Oathkeepers founder;  Stewart Rhodes ‘Operation Underground Railroad’ child rescue Special Ops Jump Team.

2016 Expo Presentations:

Spiritually Prepared for Christ's Return?

In this class we will talk about the prophesied catastrophic events of the Last Days and how to physically and mentally prepare for the medical aspect of the resulting injuries.

Surviving Catastrophic Events: Medical Preparedness

This class will cover various catastrophic events most likely for the Wasatch front and the types of injuries and treatment for the most common injuries resulting from those events.

Prior Presentations:

Signs in the Heavens and Earth: What is coming and how it will effect us

 No 911? What To Do...

Todd Albi
Todd Albi
SilverFire General Manager

Todd Albi, is the General Manager of SilverFire®, Disaster and Recreation Stoves, and Cookware.  These products are designed for emergency, recreation, humanitarian use, or everyday living!   Todd’s entry into cook stoves was as Managing Director of StoveTec®  (including early EcoZoom & EnviroFit stove models). Todd created the SilverFire® organization, to provide new advances in cook stove technology for both the developed and developing World.

Todd held executive sales & marketing positions for over 25 years at Glaxo and other pharmaceutical organizations.  He has created startups in numerous industries, including telecommunications and specialty construction.  His expertise in respiratory medicine, medical sales, NAVY diving medicine (as a member of SEAL TEAM ONE), led to a natural transition and interest in the efficient cook stove development, to reduce emissions, and fuel use.

Todd holds a BS from the University of Oregon and is the father of 2 sets of twins (4 college graduates) and runs the SilverFire® operation out of Eugene, Oregon.

2016 Expo Presentations:

Off Grid Cooking Options

 Summary:  PowerPoint, combined with informal discussion covering off grid cooking options, with hands on stove parts & materials for attendees to see , evaluate, and discuss the reasons to choose efficient off grid cooking solutions.

 Description:  Off Grid Cooking:  Bio-Fuel / Biomass Stove Designs (Rocket Stoves, TLUD Gasifier Stoves, Design Implications, and Cookware to maximize heat transfer. 

Gavin Rich
Gavin Rich
Owner, Safety Shield, First Aid Expert

20 years experience in first aid and safety. One of the original creators of Shield-Safety. Helped create the newest first aid kit designs including one that is sold by Costco and the newest technology for sprains and strains. Also helped create the most advanced first aid training called Injury Treatment Training and has trained doctors, nurses, EMT’s and safety directors. Worked 15 years as a sales representative, safety trainer, and sales manager at Zee Medical. OSHA 501 certified. Has worked with BYU, University of Utah, LDS Church, Dannon Company, Western Area Power, Costco.

Presentation: Advanced Injury Treatment Training

Diane Bjarnson
Diane Bjarnson
Midwifery, Herbalist Expert

Dianne Bjarnson, otherwise known as the Traditional Midwife, has practiced as a midwife for over 30 years assisting over 1,300 births.  She has a Master Degree in Midwifery and is licensed in Utah as a Direct-Entry Midwife.   She founded the Midwives College of Utah and was President of the College for the first 20 years.  She is currently a faculty member of the College and also sits on the College Board.  

Dianne is a Master Herbalist and has been a faculty member of The School of Natural Healing, Springville, UT, The College of Herbs and Natural Healing, Great Britain, and the University of Natural Medicine, Santa Fe, NM.  She has formulated many herbal formulas for www.SunstoneFormulas.com.

2016 Expo Presentations:

Emergency Birthing 1: Essentials

Emergency Birthing 2: Protocol

Jeff Midgley
Jeff Midgley
Emergency Medical Expert, Owner of TNT First-Aid Inc.

Jeff Midgley has over 24 years in Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services.  He has worked in Hospital Emergency rooms, ambulance, motorsports safety and Fire Department.  Jeff is an American Heart Association Training Center faculty member and instructor for basic life support.  Jeff is one of 8 national SFI incident response instructors.  He has had training articles published on spinal immobilization in the field and head trauma in the field.   Jeff teaches all aspects of emergency medical preparedness including Mass Casualty disaster training and triage.  He has also served as a city wide emergency preparedness coordinator.  He loves teaching and helping families and businesses prepare for when disaster strikes. 

Jeff is Also the creator of the new FAIT app.  FAIT stands for First Aid Injury Treatment Video App.   At a cost of only $2.95 you can have our app cached on your phone with realistic injuries and videos walking you through the treatment process step by step, giving you the confidence you need to properly care for the sick and injured.  Jeff has also developed a new 40 hour survival medicine training course open to all skill levels and catering to those individuals that want to be able to do more in an emergency situation and be able to save lives of the ones they love. 


TNT First-Aid – Disaster Survival Medicine for the Lay Rescuer -  Going Beyond First-Aid  

Level 1 Course is a hands on approach to treating common injuries we deal with in our everyday lives.  You will actually apply bandages, splints, control bleeding, apply tourniquets, and treat learn to interact with your patient properly.

Level 2 Course shows you how to take care of more severe injuries including dislocations, long bone fractures, punctures, head injuries, and much more.

Tom Smokoff
Tom Smokoff
Water Treatment Research Scientist

We are pleased to introduce Tom Smokoff, co-founder of Water Pure Technologies, Inc. The company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah with emphasis in Chemical Engineering, Research, & Manufacturing.

Tom's primary focus has been in the development of safe, healthy and effective solutions for health and infectious diseases related to water. The Company’s mission: To create the most scientifically beneficial and advanced water treatment products in the world

Tom is a research Scientist whose focus has been in the fields of drinking water, swimming pool, hot tub sanitation and swimming pool engineering. His expertise and research have been focused towards the development of safer, long term, alternative solutions for water treatment.

 Recent studies have been in the field of biofilm bacteria with an emphasis on controlling and deactivating biofilms in drinking water, stored water, hot tubs and swimming pools. 80% of all human illnesses have been attributed to Biofilm related bacteria in water.


Got Clean Water?

Water Storage & Filtration Secrets

Is Your Water Safe?

David Gillmore
David Gillmore
aka LDS Prepper, Videographer, Master Mittleider Gardener

David is an avid preparedness videographer, instructor and radio show guest speaker. As wildly successful gardeners David and his wife, Sue, have been featured in multiple newspaper articles and publications, most recently in the Shelley Pioneer and the Intermountain Farm & Ranch magazine. At www.LDSPrepper.com he has over 400 free preparedness videos covering important topics such as survival gardening, DIY solar power, rainwater capture, off-grid living, backyard beekeeping, water filtration, self protection and more.  He has over 96,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel with over 19 million video views. He is a master presenter and has the ability to simplify the complicated making preparedness easy and doable.

2016 Expo Presentations:

Survival Gardening: Grow Food Like Your Life Depends On It

Description:  Grow 5-10x more food in less space, less work, less cost, less water and no weeds. You’ll learn to grow the best tasting tomatoes on the planet for just $0.02 per pound. Do this all naturally with no compost, mulch or manure. You’ll learn how to feed a family of four on 1/20th of an acre. Easily keep diseases, insects and pests out of your garden. You’ll become the best gardener in your neighborhood and be able to grow food as if you life depended on it. Because it will.

Survival Cooking: How to Cook Without Power, Gas, Wood or Sun

Description: Having food storage is a good start but if you don’t’ have a simple, fuel free way to cook in a short or long term emergency when there is no power, fuel, wood or sun then it does you no good. Find out the pros and cons of several cooking methods and get your questions answered how you can feed your family full cooked meals easily when there is no fuel.

Ben Gillmore
Ben Gillmore
EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Expert, Mil-Spec EMP Protection

Ben Gillmore is President of Tech Protect LLC, Electromagnetic Pulse Protection. The EMP shielding provided by his company is the exact same as what is in current use by NASA, US Military, Law Enforcement and many other acronym agencies. Tech Protect has been featured in many publications, most recently by Joel Skousen in the "World Affairs Brief."

 Ben is an avid prepper and instructor in the world of EMP. His goal it help all others be prepared for the coming events and give easy, step by step solutions on how to protect precious electronics from being destroyed. His classes show how to protect items ranging from hand held devices all the way to "EMP-Proofing" an entire house. Working with other experts in the field of Electromagnetic Pulse he has helped Tens of thousands of other preppers protect their most valued items. All of the best solutions can be found at TechProtectBag.com.

2016 Expo Presentations:

Firearms & Defensive Training

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Facts, Fiction and Protection

Chad Lewis
Chad Lewis
Owner, Cylinder Stoves, a Manufacturer of Stoves and Wall Tents

Chad Lewis and his family enjoy living in Mount Pleasant, Utah where the air is clean and there is only one stop light!                   

Chad is the inventor and designer of the Cylinder Stove.

Cylinder Stoves was established in 1989 and manufactures tent stoves, canvas wall tents, and tent frames.  Chad is an avid camper and hunter, and originally designed the stoves for that purpose. Chad has found a huge demand for his product in the emergency preparedness market. He understands preparedness, and is willing to help people learn and figure out their personal needs.


2016 expo Presentations


Wall Tents; What, Why, and How

Learn the benefits of wall tents, what are the differences in material and construction, and wall tents verses other structures.

Tent Stoves; What, Why, and How

Learn how to determine your needs and expectations in a stove for heating and cooking.

Wall Tents & Stoves; Set up and Use

Question and answer session on set up techniques and tricks.

Amy Loveless
Amy Loveless
Preparedness and First Responder Expert & Instructor

Amy has worked with sheriff and police departments teaching local leaders all aspects of preparedness for more than 20 years.  She is passionate about approaching preparedness emotionally, spiritually and temporally.  She and her husband Jack created Saratoga Jacks, a premier preparedness website and thriving business. 

2016 Expo Presentations:

Indoor/Outdoor Cooking Methods & Fuels

Advanced Thermal Cooking Techniques

John Arbon
John Arbon
Textiles & Cold Weather Gear Professional

John remembers being wet, cold and miserable on Boy Scout winter campouts.  And since he has 5 boys, he decided that he didn't want them to experience the same thing.  Utilizing the training he received from Jim Phillips he has been making sleeping bags for the last 9 years, and has worked at Fortress Clothing for nearly 2 years where he is presently employed.  Winter camping is now enjoyable because staying warm has become easier.  Come to the class where he will share his experiences and advice on how to conserve your precious heat resources and remain warm even when mobile.

2016 Expo Presentations:

Comfortable in the Cold; Anywhere - Anytime!

3 Holistic Health & Wellness
3 Holistic Health & Wellness
Presentations on Holistic Health and Wellness

FIRM Foundation Expo - Spring 2016

Holistic Health & Wellness Speakers

Scroll Down to See Additional Categories and Speakers

Karen Urbanek
Karen Urbanek
Holistic Health Practitioner, TNC, Keynote, Author and Mom

Karen has presented her signature presentations "Live with OUTRAGEOUS Energy: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness or Disease" and “Discover Frequencies Of LIFE and How Physics Can aid Cells, and Eliminate Dis-Ease!” to tens of thousands of individuals worldwide as well as countless other health and nutrition classes to the masses.

 In addition, she is Utah’s State Representative for the Association of Natural Health, keynote speaker, author, a CEDSA/VITAL Technician, raw food chef, and mother to ten!

She is the author of three books "LIVE with OUTRAGEOUS Energy: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness or Disease", “Restore Your Health! Karen’s A-Z Natural Health Guide (Fall 2015),” and “Living in Rawality: A Cookbook for the Living and the Dead! (Fall 2015)”  Her fourth book, “Outrageous Love! It's a cell thing” will be released in 2016.

In real time, Karen loves to spend time with her remarkable family, bike and hike the great outdoors, and to play in the kitchen.

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Titles below:

Karen has presented her signature presentations "Live with OUTRAGEOUS Energy: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness or Disease" and “Discover Frequencies Of LIFE and How Physics Can aid Cells, and Eliminate Dis-Ease!” to tens of thousands of individuals worldwide. Karen is the author of "LIVE with OUTRAGEOUS Energy: Thrive Without Fear, Sickness or Disease", and “Living in Rawality: A Cookbook for the Living and the Dead! (October 24, 2015!  Over 700 recipes from her café and home!)  She and her “superfood family” offer presentations all over the country helping families regain health and stamina, and become better connected with their cells! Great health? It’s a Cell Thing!

Presentation - You CAN Run and Not Be Weary, Walk and Not Faint: IT’S A CELL THING! The Creation of The Cell, The Human Body, And Counsel From God.   

Summary: Join Karen as she explains how life on the planet was organized for the crowing event: HUMAN LIFE!  Enjoy a fast paced (Karen talks fast,) energetic presentation explaining how the amazing human body works, and how everything that is needed for our fantastic health originates from Mother Earth.  With counsel direct from Father above, you will discover you CAN run and not be weary, walk and not faint!  From bacteria to brain cells, life on the planet works synergistically for us all!  Come!  Be inspired to live with outrageous energy and fantastic health! Nourishing your AMAZING body, created in the image of God with Words of Wisdom….does it get any better than that? Karen Urbanek, fully engaged and slightly……… on FIRE!

Presentation - The Electrical YOU: How EMF’s Affect the Human Cell and the Celestial Spirit Within. 

Summary: They are running along the wires in your home, they are unseen currents zapping from antenna to antenna, they are broadcasting in your office and home to every cell of life within: DANGEROUS EMF’s. Join Karen as she explains the circuits of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) and how they can help or interfere with the electrical currents in your body.  Time, Distance, Shielding and Nutrition become your new favorite four words!  With cell phones in your pockets and Bluetooth’s in your ears, testicular, breast, and brain tumors are soaring! From the toaster to transformers, learn how frequency matters. And if you think for a minute that your “who”, your Godly spirit is not affected, think again!  Your cells are depending on YOU!   TDSN, TDSN, TDSN, TDSN, TDSN……Come!

Presentation: Cannabis: Discover The Truth About The Most Medicinal Plant on Earth!

Have Hemp and Medical Marijuana reversed Cancer? Crones? Epilepsy? MS?  Discover facts about cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and the science behind the most controversial health issue ever!  Karen Urbanek HHP and Paul Isom Plasma Bio Physicist.

Mark White
Mark White
Chief Operating Officer - Nexalin Technology

Mark White is Chief Operating Officer for Nexalin Technology. Nexalin Technology is a world leader in the emerging “Brain Based Health” arena. Nexalin offers a drug free therapy focused on the treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia. Nexalin Technology also supports the treatment of Addiction and Substance Abuse issues with its “Brain Based Recovery” model.

Mr. White is an experienced and well-respected trainer and presenter internationally on the subject of “Brain Based Health” and “Brain Based Recovery”. He is a thought leader in the application of brain stimulation and its ability to address mental health and addiction issues in the United States. Mr. White has also appeared on several prominent news and media shows speaking on Nexalin Technology and electrical brain stimulation as a form of drug free treatment for various psychiatric disorders.

This presentation helps to explain the health of the brain and its impact on day to day life. Understanding the brain is sometimes difficult and therefore leads to confusion when trying to choose appropriate treatments for ourselves, our loved ones and our children. Over the past 30 years the pharmaceutical companies have struggled to provide long term quality mental health care for adults and children without risking long term dependency and various side effects associated with drug therapy. The answer to these challenges may be in the new drug free treatments like the Nexalin Technology treatment. The presentation will also discuss the use of pharmaceutical medications and their impact on the family system.

In addition to his considerable responsibilities with Nexalin Technology, Mr. White is the Founder and Director of Unique Mind Care in Houston, TX, USA.,  a clinical leader in the in the brain health arena focused on drug free treatments that utilize various neurostimulation and QEEG brain mapping strategies.


Drug Free Solutions for Anxiety, Depression, & Insomnia

Karen Prier LMT
Karen Prier LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist, 7 Elevations of Wholeness

Karen Prier is an expert in personal healing in the fields of body, mind, and spirit unification. She has written two books and is continuing to write several more on the topic of healing and change through a spiritual format. In addition to this Karen is full of enthusiasm and power that is contagious to seminar participants. Karen Prier is a licensed Massage Therapist specializing in clinical and orthopedic message. Her clinical expertise is focused on injury and chronic pain conditions.

She has a very broad background that includes therapies such as Acutherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, craniofacial Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Joint Mobilization, Medical Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy/Trigger Point, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Spinal Touch, Swedish Massage and Touch for Health. She is also a herbalist and homeopathic practitioner. Karen has also developed one of the most comprehensive systems of dealing with the physical effects of emotional imbalance. This revolutionary system called R & R is able to empower individuals to eliminate the effects of emotional distress past and present. As a Dame in the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope, Karen assists in the work of philanthropic outreach to all that require health and wellness, emotional or physical.

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Presentations: 

Creating Like God

Summary: Learn the seven day pattern of creation and how to recreate your life the way God creates worlds. 

Body Elevation

Learning how to bring the body into a place of elevated awareness and help.  Teaching you how to call forth the power to become whole using the atonement.

Also: Seven Elevations Presenter, Alison Bell, will be teaching...Becoming Adam & Eve

Oct. 2015 Titles below:

1. Avoiding Deception in the Latter Days

2. The Pattern for Always Getting Answers to Prayer

3. 7 Laws to Improve Your Relationship with God

Ali Bell
Ali Bell
Spiritual Counselor for 7 Elevations of Wholeness

Ali Bell is a spiritual counselor, teacher and member of the board of 7 Elevations of Wholeness, a healing center in Salt Lake City. She is a facilitator, assisting people in transforming their lives. She competed her Masters degree in 1990. She considers her greatest accomplishment as being the mother of three amazing boys, and wife to an outstanding husband.

2016 Expo Presentation:

Becoming Adam & Eve

How to have a passionate vibrant marriage following the pattern of Adam & Eve.

Dr. Patrick Jones
Dr. Patrick Jones
Veterinarian, Clinical Herbalist, Author and Lecturer

Dr. Patrick Jones is a practicing veterinarian, clinical herbalist and sought-after author and lecturer. He is the founder of the HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine. His lecture style has been described as a cross between John Christopher and Steve Martin. When you leave his class, your brain will be full and your sides will be sore from laughing. His engaging and down-to-Earth style will leave you feeling truly excited and empowered to use these wonderful plants.

Because of his veterinary credentials, Dr. Jones has had the opportunity to use herbs on all sorts of cases that would not typically be addressed by herbalists. Rattlesnake bites, gunshot wounds, serious infections and systemic illnesses of all kinds make up his daily herbal  practice for man and beast. Because of the miracles he's seen over the years, Dr. Jones has an evangelical zeal to teach others about herbal medicine. His book The HomeGrown Herbalist and his school emphasize self-reliant herbalism and being plant-based rather than product-based. More info at www.HomeGrownHerbalist.net.



Becoming a HomeGrown Herbalist: Clinical herbalist and practicing veterinarian Dr. Patrick Jones discusses how to become a self-reliant herbalist. His focus is on being plant-based rather than product-based. You'll leave this lecture feeling empowered to use plants growing in your own neighborhood to work true medical miracles. You can be an herbalist!


Medicinal Plants: The Apocalypse Apothecary: Clinical herbalist and practicing veterinarian Dr. Patrick Jones discusses the identification and use of numerous, local medicinal plants (many of which are also important wild edibles!). Every one of these plants could easily be found within a few miles of your home. Many of them are already growing in your lawn or flower beds! After learning to identify and use these wonderful plants, you'll never look at weeds the same way again!


Herbal Wound Management: Clinical herbalist and practicing veterinarian Dr. Patrick Jones discusses the management of wounds and infections using medicinal plants. You will be astounded at the sorts of wounds he has healed using only plants readily available in your own backyard. You'll be even more astounded to learn how easy it is for you to do it yourself should the need ever arise!

Dr. Larry Ziegler
Dr. Larry Ziegler
Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Larry Ziegler, DC is a Chiropractic Physician specializing in biomechanical injury, especially Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury (MVCOI).  His training includes many hours of focused study on injury causation, forces of injury, medico-legal case management and treatment and rehabilitation of difficult soft tissue injuries. 

Dr. Ziegler also promotes health as a function of daily living and frequently presents at public venues with information on the “Four Tenets of Self Health”.  This information helps us to understand how motion, nutrition, medication and personal responsibility for our health affect our lives.  Dr. Ziegler is a father of 4, an avid outdoorsman and has been married to his wonderful wife Val for 21 years.

Presentation:  The Four Tenets of Self Health

 Summary:  Our society has developed some bad habits when it comes to food production and consumption, medicines and treatments and personal responsibility for our own health.  Learn how to understand the basics of health and to care for the human body naturally. 


Presentation: Modern Medicine and The Word of Wisdom

Summary: How does the Word of Wisdom relate to modern medicine?  Can changing our perception of the Word of Wisdom help us improve our health?  Dr. Ziegler will answer these questions and many more.

Tam Pendleton
Tam Pendleton
LMT, CECP, CBCP, CHBP, CRT Mentor & Trainer

Tam pursued her education in the healing arts as a PUSH Muscle Therapist and then certified as an Emotion Code/ Body Code Practitioner. She developed her own unique formula to facilitate healing using prayer, energy, visualization and hypnosis. She has built a career as a skilled mentor and trainer. Her Hardwired for Happy Academy has opened the doors of self-love and empowerment for her clients at an international level.

Tam has combined her skills in the creation of...

The Healers Blueprint: A Cellular Release Therapy. This powerful, Christ-centered modality marries intuitive energy medicine and energy psychology with life coaching skills. She is teaching others to release the energy of codependency, abuse issues and limiting programming. Tam is the founder of The Healer’s Academy, an empowering training/mentoring program for energy practitioners looking to realize life changing, transformative skills as they build a successful energy practice.

She and her husband, Don, have been married for more than 35 years and are the proud parents of five great kids.

 Learn more at www.healersbluerint.com  

2016 Expo Presentation:

The Healer's Blueprint: Latter Day Healing Tools

More and more LDS families are finding holistic solutions to physical and emotional stress through the quantum physics of energy healing. Understanding a few simple concepts of clearing negative energy can simplify family dynamics and usher in peace to the family as a whole, and to each individual family member. 

Karyn Grant
Karyn Grant
LMT, Songwriter, Singer and Joy Coach

“The Healer’s Touch Method”, created by Karyn Grant, LMT, assists those who are searching for a way to “Gracefully Transition” through various stages of sadness, sorrow and grief, back into the higher vibrations of love, joy and peace.  This Christ-Centered Approach to Wholeness focuses on mending  broken hearts and healing wounded spirits with the healing arts of music, massage & aromatherapy.

This deep “Emotional R & R” process goes beyond massage as it encourages the sub-conscious mind to focus on what is most desirable; while integrating the conscious mind with that intention.

For over a decade, Karyn Grant, LMT, singer/songwriter, has been performing  her  mission with empathy and enthusiasm.  Karyn is the creator of “The Joy Coaching System” which mentors the heart, mind, body and spirit with creativity, empathy and kindness.  She is also the mother of “Joy Coaching Nationwide” a group of women who are “Nurturing Heart, Home & Family” using Karyn’s methods.

“The Healer’s Touch: Song & Scent Method” uses “Musical & Aromatherapy Duets” is coupled with Vibrational Attunement in a “Nine Touch Point Protocol” .  Karyn’s work has touched hearts that have experienced varying degrees of emotional trauma.  “No two sessions are alike,” says Karyn Grant.  “Each session is uniquely inspired and brings gifts of  its own.  I have watched in amazement for the past 15 years  as clients rise up from my massage table, relaxed  & rejuvenated;  feeling an increased sense of peace, love and joy in the journey.

Presentation: Ancient Prophets of The Heartland and the Women Who Loved Them 

What can we learn from Sariah, Nephi's Wife and the other unsung heroines of The Book of Mormon, who stood behind the scenes supporting their prophet husbands, fathers, sons and brothers?  How can we as modern day women pass on the energy of pure love found in The Book of Mormon: The Greatest Healing Manual in the World"?

Sariah: Pure Love Songs of the Book of Mormon

The Unsung Heroine's of The Book of Mormon loved their ancient warriors, patriarchs and prophets into greatness. Stripling Warrior Mothers and Wives will enjoy this class and be encouraged to read between the lines, and feel the joy of women in ancient days, whose stories can encourage the women of modern times; to come unto Christ, to look to the source of all Light and Truth and discover the true gems of pure love embedded in ancient scripture.

Dr. Kyle Christensen
Dr. Kyle Christensen
Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Kyle Christensen is a practicing chiropractic physician, naturopathic physician and master herbalist.  He is author of Herbal First Aid and Health Care: Medicine for a New Millennium (published by Lotus Press, 2000).  He has also written a series on Healing @ Home.

Dr. Christensen is a strong advocate of “preparing every needful thing” and believes that by putting health care back into the hands of “the grandmas and grandpas”, we can avoid many of the catastrophic health issues that have and will plague our society.


1) Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia : A Christ-Centered Approach

Utilizing proven scientifically based studies with a Christ-Centered approach, we can overcome chronic issues and grow spiritually.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ requires transformation.

2) Developing a Zion-Ready Body : Throwing off Babylon and restoring your health

Do you eat from Zions table or Babylons? Are you willing to live with the consequences of your choices?

 3) Healing @ Home:  Effective therapies YOU can do!

Cold Laser therapy, Allergy Elimination, Herbal Remedies, Healing in the Kitchen and Releasing Trapped Emotions.  Learn to become The Grandma (or grandpa) with the healing touch.

David L. Hardy, MBA
David L. Hardy, MBA
Nutritional Expert on Vitamins and Minerals

David Hardy works closely with doctors and independent researchers to expand the use of vitamins and minerals for the treatment of mood, anxiety, and behavior-related disorders. Over the last two decades, David has pioneered a specialized nutritional formulation which includes unique technology that dramatically alters the bioavailability of minerals to the body. It has become the most researched formula for mental health in the world (BMC Psychiatry, 2011British Journal of Psychiatry, 2014), and has shown never-before-seen results. Because of this mental health breakthrough, many prominent health professionals (including Dr. Charles Popper of Harvard Medical School) consider David to be one of the world’s foremost experts in the use of vitamins and minerals. David is the founder of NutraTek Health Innovations Inc. and Hardy Nutritionals®.

2016 Expo Presentation Title: The New Awakening in Healthcare

Disorders of the mind are increasingly prevalent, and Utah leads the nation in mental health diagnoses.  What is causing this invisible but deadly epidemic?  How can you best protect your loved ones against debilitating mental illness and chronic disease?  Special guest lecturer David Hardy has come all the way from Canada to give you the same astonishing presentation he gives to doctors all over North America.  Don't miss your chance to learn about this "New Awakening" in mental health treatment that has Harvard Medical School doctors re-writing their textbooks.

Oct. 2015 Presentation: Mental Health Breakthrough

  • Discover how unique mineral-delivery technology can deliver more impressive results than prescription drugs in:
    • Relieving stress
    • Effectively treating depression and anxiety
  • Learn how minerals and vitamins can prevent many types of costly and debilitating chronic illnesses.
  • Learn how to identify an effective nutritional supplement.

Tamara Laing, MRET
Tamara Laing, MRET
Author, Master Rapid Eye Technician

Tamara Laing is the author of Healing Arts - A Gift from God (LDS Insight on the Light of Christ & Energy Medicine). She is a Master Rapid Eye Technician and gifted facilitator certified in several modalities. She credits God with leading her to  Energy Healing to help a daughter with bipolar. She is passionate about researching how Energy Healing fits with the gospel of Jesus Christ and knows He is the source of all healing. Tamara is the mother of 5 children and 6 grandchildren. She was raised in Phoenix, AZ and now resides in Roy, UT.  She enjoys being a facilitator to help people make peace with their past, release unresolved emotions and bring light to dark places. Her book and DVD are available at www.tamarasbook.blogspot.com .

 2016 Expo Presentations:

Energy Healing in LDS Lingo

Have you ever wondered if Chi & Chakras are for Christians? A conservative LDS mother believes so after a journey to find help for her ill daughter with bipolar. Compare stories on the universal energy of science with the universal energy in scripture. Learn about the Light of Christ in healing and what LDS prophets have said about other principles of energy healing, such as females and spiritual gifts, transferring energy to another, distance work and more. Understand "Whole Person Health" in order to help yourself and those you care about.

Piecing Together the Puzzle of Depression, Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts

Do you have a loved one who is suffering?  If you wonder how to help them, this class offers ideas. Tamara doesn’t have all the puzzle pieces, but will share novel ideas that helped her daughter who was bipolar and cutting.  A previous class member wrote, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking about what you did. I cannot tell you how much of a difference you made in my life. You are a true angel!”

Oct. 2015 Presentation:  Of Visions, Healing & Divine Science

Some reviewers of Visions of Glory claim it shares doctrine contrary to LDS beliefs. Such reviewers may feel differently after reading the words of John A. Widtsoe and Orson and Parley P. Pratt. These apostles taught about the recording, healing, and visionary aspects of a universal, life-giving light. This light underlies principles of energy healing as well as intelligence in nature and occurrences reported in NDEs/visions of possible future events.  Class will touch on negative energy, females & healing, and generational issues. God’s divine science of a visual and mental light is evident in both healing and visions.

Shelle McDermott
Shelle McDermott
Author and Presenter

Mechelle (Shelle) McDermott received her B.S. degree in Business Administration from Utah State University ('84).  A busy wife, mother to seven children and grandmother to eight grandchildren she enjoys studying and researching the patterns surrounding the end-times.
Those patterns include scriptures, leadership quotes, current politics, church archive visions, member and nonmember visions.  Once she lays out the connections and clues a fascinating event-line starts to unfold.  
Shelle (Mechelle R. McDermott) is the author of: Finding Peace When The Devil Visits, The website nofearpreps.com, The Great Gathering, and The Great Awakening
She enjoys reading, teaching and writing. She has been a seminary teacher and a gospel doctrine teacher.

Presentation:  Visions and the End-times - The Great Gathering
Are we there yet?  Come see for yourself the patterns found in the scriptures, general authority quotes and church archive visions pointing to a temporary gathering or place of refuge during the tribulation period where the Saints gather in peace and safety, care for one another and ride out some of the storms just before the Savior's return.  Find out how can this information change your temporal and spiritual preparedness.

$200 food storage gift certificate drawing for 9 am Friday morning class?  (Attendees only)

Dr. Whit Roberts
Dr. Whit Roberts
Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Whit Roberts is uniquely qualified as a noted authority on alternative solutions for chronic illness. He has practiced health care in many setting over his 20 year career. In 2001 he co-founded a large multi-disciplinary clinic that combined the best of ancient wisdom, modern alternative therapies and western medicine. This multi-million dollar clinic employed over 10 different physicians and holistic health care practitioners. He has devoted his career to learning how to effectively unleash the innate healing powers of the body.  With his understanding of and respect for the innate intelligence of the body and the errors and confusion that block that intelligence, he has perfected his protocols for restoring optimal health.

Dr. Roberts has a unique approach to energy medicine. He has a background of significant scientific studies. His bachelor's degree from BYU is in Physiology of the human body. He has a doctorate in chiropractic from Parker University and his post doctoral studies were in the neurology of pain and disease at the University of San Fransisco. His healing energy modalities are extraordinarily effective because he has combined his knowledge of science with the most powerful energetic techniques available. 

2016 Expo Presentations:

Relieve Pain with Simple Brain Techniques

Learn simple phrases to rewire your brain and eliminate pain quickly. See how quickly and easily it can be done in live demonstrations. 

Can’t Lose Weight? Real Reasons Revealed

The reasons aren’t always what they appear to be. 

 Magnetic Resonance: A new healing breakthrough

Neuropathy, pain, PTSD, anxiety, heart problems, weight loss, depression, MS, Parkinsons, fibromyalgia and many more conditions can be positively impacted by this new technology. Hear from people whose lives have been dramatically changed by this simple modality. 

Oct. 2015 Presentation: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Energy Medicine

Summary: Neuromodulation Therapy: bridging the gap between science and energy medicine. Learn how you, yourself can instantaneously change the structure and function of your brain to ease pain and eliminate disease.

Shawna Draper
Shawna Draper
Author of 3 Books to Facilitate Healing from Sexual Abuse

Shawna Draper is the author of three books; My Tears Fall Inside, The Silent Cries, and Hear My Cry: Writings From My Soul in which she shares her miraculous journey from a childhood of horrific abuse to one of healing. Although she suffered from sexual and satanic ritual abuse, her story is filled with the Spirit of God as she does not share details of that horror but rather how God directed her healing. Her uplifting message blends with the mantra of “To the Rescue” as her story focuses on the wonderful Christian neighbors and friends who reached out to her and helped her to learn that it was possible for others to actually love her. Her message gives hope to victims of abuse that no matter how bleak their life may seem now, or how traumatic their past has been, it is possible to heal and find joy and happiness. Her story also gives hope to those who are trying to support people in pain.

 Shawna has presented to a wide variety of different groups including business groups, high schools, healing groups, expos, luncheon groups, book clubs and church groups. She has been interviewed on Blog Talk Radio. She was also invited to be part of a panel discussion on satanic ritual abuse in Utah.

Although Shawna has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, she now spends her time speaking to various groups sharing her story of hope. To learn more visit her website at  www.ShawnaDraper.com

Title: You are a Hero: Healing from Sexual Abuse

 Summary: Many people who have suffered from abuse have feelings of hopelessness. They think they can never heal. My presentation brings hope as I share my story of God's hand in the healing process and how through His involvement, we can come out on the other side of any form of abuse and lead happy and successful lives. When hope is restored, a person can look more positively toward the future and be better prepared to face whatever comes.

Tara Weaver
Tara Weaver
Essential Oils Expert, Foot Zone Therapist

Tara Weaver is the mother of three boys who have grown too fast.  She has spent years homeschooling, then with the onset of illness moved them to a charter school where she sat on the Board of Directors for three years before resigning to follow the inspiration to take her boys home again. During that time Tara has battled depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, heart issues and other symptoms that led her down the path to search for answers that Western Medicine could not provide.  Her studies and desire to learn have led her to many wonderful people and schools of thought.  Through this journey, she has learned to take her health into her own hands, using her education to overcome illness.

Over the last few years, Tara has gone from the role of student to teacher with Butterfly Express, a wonderful adventure.  Today, Tara is a foot zonist, energy worker and focuses on Christ Centered Healing.  She has a growing knowledge of herbs, essential oils and homeopathy.  Tara has a desire to be an instrument in the Lord's hands and help others find the answers that are unique to their own health journey.

Tara resides in Hooper, Utah with her husband and best friend, Glenn, her three wonderful sons, two black labs and twelve chickens. In her spare time she is a wanna-be farmer, book worm and  loves to just hang with her boys.

Presentation: Essential Oils Basics

This one hour class will cover how to choose essential oils. Tara will cover specific oils for specific scenarios.  Participants will have the ability to build their own essential oil kit by the end of the class.

Previous Presentations:

Essential Oils for Emergencies

Homeopathy for Emergencies

Carlin Clarke, MCA
Carlin Clarke, MCA
Author, Professor, Wellness Advocate, & Autism Mom

Carlin is a Professor of Aviation Science at Utah Valley University, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, and Founder Partner of Clarke Essentials, LLC, under which she is able to operate two of her passions: Aviation Career Preparation, and Wellness Education & Business Leadership Development. 

After just 2.5 years, her business is producing over 1 million a year in revenue. She now travels globally lecturing on topics such as: Wellness, Behavioral Disorders, Business Ownership Best Practices, Brand Establishment & Representation, and Emotional Health & Self-Care.

In addition to her passion for aviation and teaching, she is foremost and “Autism Mom”. After her son was diagnosed with severe spectrum autism several years ago, Carlin found this “bump” in the road and it’s daily challenges has brought many unexpected blessings and inspired ways to explore problems differently, perhaps innovatively. Much of Carlin’s success, determination, and accomplishments she feels she owes to the unique approach to life that autism requires.

Carlin volunteers much her time educating, teaching, and training communities and families in not only how to manage the disability, but how to glean positive things from it. It is her favorite “job” of all the jobs she has and feels grateful for it’s influence in her work. She is always eager to accept speaking engagements on these topics!



 2016 Expo Presentations:  

Essential Oils and the Brain

What is an essential oil and How and Why do these natural compounds work?  Can they really help brain conditions?  The short answer is: YES! And there is much research to back this.

In this class, Carlin explores various brain conditions such as: Anxiety, Memory, Focus, Stress, Learning, Brain Injury, and Disruptive Behavior, as well as more severe brain conditions such as Autism, PDD-NOS, ADHD, Depression, OCD, and more. 

Participants will learn how to use and/or blend specific essential oils to assist with symptoms for each condition and may sign up for a free wellness consultation to help individualize their needs. Individual oils and specific blends for each brain condition can be purchased at our doTERRA booth.

Essential Oils During An Emergency

Learn how essential oils can not only be used, but may be important to your survival during an emergency.

Oct. 2015 Presentation Titles:

Improving Emotional Health with Essential oils

Managing Behavioral Disorders with Essential Oils

Misti Stevenson
Misti Stevenson
Author of He Delivered Even Me, He Will Deliver Even You

Misti Stevenson spent 23 years living an abundant and productive life yet simultaneously living in an invisible prison - a prison of OCD.  It nearly completely robbed her of joy and peace.

Yet no one knew how much she was hurting. Misti had a quick natural laugh that concealed her crippling internal battle.

But she finally found a path to recovery and was healed. She considers it a miracle. A miracle she now loves sharing with others. A miracle you too can access.

Misti now enjoys her busy and joy-filled life in Kaysville with her husband, Jed, and five busy children.

When not helping her kids with homework, tackling a mountain of laundry, or serving at church, she loves to do yoga, and especially loves hiking in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains with her family.

Facing her OCD was difficult. Telling her family was almost impossible. Writing about it, the supreme act of faith.

She has felt supported by the Savior each step of the way. Misti knows you or someone you love may be among those who are silently suffering in a seemingly insurmountable set of circumstances and loves spreading the Savior’s message of hope and deliverance through the telling of her story.

Misti is the author of He Delivered Even Me, He Will Deliver Even You (A spiritual journey of healing from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Misti Stevenson, 2013

Presentation Title: FINDING THE PATH: My Journey from Crippling OCD to Happiness

Summary: Misti Stevenson tells the gripping story of her descent into the isolating dysfunction of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. From age eleven she felt more and more disconnected while on the outside she appeared to be totally fine. The distance between these two realities increased to the size of an emotional Grand Canyon. Distress spiraled into despair. Her struggle was invisible to most, but was consuming her. When she found the path to healing, her darkness gave way to light. She tells her story with the hope that you may find the path of full healing also.

If OCD or any seemingly insurmountable challenge is affecting you or someone you love, this is a story of healing you absolutely must hear. It will give you hope.

4 Constitution & Issues of Our Day
4 Constitution & Issues of Our Day
Presentations on the Constitution and Today's Issues

FIRM Foundation Expo - Spring 2016

Constitution and Issues of Our Day Speakers

Scroll Down to See Additional Categories and Speakers

Ben McClintock
Ben McClintock
Investigative Reporter for Defendingutah.org

Mr. McClintock is a researcher and presenter of topics pertaining to threats to liberty for over 13 years and has been featured on Fox News and in USA Today as well as several other regional publications for his efforts in passing nullification legislation and other social commentary. Mr. McClintock is also a radio talk show host, part of the Liberty Lineup on KTKK AM630 and is part of a grassroots effort to restore liberty in the tradition of the Founding Fathers and the inspired settlers of this great land. 

Presentation: Prophets and the Constitution

 Summary: What does the Constitution have to do with the Gospel? Are Latter-Day Saints really going to save the Constitution? Why does the Constitution need to be saved? Have the Prophets given us a plan? Why should we care?

All this and more, drawing exclusively from the Scriptures and the words of the Prophets to show us how we can be doers of the word and not hearers only.

Robert Hatch
Robert Hatch
LDS Film Director, Producer, Writer and Founder of Direction Films, Inc.

Robert Hatch is a film director, producer, and writer.  He served a mission in Australia, graduated from BYU, and taught there as an adjunct professor.
Brother Hatch produced 56 television programs for the Church. He directed seven productions for the BBC, including one about the Church broadcast during the Olympics. A television series he produced is currently airing on the PBS-affiliated FNX network. He has directed multi-million dollar films with large crews, and small ones doing all the work himself. Films he has directed have received nearly 300 film festival honors.  He turns down requests to direct R-rated films.
A series of films on peace issues and archaeology have taken him to the Middle East many times, interviewing the Prime Ministers of Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and Jordan, and many other key peace negotiators and ambassadors in Jerusalem, Cairo, Ramallah, and Amman.
The new LDS film “Infinite Gift” was written and directed by Robert Hatch.  LDS author and former Dean of Religious Instruction at BYU, Robert L. Millet, said: "No topic is more penetrating and profound
than the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, and thus no topic is more difficult to conceptualize or to visualize than the infinite and eternal work of our Redeemer. Because of this, I am thrilled to be
able to recommend Robert Hatch’s outstanding film, “Infinite Gift.” It touches the heart deeply and enlarges the understanding impressively. It will be valued greatly by both young and old."
A frequent public speaker, he will present "Christ's Infinite Gift: Finding God's solutions to problems." He will include film sequences about a dozen difficult scenarios people face, and how the Book of
Mormon and other scriptures give us the Lord’s lasting and complete solutions.

Michael Buster
Michael Buster
LDS Film Producer and Director

Michael Buster's television writing & story editing credits include: Little People, Big World (TLC, Season 1); Second Chance (Fox); The Princes of Malibu (Fox); and The District (BYUTV.) Film screenplays include: Out of Step (which won 2002 AML Award)  and Hype. Michael worked on many projects for Franklin Covey including Everest (Telly Award); Race to the Pole; and the leadership series The Leader in Me. His writing work on the second season of Signing Time won a NAPPA Award, as well as the Great American Toy Test Award and Notable Children’s Video Award. Acting credits include: The Drew Carey Show and God’s Army.

2016 Expo Presentation:

Inside the Making of Saturday's Warrior - The New Film of the Classic Play

Scott N. Bradley
Scott N. Bradley
Founder, The Constitutional Commemoration Foundation

Scott Bradley and his wife Tamara have five children and eleven grandchildren.

 For thirteen years Scott worked as an executive at AT&T managing cutting-edge telecommunications projects and all facets of corporate projects; including strategic planning, and a leadership assignment responsible for delivery of secured communications for the U.S. Department of Defense (North American Air Defense Command—NORAD).

 A candidate for the United States Senate in 2006 and 2010, Scott holds a Bachelor of Science, a Masters of Public Administration, and a PhD in Constitutional Law.  For 16 years Scott served as an administrator at Utah State University as a Department Head and Director.  He is Founder and Chairman of The Constitution Commemoration Foundation, Inc., an educational organization which fosters increased understanding of the U.S. Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, and also encourages a return to the original intent of proper government as understood and practiced at the time of America’s founding.  

 He is the author of a book and DVD/CD lecture series titled “To Preserve the Nation” in which he reviews the foundation principles upon which this great nation was established, and which he hopes will foster a renewed dedication to those principles.


  The Founding of the United States and the Restoration of the Gospel

 Synopsis: The founding of the United States with the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights was an essential prelude to the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The preservation of our Divinely established liberties and proper government will allow us to continue to worship God, take upon us the name of Christ, carry forth the Gospel Kingdom, care for our families, live in truth and righteousness, and have peace and freedom.  All of these sacred blessings will be at risk if we squander that which God established in this land.

To Preserve the Nation, Reject a Modern Convention

Synopsis: The effort to call a convention to change the United States Constitution is more highly organized, more cleverly disguised, and more powerfully promoted than ever before.  The nation is at greater risk of losing that magnificent document which God has endorsed, and which He established by the hands of wise men whom He raised up for that very purpose, than at any time in our history.  These principles MUST NOT be lost!

Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher
Investigative Journalist, Producer of Nephite Explorer Television Series

The Nephite Explorer Project is presented by journalist and National Geographic photographer Ryan Fisher who travels around the world following the clues to help unlock prophecy and mysteries from the Bible, Book of Mormon and American History. Utilizing the tools and techniques of investigative journalism Ryan gathers insights from researchers, scholars, historians and archeologists to reveal the fulfillment of prophecy like never before. The findings revealed are nothing short of astonishing as advances in science, technology, archeology, history and scholarship all help further our understanding of some of the most important events in Christianity.

The Lost Nephite Map pt 1 & pt 2

Lynn R. Stratford
Lynn R. Stratford
Manager, Hilltop Ventures

Lynn Stratford is a business manager and real estate developer.  He graduated from BYU and Northwestern MBA and has extensive expertise specializing in personal finance and preparedness.   Mr. Stratford has purchased, started, nurtured and sold many small businesses during his business career.

 In real estate, he has developed European themed subdivisions in California and several in Spanish Fork, Utah including Village on the Green & Somerset Village.  Mr. Stratford specializes in family mountain cabin lots above Fairview and Mt. Pleasant in Central Utah.  He is the Manager of Hilltop Ventures that has 100 platted mountain lots for sale ranging in size from 1 to 5 acres, which can be used for family gatherings as well as a preparedness retreat.  Hilltop also owns 2,200 acres of undeveloped property in the Sanpete County mountains.


Expo Presentation:

 Sound Financial Skills Bring Peace of Mind

 Mr. Stratford outlines the basic financial skills for good money management.  Questions answered during this session:  What are the 3 personal finance stages of life and which one are you in?  What is “Net Worth” and why is it important?  For those with poor financial habits, what are several factors outside your control and which critical one usually causes all the stress?  What is one sentence that summarizes the good habits that bring financial peace of Mind? 

5 Camping, Food & Gardening
5 Camping, Food & Gardening
Presentations on Camping, Food Preparation, and Gardening

FIRM Foundation Expo - Spring 2016

Camping, Food & Gardening Speakers

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Michael Robertson
Michael Robertson
Experienced Scouter, Long Term Camping Expert

Michael Robertson is the founder of Deluxe Camping. Michael is an experienced camper and scouter. The past six years, Michael has been preparing to go long-term camping. He has spent considerable time and effort learning how to make living in a tent cleaner, more comfortable, and home like. His objective, in learning about and developing camping gear, is to help his “city girl” wife, not just endure camping, but enjoy it! 

2016 Expo Presentations:  Useful Camp Gear – How to Make a Tent a Home

Summary: Many of us have gone on a weekend campout, or maybe camped for a week with the scouts or the family.  But camping long-term (months/years) is a whole new ball game.  Learn how to make wilderness living as clean and comfortable as possible. Michael will be showing helpful camp items he has made, modified, or found that make long-term camping a venue where you will not only survive, but can thrive.  Topics include: sanitation, sleeping comfort, space considerations, keeping your tent clean, and handy tools.


Connie Nielsen
Connie Nielsen
Master Sprouter

Richard and Connie Nielsen began their exciting journey in the world of sprouting in 1989. They felt there was something missing from most peoples' daily nutrition and food storage(preparedness programs).  Through study and experiments at Utah State University, they learned many important concepts about the nutritional expansion from a seed to a sprout and the difference between a sprout and a plant.  Over the years, many people have been able to improve their health, lose weight, and discover the overall benefits of living nutrition by eating sprouted grains and seeds.

Sprouted seeds are not just a pretty garnish on top of a salad.  They can provide the main components of our daily intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals in a natural, unadulterated form.  There are no additives, preservatives, or unnatural components.  They can transfer their life giving energy to your living body.  Sprouts are alkaline.  They can help to bring our body into an alkaline PH balance where harmful bacteria and viruses cannot exist.  Sprouts contain enzymes which aid digestion.  They provide a good source of fiber and slow the aging process.  Sprouts are and excellent source of antioxidants.  With a minimal effort, you can have a fresh garden in your kitchen in 2 to 4 days.

The majority of our organic seeds are grown by good organic farmers in the US and Canada.  Organic is an important consideration as plants take in what is in the soil.  Crop rotation is a key element in eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers which cause health problems.  Our sprouting trays are also food grade and proudly produced in the USA.

Richard graduated from Utah State University in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. He was a farmer for most of his life and strongly believed in the principals of organic farming.  He also spent many years building residential homes with a unique style.  Connie graduated from Utah State University in Business Education and worked at USU in the Business Management Office and Controllers Office. They are the parents of 12 children who have given them 41 wonderful grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren to date.  Richard passed away in 2011 and is greatly missed.  We have a CD available with some of his lectures combined.

Connie is a Master Sprouter with 26 years of experience.  She will be teaching the hows and whys of sprouting and relating many person stories in her lecture "Sprouting for Life".

Dr. Ron Greene
Dr. Ron Greene
Herbal Expert

Bio-Brigham Young University Graduate from College of Biological and Agricultural Sciences, 1973. Assistant to Director of Research and Development, Yoder Brothers of California, 20 acre greenhouse complex1973 to 1974.  From 1974 to 1991-USDA and Utah Dept. of Agriculture-Misc inspection and other assignments.  ND Degree 1993.Salt Lake County Health Department-As a Licensed Environmental Health Scientist-Health inspector-1993 to 1994, and then Supervisor of inspectors in Bureau of Food Protection-1994 to 2001.

As supervisor in Bureau of Food Protection I worked 4 ten hour days and had 3 days off on each weekend.  Friday and Saturday of each week I spent working with herbal materials, with the goal of, with God's help, finding herbal combinations and other herbal inventions which would be a blessing to mankind.  

In August of 2001, I called the inspectors into the staff meeting room, sat them down around the staff table and passed around before and after hospital pictures showing the results of the use of the materials with which God had blessed me.  I then gave my 2 weeks notice.  Those herbal inventions God had blessed me with were so important that I had to continue  my herbal work full time, and I have done so ever since.

2016 Expo Presentation:

Herbs to Strengthen our Immune Systems and help to Prevent and Overcome Disease

Summary: Successes against MRSA, Pseudomonas, Flesh-eating bacteria, (Group A Strep), Herpes simplex virus, (cold sores and fever blisters), burns, bedsores, warts, and more will be discussed.

6 Signs of Times & Science
6 Signs of Times & Science
Presentations on the Signs of Our Times and Science

FIRM Foundation Expo - Spring 2016

Signs of the Times and Science Speakers

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Ken Krogue
Ken Krogue
Founder, President, and Chief Strategy Officer of InsideSales.com

Ken Krogue is the co-founder of InsideSales.com, which was the first company to combine hosted CRM with built-in phone dialer software and the pioneer of Lead Response Management (LRM) and Sales Acceleration technology.

Ken speaks at 20+ events each year including The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), LeadsCon, Utah Big Business Expo, Utah Valley Entrepreneurs Forum (UVEF), B2B Leads Roundtable, InsideSales.com Seminars at Dreamforce, Sales 2.0, Provo Tech-X, Omniture Summit, and the Salt Lake Chamber Business to Business Expo.

Ken married his favorite redhead, Crystal Cornwall, from Inkom, Idaho. They met as they served as missionaries for their church in South Carolina in 1986, and married in 1987. They have five children and live in Mapleton, Utah. Ken loves to read lots of books, drive one of his several compressed natural gas (CNG) cars, talk about losing weight, work with the Boy Scouts of America, coach little league football, watch BYU and Navy sports, and keep in touch with friends.

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 PresentationTitles

Thursday, 10:00-10:55am  Breakout Session -     Practical Preparation for the Last Days.

 Ken Krogue, Founder and President of InsideSales.com was the Marketing Director of Infobases, Inc in the early '90's prior to the company being purchased by Bookcraft then Deseret Book when they scanned in nearly a complete collection of LDS books, records, journals and diaries back to the time of Joseph Smith and put them on CD-ROM. He has also spent 9 years studying the parallels in the Book of Mormon to the current events in our day around the second coming of Jesus Christ.

 Friday, 8:05-9:30 Main Session Keynote (or later) -   Becoming "One" in Using the BofM. 

 Ken Krogue, Founder and President of InsideSales.com, keynote speaker for Rootstech 2016 and LDS Intersect Conference and BYU Education Week Speaker has been an early student of all research about the Book of Mormon and has been saddened at how proponents of differing settings disagree and have often become argumentative and even contentious. Ken has been invited by Rod Meldrum (as a neutral but highly interested party) to share goodness from all sides and camps of Book of Mormon evidence and to help us unify around fulfilling the Lord's revealed purpose for the Book of Mormon for the Lord warns "If ye are not one, ye are not mine." (D&C 38:27)

 Saturday, 7-8pm  Main Room Final Keynote -    Using Social Media & BofM to Sweep the Earth

Ken Krogue, Founder and President of InsideSales.com and BYU Education Week Speaker wrote an article called "How To Be A Social Media Missionary: For Business" in Forbes.com and now applies similar principles and teaches how Latter-Day Saints can be an online missionary using social, digital, and virtual media. President Benson said "The Book of Mormon is the instrument that God designed to 'sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out [His] elect.'" 

Oct. 2015 Titles below:

Presentation: Last Days Prophecies & Visions

Summary: Ken will share an exciting summary of nine years of study and research about the last days with specific emphasis on the parallels from the Book of Mormon and other scripture tied to current events happening all around us. Will discuss very detailed things you and your family can prepare for the key events the scriptures foretell.

Thara Finicum Tenney
Thara Finicum Tenney
Daughter of Slain Rancher and Patriot LaVoy Finicum

Thara’s father, Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum lived the principle that Book of Mormon mothers taught their stripling warrior sons: Liberty is more precious than life.  (Alma 56:47) In January 2016, LaVoy was shot and killed in Oregon while defending Liberty.  While the media’s story is capturing the nation, the true story of what he stood for and what he died for has yet to be told.  LaVoy's last stand for liberty is an inspiration for us today. 

LaVoy Finicum w Daughter

 Audience members will leave this presentation with renewed commitment to look inside our own hearts first if we are to preserve Liberty as a nation .  She will show how one by one we can do it together. You will learn about the "habits of the heart” from the Book of Mormon and other scriptures and world leaders that LaVoy loved.  He is the author of a riveting novel Only By Blood and Suffering - Regaining Lost Freedom, a story he lived, until that “deadman’s blockade" on a lonely, snow-packed highway in Oregon.

2016 Expo Presentations:

Habits of the Heart: A Perpetuation of Freedom

David W. Allan
David W. Allan
World Renowned Physicist, Author, Instructor

David W. Allan was born in Mapleton, Utah and met Edna Love Ramsay – the love of his life – at the Hill Cumorah pageant.  His Sweetheart, their seven children, their spouses, their children and great-grandchildren are his greatest joy along with sharing the gospel.  He knows the most important unit in time and eternity is the family. He received a Bachelors degree and Master’s degree in physics from BYU and from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado where he was called to be a bishop, stake president, and served in the Denver Mission Presidency.  More recently he and his wife served a mission in West Africa, Cote d’Ivoire – French speaking.

When he moved to Boulder in 1960 he joined the Atomic Frequency and Time Standards Section of the National Bureau of Standards (later renamed the National Institute of Standards and Technology -- NIST) where he helped to develop the nations official-atomic-clock timekeeping system and was a consultant for the Air Force in the development of GPS.  His master’s thesis was used in the development of GPS, and it is the most cited publication to come out of the Department of Commerce.  This summer the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers is publishing a special issue celebrating his master’s thesis, published 50 years ago.  The IEEE is the largest scientific publishing house in the world.

He gives the Lord the credit for the inspiration in the writing of his thesis.  He has used his fame to teach the gospel around the world. He has published well over a 100 technical papers and written chapters in several books.  He retired in 1992 and continued consulting and research – helping Hewlett Packard develop cell-phone tower synchronization using GPS.  In 2011, the international telecommunication community gave him the “Time Lord” award in Edinburgh, Scotland.  In September of 2014 he gave a plenary talk at the International Symposium of the Metrology of Time and Space held in Suzdal, Russia.  They surprised him with a 50 year award – signed by more than 40 of their top scientists – cited “To the founder of the modern time and frequency measurement …”  In May 2015, he presented a keynote paper and chaired a panel centered on his thesis at an International Navigation Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Presentation:

God’s promise, “Nothing shall be withheld” pt 1 & pt 2

David Allan's latest publication, It’s About Time, is the book for the new millennium as it harmonizes science and religion with new scriptural scientific data.  It is considered by some to be the best book (outside the scriptures) in combating the secular-materialistic encroachment on society.

David shares a grand harmony between science and religion -- providing major insights into God’s timeline for us.  His research shows a powerful harmony from the scriptures helping us to know not only where we are in God’s timing, but how to best prepare for the exciting days ahead and how we can combat society’s heavy secular encroachment.  His book, It's About Time published by Legends Library (www.ItsAboutTimeBook.com), has touched many lives.  Copies are available at Deseret Book as well as www.BookofMormonEvidence.org.

Farrell & Rhonda Pickering
Farrell & Rhonda Pickering
Jewish Culture and Astronomical Signs Experts

Farrell Pickering attended SUSC in the field of Engineering and excels in spacial skills and the logic of the building. He has combined a love of the scriptures, numbers, and science to explore fascinating relationships about the treasures left for us in the heavens, in the earth, and in His Word.

 Rhonda Pickering has taught and administrated private school for the past 30 years and is a passionate student of Isaiah, the ancient Feasts of Israel, and Biblical Astronomy.
Through our studies we have developed a profound love and appreciation for the perfection of God’s Plan of Salvation. It is our dream to share our on-going discoveries with others, and to shine the light of hope for future generations.  Join us on our journey!

Presentation Title: The Daniel Code pt 1 & pt  2

We will walk you through the most astounding fulfillments of Daniel’s prophecies to date, and how they apply to the prophetic last week—“the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.” Learn about the role of Michael the Archangel and the connections between Daniel, Revelation, and the climactic “Trumpets” of Revelation in the Fall Festivals of the Lord.

Oct. 2015 Presentation: Prophetically Appointed Times

Understanding the mystery of God's three measures of time and His seven prophetic appointments makes scripture take on a whole new dimension. Even familiar stories such as "The Woman at the Well" explode with end time prophetic significance...

Vince Newmeyer
Vince Newmeyer
Electrical Engineer, Scientific Researcher

Vincent Newmeyer has had a life long love of science. He attended BYU studying Engineering, and even when he was younger he often dabbled with various experiments and inventions. Vince ran his own computer consulting company, has designed and built solar power installations, and engaged in electronic technical work. Vince took an intense interest in evolutionary thought in 1998 and has studied it deeply since that time. As an amateur geologist and science buff, he has done extensive reading and researching on topics in geology, biology, physics, astronomy, and earth sciences, sharing data which fundamentally challenges a number of current popularly held views on our origins.

2016 Expo Presentations:

Miracles: Evidence Beyond Science

Biblical Creation Defended by Prophets

Oct. 2015 Presentation

Title: Yes, Adam and Eve are Real!

Summary: It is said that scientific data casts grave doubt on the literal existence of Adam and Eve.  Scriptures however, proclaim that Adam is the father of all men and that he is a son of God who lived just a few thousand years ago. Utah textbooks insist that human origins through common ancestors of apes, amphibians, fish, slime mold and so on began on Earth 3.6 billion years ago. Hear scientific data that counters Darwin and supports the traditional Biblical account.

Gary T. Wright
Gary T. Wright
Author of Standing the Test of Time, Science Proving Scripture

Gary T. Wright’s lifelong passion has been to uncover scientific truths that confirm the scriptures and modern day revelation.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, Gary was named the “Outstanding Student Engineer” at the University of Utah. While subsequently working for IBM as a development engineer, he earned a Master of Science degree at the University of Colorado and was awarded US Patent 4003091.

Gary was also a lead engineer at TerraTek’s Drilling Research Laboratory and he taught Fluid Mechanics at the University of Utah. Later on, he became a Systems Engineer with IBM and then moved into executive management with various computer companies, including a Vice President assignment with Hewlett-Packard.

Gary is a published author of three historical books, including The Light of Ancient America. He is also a composer of classical music and frequently performs with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as a violinist in the Orchestra at Temple Square.

Presentation Title

Science Proving Scripture

Summary: This enlightening session will introduce you to new, groundbreaking science that unchains mankind from mainstream science’s degrading claims that life is nothing more than an accidental, unguided, amoral, “meaningless episode.” The exciting new science covers the history of the earth from the Fall of Adam and Eve, evolution, the geologic record, and the fossil record. In 1980, Elder Bruce R. McConkie taught that evolution is a heresy, adding: “These are questions to which all of us should find answers. Every person must choose for himself what he will believe.” The session “Science Proving Scripture” will show you how to find truthful answers to the questions to which Elder McConkie referred in 1980. You won’t want to miss this fascinating session which will increase your faith in God as The Creator!

Kenneth A. Skeem
Kenneth A. Skeem
Father, Farmer, Desert Rat, Writer, Theoretical Physicist, Hebrew Scholar, Teacher

When U. S. President Kennedy gave his speech that we needed scientists to put men on the moon I decided I was going to be one of them, but when I got out of college they had already put men on the moon. Scientists who had been in that program were being laid off so, no rocket science here. I went into farming and decided to raise a righteous family. A farm is a good place to do that if everybody will work and play together. And pray together. In 1981 Jeanette and I finished the book called “In the beginning”. It is a science book, a religious book and a geology book. I didn’t put my name in that book and Jeanette never forgave me for that.

While I was writing and marketing one of my books called “The Light Before The Sun”, my course of action was changed after two things happened. I was at the Spring Heartland Conference when a fellow came up to me and told me Genesis didn’t say “In the beginning”, it said “In a beginning”, since I had been studying Hebrew, I knew immediately he was right.

Shortly after, a woman approached me and told me that Bill Nye The Science Guy said there was no evidence of the flood. This made me very angry and since there was a Homeschool Conference coming up, I quickly crashed out a booklet called, “What No Flood”. I went to the Homeschool Conference and found out I was a week early. So I wrote a second edition with more details in it for the Conference, and am now working on an improved edition that I’m going to call “The Bonneville Flood, Ice age, How did Noah survive ?"Many wonderful things were a part of Noah’s Flood. I have found some of these things in the Central Utah Desert, Jordan River, The Narrows, Stockton Utah, Zions, Arches and Goblin Valley to name a few. Together with historical evidence it is clear there was a great flood. There are many perspectives on this flood. I believe it was worldwide that its evidence is just in the top layers of sediment. The thick layers of rock underneath them represent the generations of time told about in the creation story. Repent so the flood of fire passes us. Only one family survived.

Title: Noah's Ark: Built in Utah

David McKay Barker
David McKay Barker
Author, retired CPA and Bank Examiner

David McKay Barker, Author of Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts, and related articles.

 Graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Business, and also enjoyed classes in: Archaeology of Mesoamerica, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Communications, The Talmud, and Writing (non-fiction). 

Career: Bank Examiner, Consumer Credit Specialist, and C.P.A. (now retired).

 After more than 40-years of spare-time study on the subject, his first book was published (official release date of October 22, 2013). Other publications: articles in the periodicals of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop, and Chronology & Catastrophism Review.

 He enjoys learning and sharing, and has taught numerous classes on:

  • Conflicts Between Science and Religion
  • Early Scriptural Texts
  • Avoiding Frauds, Scams, and other Financial Problems
  • Debt: Get out and Stay Out
  • Personal Management Merit Badge (Boy Scouts of America)

Presentation Title:  Reconciling Science and Mormonism

Summary: Although many popular scientific theories contradict LDS beliefs, and particularly the scriptures, truth from one source is harmonious with truth from any other. This class explores some of the problems found in theoretical science, and shares ideas that fit better a rather literal approach to the scriptures.

Lawrence W. Cerenzie
Lawrence W. Cerenzie
Engineering Consultant, Author

 Lawrence Cerenzie has been involved in high tech Research & Development since he was a young boy in Louisiana with his father managing NASA’s Stennis Space Flight Center Materials and Chemistry Lab during NASA’s “glory days” in the late 1960’s – arguably the most modern lab in the world at that time.

Since the beginning of his chemical engineering career in 1974 with ARCO Oil & Gas and ARCO Alaska, Mr. Cerenzie has been involved with many different disciplines and industries centering on the production and use of energy. These projects range from breakthrough combustion engineering research for improved engine designs to military “signature reduction projects” to evaluating large scale alternative energy projects of various types to overseeing the design & startup of some of the largest Oil & Gas projects in the United States and around the world. This broad range of experience has exposed him to the positive impacts of “world class” project development on economic growth and jobs; to the negative impact of regulatory issues and the current competitive restraints faced by Made in USA product manufacturers. 

Since 1986, Larry has served as President and co-founder of FSC Coatings, Inc and Cerenzie Engineering Consulting.  FSC has specialized in developing “Coatings Engineered For Ultimate Performance” for military, commercial, marine and residential applications.

He and his wife Cyndi have three children, two of which are in college. 

2016 Expo Presentation:

Energizing God's Promised Land

Larry Hilton
Larry Hilton
General Consul of United Precious Metals Association

The United Precious Metals Association was founded in 2011 by Larry Hilton shortly after the passage of the Legal Tender Act. UPMA is committed to providing people with choice in the kind of currency that they save and spend.  Members of UPMA can protect all of their savings in gold and silver without losing the conveniences of the banking system. Members may also pay select merchants directly in gold currency.

Lawrence D. Hilton, Esq. conceptualized the Specie Legal Tender Act, which was passed into law by the Utah Legislature in 2011 with important amendments adopted during the 2012 session.  He founded Citizens for Sound Money in 2010, the Utah Monetary Summit in 2011, and the Utah Precious Metals Association in 2012 to promote the commercial framework necessary to implement Utah's new monetary system. Also in 2012, American Principles in Action, a Washington DC based public policy think tank, announced the addition of Mr. Hilton to its Gold is Money advisory board.  He currently serves as General Counsel to the United Precious Metals Association.
Mr. Hilton holds both Juris Doctorate and Masters of Business Administration degrees from Brigham Young University. Admitted to both the Utah and California bar associations, he has practiced in the area for insurance coverage and defense as well as Constitutional law for more than a quarter century.  He currently holds insurance licenses in all 50 states and is a tribunalized cover holder with Lloyd's of London.

 2016 Expo Presentation:

Dawn of the Return of the Gold Standard

Summary: Today, state and federal law recognize gold and silver coin as legal tender for the payment of debts and taxes.  Yet relatively few citizens take advantage of the many benefits true choice in currency has to offer.  This results largely from a limited understanding of the U.S. monetary system, combined with no ready access to commercially viable gold and silver payment systems.  The United Precious Metals Association ("UPMA") was established as a non-profit, cooperative, association in response to the pressing need to develop a monetarily informed citizenry and to provide them with the tools necessary to transact in real money.  Since the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in early 2011, the UPMA has worked steadily to promote the wide circulation and use of precious metal legal tender. Today UPMA members participate in the association's Liquid Gold program which enables them to accumulate and spend gold and silver dollars in amounts as little as one cent per transaction. More and more UPMA members are "going gold" in their routine, daily purchases, making true choice in currency a viable reality for themselves and the public at large.
Prior Presentations:

Gold & Silver Money Yesterday
Summary: Throughout recorded history, to people the world over, the word "money" has meant gold and silver coin.  This presentation will explore the use of such media of exchange by ancient societies such as the Romans and the Nephites as well as by more recent world powers, including Great Britain and the United States of America.  We will trace the forces which have shaped monetary policy throughout the ages with special emphasis on the history of the United States of America.  Many may be surprised to learn of recent developments that has legislators and monetary policy makers looking back at the forward thinking of America's founding fathers when it comes to gold, the once and future money.
Gold & Silver Money Today

Patricia Kent
Patricia Kent
American Antiquities Researcher, Lecturer and Treasurer of Land Hill Research & Preservation Foundation

Patricia Kent is a down home country girl born and raised in Malad, Idaho.  Patricia's interest in the Native American culture began early in life as she would stumble upon arrowheads and  other artifacts while walking through the plowed fields of her father's farm in Southeastern Idaho.  Her study of the Book of Mormon and her love of Native American history has led her to many wonderful adventures.  Patricia worked at Mesa Verde National Park for five summers as an interpretive ranger and learning all she could about the Anasazi Indians that lived there. She has worked with the Forest Service on numerous archeological digs throughout the United States. Although she is not an archeologist by degree her desire to learn has given her the knowledge and experience to understand the importance of preserving our past.

Patricia began working with Paul Taylor doing research on Land Hill about five years ago.  It is a new learning experience each time she ventures up the hill to study the petroglyphs.

For the past 4 years she has studied the solstice and equinox interactions at Land Hill, also known as Anasazi Valley near St. George, Utah. Paul and Patricia have done extensive study in archeoastronomy (the interaction of light and shadow on equinox and solstices on ancient petroglyph panels). They are American Antiquities researchers, lecturers and volunteer site researchers for the BLM.

2016 Expo Presentations:  

Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Christ

Come experience the testimony of Jesus Christ as recorded by an ancient people in stone and light on a hillside in Southern Utah. Patricial will be sharing with you her latest research on the Virgin River Anasazi, their incredible culture and the message they left for all of us.

Ernest Lehenbauer
Ernest Lehenbauer
Entrepreneur, Photo-journalist, and Author of The Seal of Melchizedek

Ernest has 3 certificates of graduation from the Utah State University Institute of Religion, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from USU. While in school Ernest started several businesses, including one of the original Mobile Mechanic services in Utah.

After moving to San Diego, he went on to become a Field Service Representative and certified Instructor/Mechanic for the largest MRAP armored-vehicle company in the Middle East conflicts, living and working in countries such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq for most of the next 10 years. Simultaneously, Ernest blogged as a photo-journalist, sharing views of the Iraq War from an LDS contractor's perspective.

While living in San Diego, Ernest attended a fireside by an architect of the San Diego Temple on the symbol known as the Seal of Melchizedek. After noticing the ancient symbol in almost every country he visited, he started gathering history and research on the symbol. Now Ernest runs Seal of Melchizedek.com, and with his wife Peggy founded Seal of Melchizedek™ Jewelry & Art to celebrate and share the powerful messages of inspirational symbolism. Ernest is releasing his new book, Seal of Melchizedek: The Modern Rebirth of an Ancient Symbol

Presentation Title:

Seal of Melchizedek: Symbol of Christ - History, Meanings, and Mysteries

An ancient symbol was suddenly used extensively in the design of a modern LDS temple. Renowned scholar Hugh Nibley identified it as the Seal of Melchizedek, a symbol so powerful it was then added to the Salt Lake City Temple. Discover how its symbolism not only reveals Christ, transcends time, religion, and culture, but may shape the very future. Learn how to discern God's messages for each of us in His language of symbolism.

Event Artists, Musicians
Event Artists, Musicians
Event Artistic Talent & Entertainment

FIRM Foundation Expo - Spring 2016

Event Artists, Musicians & Entertainment

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Michele Baer
Michele Baer
Extraordinary Singer and Musical Composer

     Imagine…feeling great peace and comfort while hearing messages delivered through the voice of a “new Karen Carpenter”.   Even at an early age, Michele Baer’s rich, warm tone captivated audiences causing this comparison. Since making her stage debut at age 6 in a production of “The Sound of Music”, Michele Baer has continued to sing in musicals and as a soloist throughout the western United States. With a BA from BYU, she has taught 7-12 choral music in Arizona, led children’s choirs in 2 states and voice lessons for over 20 years.

A 2-time winner of the National Teachers of Singing competition, she was also honored as the American Mothers National Vocal Winner in 2004 for her ability to balance family, music and community service.

As a recording artist, Michele has composed and produced 4 CD’s of vocal music with renowned arrangers, Greg Hansen, Merrill Jenson (“The Testaments”), Richard Talbot and Guitarist Michael Dowdle. She is also a regular inspirational speaker at Women’s and Youth Conferences around the country, including 8 years at EFY. Her CDs have touched thousands with their powerful messages of hope and inspiration.

She had the privilege of singing “God Bless America” for a live radio audience in Dallas, Texas before the Glenn Beck Show.  Michele released “To God and Country”, a new album to inspire patriots to make their voices heard and preserve our religious liberty.

With this wealth of musical experience, Michele has recently turned to producing and performing in benefit concerts with her musical friends to help various causes in the community including: Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and Gateway Medical Center, United Families Int’l., Plane Crash victims-Stephanie and Christian Nielsen, and several cancer patients.

Michele and her husband Sterling have 6 children, 5 grandchildren and currently reside in Mesa, AZ where she serves as the director of Christmas Concerts at the Mesa, AZ temple. 

FIRM Foundation Expo, April 2016 Titles to be announced - Oct. 2015 Titles below:

Title: Music that Heals the Soul

Summary: Sometimes when we are facing challenges in our lives, music is the healing balm that comforts us and gives us strength to carry on. Michele Baer realized this years ago and has spent the last 20 years writing and recording inspirational music to bless others. She now shares the stories behind the songs she has written that have touched and blessed so many hearts and lives.

Kerri Guthrie
Kerri Guthrie

Kerri Guthrie has always felt a connection with art expression. Her mother encouraged all 10 siblings to improve their talents by practicing and taking lessons. Kerri has won several ribbons in different art competitions throughout her life. Her passion is to share God's messages of love.

Kerri is the mother of four wonderful children and attributes her success to her loving husband Dr. Dan Guthrie. He always encourages and supports her. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve her family, church and community. For in doing service, that is where true happiness is found.

Kaye Starr Heninger
Kaye Starr Heninger
Book of Mormon Musician

Kaye Starr Heninger is a composer, pianist and choir director, with a focus to create musical nuance from the Book of Mormon that will penetrate the heart of the listener. She earned her Bachelor degree in Music at BYU, and since 1991 has used her talents by traveling with her choir all over the world. As a busy Mom, she has had to use the quiet hours of the night to gain inspiration for countless melodies, harmonies and rhythms as she sought to depict sacred passages from the Book of Mormon. She has stirred many musicians to help her present those sounds, and finds it an amazing phenomenon to see the proudest and toughest of individuals cry when they hear her music!

For three years in a row (2006-2008) Kaye Starr’s music, text and narrative scripts won the coveted Deseret Dramatic Recognition Awards from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each script and narrative program contains 12-15 original pieces of music, and the titles of her award-winning programs are as follows:

  • A Great and Marvelous Work
  • Voices from the Dust
  • Our Land, Our Liberty
  • The Power and the Promise
  • Joseph Smith, Prophet of God
  • Songs of the Prophets

Kaye Starr founded and directs “The Kaye Starr Singers,” works with the missionary program and Church leaders, and has presented in all the western United States, plus Alaska (2004-2005-2006), Hawaii (2007) and Ohio (2014). They have sung in Israel (2000) and when they toured in Guatemala (2013), hundreds of new investigators received lessons from the missionaries—and many joined the Church—as a direct result of Kaye Starr’s music. For several years in the 1990s—and in 2011—hundreds were introduced to the Church in Queensland, Australia, when the Kaye Starr Singers toured that country. Just recently (March 2016) her choir toured New Zealand with a dozen presentations of powerful and penetrating Book of Mormon music. Lives were changed and brand-new hearts were created as listeners pondered the messages of the music. She lives with her husband, Brent E. Heninger, in Layton, Utah, and they are the parents of 12 children. 

2016 Spring EXPO Presentations:

 A Vital Healing Tool: Book of Mormon Music   ~The Miracle Behind the Music~

Presentation Summary: This electrifying hour will be jam-packed full of original Book of Mormon music videos and live singing—a musical presentation never to be forgotten!—which will tap into the core of the listener’s soul. Learn the miraculous background of this Book of Mormon music composed by Kaye Starr Heninger.

 Abinadi: A Story of Joy  ~Gaining Access to the Core of Scripture~

Presentation Summary: You will fall dead when you hear the “real” Abinadi sing his last words! This electrifying hour will be jam-packed full of original Book of Mormon music videos and live singing—a musical presentation never to be forgotten! Hear the words when our Savior appeared to the Nephites and lovingly said, “I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands.”

  Creating Behavioral Change  ~Capturing the Art of Transformation~

Presentation Summary: You’ll be awestruck when you witness the same live performers and original Book of Mormon music videos that have been presented in many places throughout the world. This electrifying hour will be jam-packed full of original Book of Mormon music videos and live singing—a musical presentation never to be forgotten! The drama! The sounds! The experience! Come, listen and see for yourself and be transformed!

Elder Hartman Rector Jr.
Elder Hartman Rector Jr.
Emeritus General Authority, Former Navy Pilot


Hartman Rector, Jr. (born August 20, 1924) was one of the first converts to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) to become a general authority of the church during the second half of the 20th century. He served as a member of the First Council of the Seventy from 1968 to 1976 and as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy from 1976 to 1994. He was born in Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri and joined the United States Navy in 1943. He married Constance (Connie) Kirk Daniel and while serving in the Navy became converted to the Church and was baptized February 24, 1952 in Japan. He spent a total of 26 years as a navy pilot.

In 1968, Elder Rector was called as a member of the Church's First Council of the Seventy. From February to March 1969, he served as the president of the Italian Mission of the church. Beginning in 1971, Elder Rector was the first president of the Alabama–Florida (later the Florida Tallahassee) Mission of the church. He became a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy in 1976.  In the late 1970s, he served as president of the church's San Diego Mission. In 1994, he was made an emeritus general authority and released from his full-time ecclesiastical duties.

Testimony from No More Strangers

I am a witness before God that he lives and he hears and answers prayers, for he has heard and answered mine. I bear testimony that Jesus is the Christ, and that he lives; that he has re-established his true Church upon the earth in modern times through the Prophet Joseph Smith—great, great prophet that he was; and that the true Church of Jesus Christ is upon the earth today, presided over by a living prophet who has been chosen by the Lord for this particular purpose. These things I do not merely believe; I know with that sure witness which can come only from the Holy Ghost, through which all gospel truths can be known.


Kieth Merrill
Kieth Merrill
Renowned Filmmaker, Academy Award Recipient

Kieth Merrill is a writer, producer and director of motion pictures. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences  and Director’s Guild of America. He is a two-time Oscar Nominee and winner of an Academy Award for his film, The Great American Cowboy. His films have received numerous festival honors and other awards including an Emmy nomination. Most members of the Church are familiar with Kieth's work—if not his name—because of the First Presidency Project Films he created for the Legacy Theater on Temple Square in Salt Lake City titled LEGACY and THE TESTAMENTS. He also directed Mr. Krueger's Christmas, a church classic familiar to many. Kieth confesses that "there is no such thing as retirement for moviemakers" and he remains active in creating motion pictures. He is the chief creative officer and co-founder of Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios,  a film company dedicated to the production of highly entertaining films in all genre's that embrace virtues and values.

 In recent times, Kieth wrote and directed the Youth Cultural Celebration to commemorate the dedication of the Sacramento Temple. The production was staged in the massive ARCO Arena and involved 5000 youth from 81 stakes. Kieth is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the former president of the BYU Alumni Association . He is a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from Brigham Young University.  He served as missionary in Denmark, and describes himself  as a country boy from the farmlands of Utah lucky enough to marry a "sophisticated, city-slicker, California dream-girl"...his BYU Sweetheart, Dagny.  Kieth and Dagny have been married 44 years and reside in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. They have 8 children and 33 grandchildren.


Dr. Robert Fuller
Dr. Robert Fuller
Dental Practitioner, Owner of the Zermatt Resort & Conference Center


Dr. Robert L. Fuller was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1948 and received a degree in Medical Biology from the University of Utah in 1972, going on to complete his D.D.S. at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in1975.  He married Colleen Oyler of San Francisco, California in 1974 and is the father of six grown children.


His dental practice brought many special recognitions and elected positions.  He served as the Western Regional Coordinator of the American Association of Dental Schools, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Salt Lake District Dental Society, received the “Outstanding Young Men of America” award in 1978, and envisioned, built and developed the fabulous Zermatt Resort and Conference Center.  He has affiliations with the Utah State Board of Realtors, Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sons of the Utah Pioneers the Brigham Young University Legacy Cougar Club. 


Dr. Fuller took his family to the LDS Historic sites and pre-historic antiquities of North America, which reveals dramatic and documented civilizations which coincide with Book of Mormon history, archaeology, architecture and sociology.  He has experienced first-hand the mighty ruins of ancient North America and has studied intensively this culture that has so many correlations with the Book of Mormon.


Senator Orrin Hatch
Senator Orrin Hatch
United States Senator from Utah

Sen. Orrin G. Hatch proudly shows everyone who visits him a painting of his great-grandfather, Jeremiah Hatch, entering Utah's Uintah Basin on horseback. Jeremiah founded what is now Vernal in 1878, and left a great legacy.

Hatch has carried the torch of his great-grandfather’s frontiersman spirit all his life, from his working-class upbringing in Pittsburgh to a successful Utah law practice, and eventually to representing the Beehive State in Washington.

Hatch reached his full height of 6’2” his junior year of high school. His height gave him considerable advantage on his school’s basketball team – but he weighed only 118 pounds. Despite his scrawny build, Hatch became a scrappy boxer and came to pack a jarring punch for a youngster his size. Hatch balanced his athletic pursuits with scholarly discipline and a passion for music. He learned to play the piano, organ, and violin. While in high school, Hatch was elected to the student Senate, and later as student body president.

As a young man, Hatch learned the value of hard work as a metal lather and a card-carrying member of the AFL-CIO. As a student, he struggled to provide for a growing family as a janitor, lather, and all-night desk attendant in a dormitory. He earned a bachelor’s in history from Brigham Young University and a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

In 1954, Hatch served a mission for his church to the Great Lakes . After returning, he married Elaine Hansen of Newton, Utah , on August 28, 1957. The two had met in an astronomy class at BYU thanks to an alphabetical seating chart. The two have six children and a growing brood of grand- and great-grandchildren, sometimes called “Hatchlings.”

Hatch is a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, where he serves on the subcommittees on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure and Taxation and IRS Oversight. Hatch is also on the Select Committee on Intelligence, the Committee on the Judiciary, and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, as well as the Joint Committee on Taxation. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Mary Ellen Smoot
Mary Ellen Smoot
Former General President of the Relief Society of the LDS Church


Mary Ellen Wood was born in Ogden, Utah and raised in Clearfield, Utah.  She was a natural born leader and  held many positions in student government. In 1952 Mary Ellen married Stanley Millard Smoot.  They have seven children and fostered five children.  Family History is Mary Ellen’s passion.  Every 24th of July she and her sisters organize the Wood Family Reunion.  This reunion is very elaborate with guest speakers, dances, competitions, parades and of course, family histories made available to family.



In 1975 Mary Ellen co-authored, The City In-Between, a history of Centerville, with Marilyn Sheriff.  She also organized the Centerville Historical Society.  In 1983, Mary Ellen accompanied her husband to Ohio, where her husband presided over the Ohio Columbus Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-Day Saints, and later the Ohio Akron Mission.  The Smoots later served as the head of Church hosting for VIPs that visited Temple Square and LDS Church headquarters in Salt Lake City.  They hosted many world leaders, including Mikhail Gorbachav and Lady Margaret Thatcher. 



From 1997 to 2002 Mary Ellen served as the thirteenth General President of the Relief Society of the LDS Church.  In 1998 Mary Ellen went to Rome to help plan World Congress of Families held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999.  She spoke at the Congress on “Suggestions to Strengthen Families” and received a standing ovation.  She and her husband currently serve on the advisory board of the West Ridge Academy.   

Howard J. Ruff
Howard J. Ruff
Financial Advisor, Author of biggest-selling financial book in history

 Howard Ruff has been a fixture in the financial-advice world for 34 years. His book

How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years, published in 1977, is still the world champion. It is the biggest-selling financial book in history with over 2.6 million copies sold and was on the top of the New York Times best-seller list for two years in both hard cover and paperback. His newsletter, The Ruff Times, has had over 600,000 subscribers and counting.

Howard released his latest book How to Prosper in the Age of Obamanomics in April, 2010. He’s a maverick who often strays from the usual Wall-Street crowd resulting in tremendous success. Howard is giving the first 500 people to register for America's Freedom Education Week a FREE copy this powerful new book!

Howard has been a charming and engaging fixture on every major talk show, including Oprah, Good Morning America, the Today Show, Regis and Kathy Lee, Donahue, NightLine, Wall Street Week, Crossfire, and others – often multiple times.

Howard lives with his wife (Kay) in Utah. They have fourteen children (five were adopted), eighteen foster children, seventy-six grandchildren, and thirteen great grandchildren. You can learn more on his website, www.rufftimes.com.

 America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and outline:

Title: Galloping Socialism Destroying the Constitution and your Pocketbook

Outline: The dictionary defines socialism as government owning or controlling the means of production. That is exactly what is happening in America today. There is no example in history of galloping socialism not causing galloping inflation. Not only is this administration moving in the direction of controlling various industries, but they are also creating the conditions for a perfect storm of run-away hyperinflation.

Government has seized control of the automobile industry, the banking industry, Wall Street and 1/6 of the American economy with Obamacare. They have also been creating paper money at the greatest rate in history. I never thought we would be thinking in terms of trillions.

Your pocketbook will be destroyed if you invest in most traditional investments -- especially those recommended by traditional conservative financial advisers. Those who survive financially will be the maverick investors who stray away from the herd off the beaten path because the herd will be turned into hamburger.

I will list investment categories that are cinch losers and the maverick investment categories that will help you preserve your assets and protect your family.

David L. Buckner
David L. Buckner
Economist, contributor to The Glenn Beck program on Fox News

 David L. Buckner is the President of Bottom Line Training and Consulting Inc. which specializes in executive and management development.  For over 20 years Mr. Buckner has been a keynote speaker, author, and featured trainer at business conferences and conventions throughout the world.  Mr. Buckner provides economic analysis for the Fox Business Network and is a frequent guest on Fox’s The Glenn Beck Program.  Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor at Teachers College – Columbia University where he teaches courses in economics and business.

 David Buckner was a professional ski instructor for six years at Deer Valley Ski Resort and was a faculty member at Brigham Young University. A certified emergency medical technician (EMT), David enjoys scuba diving and mountain biking as well as traveling and attending Broadway theater productions. He particularly enjoys working with and speaking to youth groups.

 David Buckner's America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and outline:

Title: Permission to Think

Outline: “David has a way of breaking things down into the language of common sense.  He was the first academic to list my lack of formal university “training” as a positive because he knows that we must be taught how to think, but not what to think.  Our personal and national survival depends on thinking outside of the box and writing outside the lines.  David Buckner does both.”  Glenn Beck

With Permission to Think, author David L. Buckner helps us recognize that carelessly relying on precedent to justify irrational behavior removes the very gift we have all been given… the ability to THINK.  In his new book, Buckner analyzes the neglected principles that have led us to our current economic crisis, while providing key insights on how to reestablish the critical economic fundamentals needed to find our footing in the world again.  Now more than ever, you not only have “permission” to think, but a mandate to do so! 


Andrew (Andy) Biggs
Andrew (Andy) Biggs
Constitutional Attorney, AZ Legislator, Co-author of Arizona's HB1070

 Andy Biggs is a member of the Arizona State House of Representatives representing the Southeast part of the Phoenix Metro area. He was first elected in November of 2002. He is the Chairman of the House Transportation committee and the vice-chairman of the Appropriations committee. He has been repeatedly recognized for his efforts to reduce the size and scope of government. He wrote the Biggs Amendment which facilitated the passage of HB1070 (illegal immigration) in the Arizona Legislature in 2010. He has served as a policy advisor for United Families International and additional organizations. In those capacities he worked on behalf of pro-life, pro-family causes at international institutions

He has a BA in Asian Studies, minor in Japanese from Brigham Young University. His JD is from the University of Arizona College of Law. He has an MA from Arizona State University in International Relations, and has done additional post-graduate work.

Andy has served as a Scout leader and as a girl’s fastpitch softball coach. With his wife he is a co-founder of The American Founder’s Library, a research library focusing on documents pertinent to the American founding.

Andy is an Arizona native. He and his wife Cindy have six children and three grandchildren and make Gilbert, AZ their home.

 This is Andy’s America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and outline. 

Title: "How We Lost the Constitution, and If We Can Get It Back"—

 Outline: Andy will examine the various ways that the Constitution has been attacked and also discuss whether we can return to our constitution's roots and meaning. Is total collapse of American constitutional government imminent? If so, what can be done about it. Can we prevent a total destruction of the American constitution?


Alan Rudd
Alan Rudd
President, Beit Lehi Foundation (Israel)

Alan Rudd began his career as a Tax Attorney with State Farm Insurance. He later became U.S. Operations Legal Counsel to Prime Computer, a $1.2B NYSE Company headquartered in Boston.  He then returned to Utah in 1986 to join Novell’s newly formed in-house Legal Department.  In 1997 Rudd was appointed President and CEO of Vinca Corporation which provided data mirroring and protection products to the Fortune 2000 companies. In 1999 he was named Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young for his leadership at Vinca.

In 2000 he co-founded Arkona, Inc, a public company and provider of turnkey technology products and services for the retail automotive marketplace. In 2004, he was again recognized by Ernst & Young and the Microsoft Corporation as Entrepreneur of the year for his adaption of technology to the needs of business.

Alan is a founder and currently is President of the Beit Lehi Foundation which is conducting archaeological studies of several very important ancient sites in Israel with strong possible correlations to the Book of Mormon prophet, Lehi.  He, along with Elder Hartman Rector Jr. and Dr. Glenn Kimber have spearheaded these efforts which has caught the attention of the Israeli Department of Antiquities.

Alan & Suzanne Osmond
Alan & Suzanne Osmond
Entertainer, Musician, Song Writer, Husband, Wife

For over 50 years, the Osmond name has been synonymous with world class entertainment. Alan Osmond, the oldest founding member of the Osmond Brothers Quartet, initially led the charge as elder statesman and spokesman for the talented siblings. Remarkably, he was eight years old at the family's first performance! With each local performance, the Osmonds contributed to a groundswell of love and support that would soon spread around the globe. With the addition of Donny, brother, and Marie, sister, the Osmonds became an unmatched, worldwide sensation.

The Osmonds have been honored with over 33 gold and platinum records. A gifted writer, Alan is credited with co-penning many of their most recognizable hits. With a unique combination of charm, talent and charisma, the family has perfected a wholesome entertainment style that is all their own. From Japan to England to Los Angeles - the Osmonds are the first family of entertainment.

Jack R. Christianson, PhD
Jack R. Christianson, PhD
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Educator

Dr. Jack R. Christianson has been fortunate to have been a leader in large organizations in the public and private sector; including Special Assistant to the President for Engaged Learning at Utah Valley University, Executive Director of the Center for Engaged Learning at Utah Valley University, Visiting Scholar at Brigham Young University, Chief administrator, principal and trainer of leaders in a world-wide private educational system.

He graduated from Weber State University, cum laude, with a teaching degree in English and Physical Education.  While at Weber State he played quarterback on the football team, which led to future opportunities to teach and coach at the high school and college level.  He also received a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Brigham Young University and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Sociology from the University of Buckingham in England.

As a highly sought after inspirational speaker and author, Jack has lectured and given seminars all across the United States and Canada to all ages and types of organizations. He is the author of numerous inspirational books and many audio recordings.

He is married to Melanie Harris.  They are the parents of four daughters and one son and are the grandparents of ten grandsons, and eight granddaughters.

Bruce H. Porter, PhD
Bruce H. Porter, PhD
Middle Eastern Linguistics Scholar, Institute Director/ CES Instructor

Bruce H. Porter earned  degrees in Ancient Near Eastern Studies  with an emphasis in Semitic languages, scripture, the History of Religion and Anthropology. 

Bruce conducted extensive research for the Religious Studies Center, on the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Abraham.  He has done research in the major museums and libraries of Europe, and the United States. He has also presented  and co-authored a number of papers for related professional journals and books.  

Bruce co-authored the book which outlines the scriptural basis for the Heartland Model Research, 'Prophecies and Promises,' with Rod Meldrum.  Brother Porter contends in his recently released book 'An Everlasting Decree; Ensuring a Title to Liberty for The Promised Land' that:  The Book of Mormon contains the fulness of the gospel, is a record of a fallen people, and also reviews the 'deed restriction' that continue to exist upon the Promised Land; a very important message to all those who have and will inhabit the land of Lehi in the Latter-days.

Now living in Arizona, Brother Porter has lived in Utah, Israel, and California while working for CES (Church Education System).  He also served a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in England.  Now semi-retired he teaches adult religion classes for BYU Continuing Education, and continues his passion of scriptural research and has served in many capacities within the church.  He and his wife Margie, are the parents of 10 children and grandparents of 12.

Kay Godfrey
Kay Godfrey
Joseph Smith Epoch Historian, Archaeology/Anthropology

Kay Godfrey is a graduate of Brigham Young University, holding degrees in Historic Archaeology and Anthropology. His Archaeological degree has an emphasis on biblical archaeology. He speaks Hebrew and has conducted religious related research in the Holy Lands. Kay has spent the better part of twenty-eight years researching the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. He has authored many articles in LDS church related magazines on a variety of themes singular to the Prophet. Kay has spoken at a Deseret Book symposium in Nauvoo on the "trials of the Prophet Joseph in Missouri" and lectures regularly on the topic of modern day restoration to zones of full-time missionaries. Kay has lectured extensively through-out the United States and Canada, and is dedicated to sharing with others his testimony of the significance of the Prophet and Man - Joseph Smith.


Kay authored a four-part DVD series in cooperation with Digital Memories entitled, "Following The Footsteps of Joseph”, "The Early Years" (1805-1830), "The Echo Of A Beating Heart" (1830-1838), "The Silver Lined Clouds Of War" (1838-1839) and "The Passport To Heaven" (1840-1844). Kay shares in his presentations a portion of his tremendous lifetime of study of the life and times of the Prophet, Joseph Smith.  He brings a unique perspective and many unique and original church history artifacts that will bring each listener to a deeper and richer understanding of the divine role of the first prophet of this dispensation. This incredibly powerful message is one that will leave you with a renewed and stronger testimony of Joseph Smith, The Prophet.

Jake Hilton
Jake Hilton
Author & Videographer

 Jake Hilton - An eighth-generation member of the Church, comes from a strong pioneer heritage that includes Levi Savage Jr. of the ill-fated Willie Handcart Company whose story was portrayed in the extraordinary film 17 Miracles. He served his mission in Hong Kong, China and following his mission volunteered as an English teacher in Sakata, Japan because he speaks both Cantonese and Japanese.

Jake is especially in tune with the youth of today, he cares deeply about them and relates easily with them.  He book "Angels Lost and Found," is a beautifully written and illustrated childrens book with moral underpinnings.  He is a multiple black belt and instructor of karate and has trained around the world.  He made an appearance on The Awesome Foundation's pilot episode in the fall of 2012.  He has done some incredible filmed stunts that are breathtaking in order to showcase his ninja skills.  

Jake was introduced to the Heartland Model research and from the onset it "felt right" to him.  It served as a powerful tool of re-conversion to the gospel by strengthening his testiomony of the authenticity of the Book of Mormon and the divine calling of the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

Presentation Titles

The POWER of Book of Mormon Evidence

Summary:  "Why does Book of Mormon geography matter?  Jake Hilton answers this question with what he calls "The Great Eight"—eight powerful reasons why a correct understanding of Book of Mormon geography is not only important, but vital to us as individuals, as Latter-day Saints, and as citizens of the United States of America, the promised land of the Book of Mormon.  This presentation has the power to transform your life and permanently strengthen your testimony in the Word of God—the Book of Mormon and the Bible."

Only a Matter of Time

 Summary:  "Nearly every prophet since Adam has foretold the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and has warned us of the signs that would precede His return.  In this presentation, Jake Hilton expounds on eight groups of signs, using the Scriptures and modern evidence to show how these prophecies have been, are being, and will soon be fulfilled.  Make no mistake, Jesus Christ WILL return... it's Only a Matter of Time."

Dr. Steven E. Jones
Dr. Steven E. Jones
Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University - Retired

Dr. Steven Jones was a full Professor of Physics at Brigham Young University where he served for over 21 years before his early retirement in 2007 at age 57.   He conducted doctoral research at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and received his Ph.D. in Physics from Vanderbilt University in 1978. He received his B.S. degree in Physics from Brigham Young University in 1973, where he held a David O. McKay Presidential Scholarship. His research interests include studies in archaeometry, cold fusion and freedom energy.  He has published papers in Nature, Scientific American and Physical Review Letters.  He taught an advanced class on Archaeometry (Physics 513R) and published, “Archaeometry Applied to Olmec Iron-ore Beads,” BYU Studies 37, no. 4 (Oct. 1998), pp. 128-142.   

The horse-bone dating project fits very well into Dr. Jones’ long-range plans for research in archaeometry. However, his peer-reviewed papers and experiments challenging the official 9/11 story (google “Dr BYU”) proved controversial and he was offered early retirement.  He is now challenging paradigms with his Equus work and research on alternative energy ("freedom energy").

Calvin J. Hamilton
Calvin J. Hamilton
Open Source Geospatial Software Advocate and Developer

Calvin J. Hamilton was born and raised in Cedar City, Utah.  He served in the Geneva Switzerland mission.  Upon returning home he attended Brigham Young University where he received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in signal and image processing.  This led to an interest in GIS and for the past few years he has been working with the open source geospatial mapping community.  As a hobby he authored the websites solarviews.com and scienceviews.com.

Calvin developed a passion for Native American cultures as a child while hiking with his family, exploring Indian dwellings, finding petroglyphs, arrowheads and pottery.  He has carried that tradition on with his own family hiking throughout the Heartland and has extensively photographed the Mound Builder's artifacts and earthworks.  Calvin married Rosanna Pepperdine and they are the adoring parents of 4 beautiful children.


Title: Ancient Heartland Discoveries using LIDAR: Mapping the Ancient Inhabitants of North America

 Summary:  LIDAR imagery brings cutting edge technology to archaeological research.  Peering beneath the brush, LIDAR uncovers the ancient Mound Builder earthworks with detail and precision.  Come to this fascinating presentation and learn how LIDAR works, how it is used to reveal new aspects of known earthworks and how it has brought to light more than 1000 ancient mounds and features discovered and newly mapped in America's Heartland.

Alex Koritz
Alex Koritz
PR Executive, Book of Mormon Researcher

Alex Koritz is a Partner and Executive Vice President at Method Communications, one of the fastest growing public relations firms in North America. His expertise has generated impressive exposure and brand awareness for Method’s clients who range from London to New York, and San Francisco to Salt Lake City.  Alex was most recently listed in Utah Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40, which highlights the state’s most influential business leaders under the age of 40.

Prior to Method Communications, Alex founded and led his own public relations company, Koritz Communications, which was acquired by Method in 2010. He also served as Vice President of Public Relations for Sprout Marketing, where he and his team won the Utah Social Media Club’s Grand Prize for Best Integrated Marketing Campaign of 2009. Prior to Sprout Marketing, Alex was a Senior Associate with the New York-based public relations firm Coltrin & Associates, where he worked with a variety of clients including Sony, 3Com, Burger King, Control4 and Intermountain Healthcare.

Alex Koritz’s love for the Book of Mormon stemmed from his grandfather, Elder Milton R. Hunter, who wrote numerous books about the Book of Mormon and ancient American archeology. Elder Hunter served in the First Council of the Seventy from 1945 until his death in 1975.

Despite having been born in 1977, after Elder Hunter’s death, Alex has always felt a close kinship to him, even at times a guardian-angel-type relationship. In fact, shortly after his birth, Alex’s mother had a spiritual experience in which she saw that her father, Elder Hunter, had specifically chosen Alex to come to her family and to be her son.

Although many of Elder Hunter’s books focused on Central and South America, towards the end of his life he acquired a large collection of the Michigan artifacts from Notredam University. Elder Hunter believed these artifacts that originated from the Hopewell mounds of Michigan, and which depicted biblical scenes and contained unknown languages resembling Egyptian and Cuneiform, could have only stemmed from the Book of Mormon peoples.

Presentation Title: Milton R. Hunter & the Michigan Artifacts

Alex will discuss his grandfather’s beliefs in the artifacts and his own person story and spiritual journey. Alex believes that despite having been born two years after his grandfather’s death, he was guided by his grandfather to preserve the love of the Book of Mormon to his posterity, and to shed the light of truth on the Michigan artifacts and other evidences that testify of the Book of Mormon people and their ancient homeland—North America.

Dan LaPray
Dan LaPray
Senior Film & Video Producer for LDS Church

Dan LaPray began nurturing his creativity with music. His passion for writing music led him to sound recording in college which landed him a master control operations job at a National TV PBS Affiliate. While working in television, Dan received his BA in Marketing Communications from BYU. As a film minor Dan gleaned experience and knowledge in as many different media disciplines as possible. Because of his passion and expertise, directing and producing came naturally to Dan; he understands the big picture. 

Dan has been using his talent for marketing and communications to create productions that incorporate his branding skills learned over the years. After working on hundreds of productions, in every capacity, Dan co-founded Kinetic Pictures in 1998. As an Executive Producer and Director, Dan produced or worked on projects for multiple billion dollar corporations, including Microsoft, Office Max, HP, and Google. While maintaining interest at Kinetic Pictures, Dan was the Director of Production at a National Television Station where he was charged with developing the station’s identity and promotional campaigns. Dan also directed and was the Executive Producer for a nationally televised documentary for Donate Life America, and multi- platinum recording artists Alex Band, and Eve 6. 

In 2009, Dan founded another production company called Number 7 Entertainment where he has developed corporate identity productions for several companies. He also directed and was the Executive Producer of another National Documentary for The Salvation Army. Recently, Dan was contracted to consult, write and execute multiple reality documentary style vignettes for an international organization to be used as leadership training modules worldwide. He pioneered the digital workflow and process used to translate, and populate the 100 training modules into 11 different languages for the LDS Church. 

Currently, Dan is a Senior Film/Video producer for the LDS Church, and has produced many different narrative and documentary style videos, including, various youth messages, Bible Videos, and scriptures committee videos that have been seen and appreciated by millions of viewers.  Most recently, Dan took a leave from Church employment to produce a feature film, JUST LET GO, about the true life events of Chris Williams, a man whose family was killed by an underage drunk driver. Dan is also producing the soundtrack album with various artists from around the country. 

Presentation:  Behind the Scenes - The Making of the Film Scriptures Legacy

David Read
David Read
Researcher, Patent Attorney

David has researched scientific evidence relating to the Book of Mormon for approximately ten years, focusing particularly on DNA and archaeological evidence. 

David is a patent attorney, working with the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Prior to that, he worked in private practice as a patent attorney.  Through his career, David is familiar with working professionally with scientists and engineers and assessing the state of scientific knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines.  David has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, where he received the Mary Satterfield Taylor Award for Excellence In Chemistry, which was awarded to the Chemistry Graduate with the highest GPA.  He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Brigham Young University, and a J.D. from the University of California-Hastings College of the Law. 

David served his mission in the Dominican Republic.  He and his wife, Barbara, are the parents of five children.  David is the High Priest Group leader in his ward in Michigan.

 Presentation: Kennewick Man: Updated DNA Evidence for the Book of Mormon

Summary:  “Kennewick Man” is a remarkably well-preserved ancient Native American skeleton whose DNA was recently discovered to be Haplogroup X.  An artistic recreation of Kennewick Man’s face looks Caucasian, bolstering the conclusion that Haplogroup X correlates with Native Americans who may have had a Caucasian appearance.  Carbon dating results for Kennewick Man will also be discussed.   

Fritz Zimmerman
Fritz Zimmerman
Author and Historian

 Fritz Zimmerman is an unaffiliated scholar who has spent 13 years in both academic pursuits and field work in search of the origins of the conical burial mounds and sun temples, known as henges that are found across Europe and North America. Over 10,000 State and County histories in North America and the British Isles were poured through to collect the largest number of giant human skeletons in print. Independent studies of Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Symbolism, Etymology, Anthropology, Archaeology has resulted in one of the great historical finds of our age.

James E. Vieira
James E. Vieira
Author & Researcher of Ancient Stone Structures in Northeast America

James (Jim) E. Vieira is a stonemason, writer, researcher and member of the Northeast Antiquities Research Association. Jim writes for the Shelburne Falls Independent and is a frequent contributor to Ancient American Magazine.  A description of Jim's research would be- An exploration into the mysteries of Ancient America. Historical detective work reveals mystery, intrigue and cover-ups that tell a vastly different story of our past. Thousands of reports of Giant skeletons fill the historical literature. They are claimed to be hoaxes, incorrect measurement due to disarticulation or misidentified Mammoth bones. See the shocking truth that has been actively covered-up by institutions such as the Smithsonian. 

 Watch one of Jim's earlier presentations online HERE

Rick Osmon
Rick Osmon
Author & Researcher of Ancient Monuments of the Ohio Valley

Rick Osmon was selected for the United States Air Force Academy right out of high school. He later attended Vincennes University and earned an Associates of Science in Laser and Electro-Optics Technology. He worked for defense contractors a number of years and then took a job with the US Navy as a civilian with an engineering support field activity, specializing in radar, night vision, and laser equipment for surveillance and munitions guidance Most of this work was in direct support of Special Operations forces equipment acquisitions. In that capacity, Rick also became familiar with video-teleconferencing technology.

During all those years, Rick was also reading everything he could find about the unusual; history, archeology, paleontology, geography, cartography, cryptozoology, and cryptography.

After leaving government employment in 2004, Rick began his hunt for hidden knowledge full time. He also began blogging, researching, and writing, and, in early 2007, started an internet radio show entitled “The Oopa Loopa Cafe”. In 2008, he began pestering his long time research buddy, Dennis Crenshaw, to start another internet show about the various mysteries.

Now Rick is becoming well known on the conference circuit and is writing more than blogs. His first book, The Graves of the Golden Bear; Ancient Monuments and Fortresses of the Ohio Valley was released in October of  2011.

Anita Meyer
Anita Meyer
Author of Beyond The Bible Code

Author Anita Meyer was born in Augsburg Bavaria Germany on an American Army base.  She graduated from Maine East High School in Park Ridge Illinois and holds a degree in Criminology.  Off the beaten path, Anita is a religious procurement specialist who thoroughly engages in finding strong evidences for God’s existence.  She currently resides in Kenosha Wisconsin, is married and has two children. She has written books to bridge the gap between both science and religion and to share God’s truth with the world.

 Achievements - Author Anita Meyer has done author shows, book signings, as well as many famous places such as the Sci Fi Café, Barnes & Noble and many other book stores and local places. She has also participated in radio shows and written articles for Ancient America magazine, which made front cover news.

R Paul Taylor
R Paul Taylor
American Antiquities Researcher, Chairman of Land Hill Research & Preservation Foundation

R. Paul Taylor, from the Mormon colonies in Mexico; the son of an archeologist, spent his childhood at sites in the Midwest, Mexico and throughout Latin America. After a life time in the study of Native Ceremony and Culture, he retired to the Arizona Strip. Although he did not follow his father into the archeology field, his love for it led him to begin the study of petroglyphs.

For the past 7 years he has studied the solstice and equinox interactions at Land Hill, also known as Anasazi Valley near St. George, Utah. Paul has done extensive study in archeoastronomy (the interaction of light and shadow on equinox and solstices on ancient petroglyph panels). He is an American Antiquities researcher, lecturer and is a voluntary site researcher for the BLM. He is also the Chairman of the Land Hill Research and Preservation Foundation.

Presentation Title:  Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs Testify of Christ

Come experience the testimony of Jesus Christ as recorded by an ancient people in stone and light on a hillside in Southern Utah. Paul will be sharing with you his latest research on the Virgin River Anasazi, their incredible culture and the message they left for all of us.

Stephen Spykerman
Stephen Spykerman
International Speaker and Author

STEPHEN J SPYKERMAN, is of Jewish parentage and was born in Holland under Nazi occupation. He has spent most of his life in the U.K., whilst retaining his Dutch nationality. He is a dynamic speaker who has authored seven books including: “CHRISTIANS & JEWS – THE TWO FACES OF ISRAEL,” – “THE COVENANT OF DEATH – [ISAIAH 28:15] – An Urgent Warning for our Time!.” His U.S. edition of; “WHO ARE YOU, AMERICA? – Time to Lift your Prophetic Veil!” was launched at the Covenant America Conference on September 13, 2013.

He considers himself to be; “A watchman on Mount Ephraim, whose calling is to call the Tribes of Israel to return to Zion,” as per Jeremiah 31:6. He is a Member of the Temple Institute, and an executive associate of Kol Ha Tor, which are both based in Jerusalem, Israel. His sensational and highly politically incorrect “COVENANT OF DEATH” book was launched on the 4th of July at the ‘Man in the Moon’ Conference at Salt Lake City, Utah, where Stephen featured as a key-note speaker.

After a successful career in finance and business he founded and operated an International Speakers Bureau in London, after which he founded Mount Ephraim Publishing. Mr. Spykerman now dedicates his time to research, writing, and speaking. Stephen is a consummate communicator and has addressed audiences and conferences across Europe, Israel and North America.

Dr. Glenn J. Kimber
Dr. Glenn J. Kimber
President - Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies

Glenn J. Kimber was born and raised in northern Utah.  He attended Weber State College and married Julianne Skousen, a daughter of W. Cleon Skousen, before serving in the Air Force.  He earned a B.S. in Accounting from Brigham Young University in 1971 and joined Dr. Skousen in establishing the Freemen Institute, which was organized for the purpose of teaching American History and Constitutional studies.  He continued his education, receiving two Doctorate degrees, one in Constitutional studies in 1992 from Coral Ridge Baptist University , and the second from  George Wythe College, after consulted on their initial curriculum.  Dr. Kimber is an American author and educator. He founded Kimber Academy, a network of private schools called the Benjamin Franklin Academies, and is a prominent figure among U.S. homeschooling families.

Dr. Kimber is past president of the National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS), a conservative constitutionalist institution.  He joined William H. Doughty in building the Institute for Constitutional Education after it broke from the NCCS. He was also a board member at Doughty's Meadeau View Institute in the early 1990s. Dr. Kimber and his wife have authored over 100 textbooks and guides which emphasize the U.S. Constitution, America's Founding Fathers, and moral and religious values in all five core subjects. He was instrumental in developing a program for television called "The Miracle of America," which was presented in numerous states.  Currently Dr. Kimber is the president of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies, and conducts seminars throughout the United States called "The Healing of America."

Ron L. Andersen
Ron L. Andersen
Founder, Lincoln Leadership Society; Young Men General Board of LDS Church


Through local newspapers Lincoln read extensively of the Mormon persecutions in Missouri and then, as a young Illinois State Legislator watched with interest as some 6,000 homeless Mormons entered his state for Nauvoo. Learn about the Mormons he knew and see how his political views were nearly identical to Joseph Smith’s, as were Lincoln’s doctrinal beliefs.  Lincoln joined no Protestant church because he believed they misinterpreted the Bible.


Brother Andersen holds a master’s of education degree in guidance and counseling. He has conducted extensive research on the admirable life and character traits of Abraham Lincoln along with his perceptions of and contacts with the early Mormon Church and Joseph Smith.  He is the founder of the Lincoln Leadership Society. He works for the LDS Church and serves on the Young Men General Board. He is a member of the Foundation for the National Archives and the Abraham Lincoln Association.


Brother Andersen is the author of  Abraham Lincoln- God’s Humble Instrument. (Released 2009). His book brings to life Lincoln’s principled character and faith.  He is a member of the Foundation for the National Archives, The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission of Utah, the Abraham Lincoln Association, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation.  Having given hundreds of presentations to groups, large and small, Mr. Andersen will intrigue audiences with a mirthful and inspiring presentation from the Lincoln Leadership Society Lecture Series called:  We Can Learn A Lot From Lincoln.  Lecture Syllabus

Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart
Best-selling author, world-record setting pilot, U.S. House of Representatives for Utah

 Chris Stewart served fourteen years as a pilot in the United States Air Force. On June 3, 1995, he led a flight of two B-1s on a nonstop flight around the world, setting three world-speed records in the process, including the fastest non-stop flight around the world. For this achievement he was awarded the MacKay trophy by the International Aeronautical Association for the "most significant aerial achievement of the year." (The MacKay trophy is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.)

Chris with B1 bomber

Chris is a national best-selling author whose books have been published in six different countries. He has appeared multiple times on national television and radio, is a sought after public speaker and has been a guest editorialist for the Detroit Free Press, among other publications, commenting on matters of national security and military affairs. In 2012 Chris successfully ran for the United States House of Representatives for the 2nd District of Utah, winning with 62% of the vote. 


Chris and his wife Evie are the parents of six children. He considers being a father the most important and enjoyable job in the world. 


Chris Stewart's America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and summary: 

 TITLE: Seven Miracles That Saved America. Why They Matter and Why We Should Have Hope.

OUTLINE:  “When the odds were stacked against us – and there have been many times when the great experiment we call America could have and should have failed – did God intervene to save us?”  This question is the foundation for national bestselling authors Chris and Ted Stewart’s most recent book. In this presentation, Chris will explore some of the historical miracles that saved this nation, then answer the most important questions:  Do they matter any longer? Do we still have reason for hope?  And are we still, as Abraham Lincoln called us, the “last best hope of earth.”

Joel Skousen
Joel Skousen
Publisher of World Affairs Brief

 Joel Skousen is publisher of the World Affairs Brief--a weekly internet news analysis service. He is a political scientist, by training, specializing in foreign policy, as well as the philosophy of law and US Constitutional theory. His main area of research focuses on helping his readers understand the hidden globalist agenda behind US foreign and domestic policy.  He has developed a working theory to explain the West’s conflicting policies of both supporting and attacking, at different times and places, seemingly contradictory positions on terrorism, Communist-backed revolutions, drugs, money laundering, and organized crime.  His unique point of view is widely quoted each week on Internet news sites and chat rooms.  Website: www.worldaffairsbrief.com 

Mr. Skousen possesses a broad background in various disciplines which allows him to analyze geopolitical issues from personal experience. He is a former Marine officer and fighter pilot and is intimately familiar with security and defense issues. From 1983-84 he served as the Chairman of the Conservative National Committee in Washington DC, a coalition of conservative organizations opposed to political compromise that undermines US sovereignty and security. He knows how the political process works and the dangers it presents to the preservation of liberty. While in Washington he also served as the Executive Editor of Conservative Digest where he developed numerous sources around the world that feed him primary information that rarely is seen in established media sources. Mr. Skousen travels widely and reads multiple foreign languages--enabling him to access a wide range of foreign reports.

 America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and outline:

Title: Why the Constitution is Essentially Dead and How to Fix It

Outline: The top political and legal Powers That Be [PTB] in the country routinely disregard the constitution whenever they deem it necessary and the courts refuse to hold them accountable to it. Constitutional oaths are a form of lip service paid to the founding document in order to deceive the public into thinking it is still in force, but the core essence of the limitations on government are already gone.  The PTB have long learned that as long as they let conservatives have religious freedom and move about relatively unimpeded, they will still think they are "free" no matter how much more the noose of tyranny tightens on the few who object and resist.  The Fix is not as simple as going back to the original, which they have ample experience in interpreting away and subverting.


G. Kent Mangelson
G. Kent Mangelson
Nationally Acclaimed Educator and Constitutional Speaker

 Mr. Mangelson is a nationally recognized speaker and has spent over 30 years traveling across America lecturing to thousands of attendees at scores of conventions, conferences and seminars across the country with rave reviews.

During years of extensive travel throughout America Mr. Mangelson has become a true patriot.   He has seen this country in a way that most Americans have never seen it and is unabashed in declaring that America is the greatest country in the history of the world.  However, he proclaims that one of the most challenging threats facing America today is the loss of our freedoms.  He is bold in raising the alarm that the Constitution of the United States of America is under siege like never before.  Mr. Mangelson is now dedicating his time, talents and career to training and enlightening audiences everywhere on how to protect and save our constitution and America’s future. Watch one of his presentations HERE.

 Presentation Title: Independence Forever

Outline: 1) What is (was) America's formula to success and how did the Founding Fathers arrive at the ingredients to that formula?  
2)  What happened to cause the problems we are having today?  Did America slip away from the Founder's formula or did the Founders just not understand our present day issues?
3)  What can Americans do to heal our country and restore America's greatness?

Earl Taylor, Jr.
Earl Taylor, Jr.
President - National Center for Constitutional Studies

 Earl Taylor, Jr.  has taught The Making of America Constitutional Study course to thousands of people over the past twenty years throughout the nation.  He has developed other study courses for a wide range of participants, from high school students to state legislators.

Mr. Taylor graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in corporate finance. He built a real estate and development business over a period of eighteen years in Arizona. In 1978, he attended a series of lectures by Dr. W. Cleon Skousen on the subject of the Constitution in the tradition of our Founding Fathers. Mr. Taylor eventually chose to work closely with Dr. Skousen and has had the privilege of being privately tutored by him over a period of 20 years.  He was asked to serve as President of the National Center for Constitutional Studies in 1995, an organization founded by Dr. Skousen in 1971 as the Freemen Institute.  The purpose of the NCCS is to teach Americans the exciting message of the Founding Fathers – where they got their great ideas and how they put them all together into a Constitution for the establishment of the first free people in modern times. 

In his desire to begin to train young people in this most important area, Mr. Taylor established one of the first charter high schools in Arizona, Heritage Academy,  where he has developed a special curriculum for the teaching of hundreds of students the exciting message of the Founding Fathers. Mr. Taylor and his wife Ruth are the parents of ten children and reside in Mesa, Arizona.

Bill Norton
Bill Norton
Founder, Constitution Week USA, Arizona

 Bill Norton has been volunteering with the National Center for Constitutional Studies, or NCCS, for 8 years updating educational material related to the Constitution. He has been a presenter for the organization for 3 years.

 He was briefly mentored by Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, founder of NCCS, and Earl Taylor JR., the current president of NCCS.


He is the chairman of the Arizona State Constitutional Commemoration Committee and the founder of Constitution Week USA, the largest celebration on the Constitution in the nation.


He is a recipient of the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.


Bill has owned a contracting company in Arizona for 21 years and currently resides in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife Ingra and four small children.

 Bill Norton’s America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and outline: 

Title: Principles of Liberty, the 28 principles that changed the world.

Outline: Discover the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Founding Fathers which they said must be understood and perpetuated by every people who desire peace, prosperity, and freedom. These beliefs have made possible more progress in 200 years than was made previously in over 5,000 years. Also included is a special expanded presentation on principles 7 & 14 relating to delegated powers, property, and the redistribution of wealth. This positive, exciting message will give you a lasting understanding of the Principles of Liberty. The seminar will follow The 5000 Year Leap text written by author and master teacher Dr. W. Cleon Skousen.

Scott Swain
Scott Swain
Founder, Roots of Freedom and the Freedom Gallery

 Scott Swain is a family man. He and his wife, Leann, have seven children, one dog and two cats. Scott has been self-employed for many years. He owned a mortgage company and a title company. For the past ten years his full-time work has been to promote an educational approach to patriotism as was exemplified by our founding fathers.

 While Scott owned the mortgage company, he had a powerful feeling that he wanted to display images of American history that would add a feeling of patriotism to his office. Acquiring the images were harder than he ever imagined as it took him nearly four years to obtain framable images of our founding documents and pictures depicting America’s founding. After that experience he vowed to make them more accessible to the public at some time in the future. That was over 15 years ago. Since that time he has founded several companies to help spread information and inspiration to Americans concerning our Founding Fathers, our fundamental documents, and the necessity of freedom.


Today the images have grown to a gallery, and the educational programs and products are well underway to educating and inspiring the children of America. The products include the Freedom Gallery, freedom bowls, a full curriculum and simulated experiences. Today there is a great dearth in understanding who we are as Americans and what we represent to the world. Very few of us have the same quality of patriotism that existed just a few generations ago. We must know more and do more to protect our hard-earned freedoms against aggressors. In its own way, Roots of Freedom hopes to do this.


America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and outline:


Title: Milestones of Freedom

Imagine being an immigrant at Ellis Island. You are determined and willing to commit to all of the citizenship commitments needed to become a True American! Imagine passing a ten-question citizenship test and then raising your arm to the square and taking the oath of citizenship! Imagine signing your citizenship papers, which are then notarized by Ellis Island Officials and receiving your citizenship certificate as a "True American" as evidence of your commitment! This is the experience you will have as you participate in this presentation!

Hans Andersen
Hans Andersen
Citizen Constitutionalist, Accountant

 Hans Ancersen is the son of LDS General Authority H. Verlan Andersen who wrote many books upholding and sustaining the Constitution and good governance.  His fathers book, The Book of Mormon and the Constitution, is a masterpeice of insights into the importance of the founding of this nation and adherance to its founding documents. Hans graduated in accounting with a minor in economics from BYU in 1970 and has been operating his own accounting practise since 1972.  In 1981 and 1982 he served as the foreman of a federal grand jury in Salt Lake which indicted the Federal Reserve for violation of US Currency Laws.  He is also a radio talk show host on KSRR radio in Orem, Utah weekly which he has done for over three years. He has been a Constitutional volunteer lecturer at youth summer camps for the past 15 years.

Title: The Book of Mormon and the Constitution

Summary: The Founding Fathers Challenges in creating our Constitution and  our challenges to keep our Constitution.  The political philosophy of the Gadianton Robbers and today’s socialists.  16 prophets have rejected socialism/redistribution of wealth.

Gregg Hardy
Gregg Hardy
Founder, Colonial Heritage Foundation, Benjamin Franklin double

 Gregg Hardy founded the Colonial Heritage Foundation that displayed prominently in the Freedom Festival, Provo, Utah.  He is a 'ringer' for Benjamin Franklin when he dawns his old style regalia along with his wife and son and caused folks to take double and triple takes!  He is a true patriot as well. 

Paul B. Skousen
Paul B. Skousen
former CIA officer, Journalist, Communications Specialist

Paul B. Skousen is former CIA intelligence officer, and worked for President Reagan at the White House. He is a professional journalist and communications specialist and has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines around the country. He has also published two world record books, a bathroom reader, and is currently editing the unpublished political works of his father, W. Cleon Skousen.

Paul was on the staff of Senator Orrin Hatch, has been an interview guest on FOX News, and was featured on Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” about his role in smuggling Oliver North’s shredded secrets out of the White House. He was educated at Georgetown University and BYU. Paul and Kathy are the parents of 10 children and live in Alpine, Utah.

Dr. Jack Monnett
Dr. Jack Monnett
Best-Selling LDS Author on Preparedness, Government and Education

Dr. Jack Monnett is the author of several best-selling LDS books concerning Latter-day struggles in preparedness, government, and education.  He holds degrees from BYU and a PhD from the University of Utah emphasizing the historical role of the Church.  Jack has taught in the LDS Church educational system and has been an administrator in the Arizona community colleges.  He is also the founder of Archive Publishers and Nauvoo House Publishers.  His past responsibilities include serving as a president of a State Right to Life Foundation, President of a County Chamber of Commerce, Board Chairman of Deseret Academy in Salt Lake City, and Principal of the David O. McKay Online Academy. He has served in the LDS Church both as a Bishop and as a member of a Stake Presidency.  He is the father of thirteen children and currently resides in Spring City, Utah, where he also serves as Mayor.

Presentation Title(s):

1. Revealed Educational Principles.   
Scriptures and Church leaders have consistently given direction concerning education.  What is the Lord's plan for teaching?  Public schooling, home schooling, or has he given us another direction?  Where are we going and, more importantly, where should we be going?

2. Warnings from the Book of Mormon to Latter-day Readers.
Because the Book of Mormon was written specifically for today's readers and because it was meant to be more than just a collection of stories, what do the Nephite prophets want us to know about today's world?  What specific warnings to they have for us?

Shawna Cox & Cliven Bundy
Shawna Cox & Cliven Bundy
Freedom Loving Patriots

Cliven Bundy is an old west style Nevada cattle rancher who won the hearts of freedom-loving patriots across the world when hundreds flocked to Bunkerville, Nevada to stand with the Bundy family as they courageously stood to oppose tyrannical federal government overreach, physically attacking family members and killing cattle and calves.  His courage and strength of conviction are a monument to those who love liberty and eschew servitude.
Shawna Cox is a personal friend of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada cattle rancher that stood off a takeover of his family ranch by overzealous government officials in the BLM, who literally lived inside the Bundy Ranch House for over two months as she helped to answer questions and schedule the media.  She wrote the book, Last Rancher Standing, as an eye witness to the truth of what happened and the Miracles that took place there.

Cliven Bundy 

Presentation: The Last Rancher Standing Saga

Becky Lewis
Becky Lewis
Ojibwa Native American and Tribal Leader


Born and raised on the Lac Courte Oreilles Indian reservation that is located in Northern Wisconsin.  She lived her teenage years in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area.  She attended Weber State College and Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Community College.  She married Derwin Lewis and they are the parents of 13 children. Of these 13 children, 10 are adopted, and all are Indian children from Wisconsin Native American tribes. 

Becky shares the incredible story of the coming together of such a diverse family. She tells of incredible experiences growing up in the north woods of Wisconsin during the 50’s and 60’s on the reservation, living in a tar paper shack with no plumbing, electricity and only wood for heating. Becky shares her unique conversion story of the Book of Mormon along with some traditional Indian teachings that correspond amazingly to the Book of Mormon.  She and her husband, returned to the reservation where they raised most of their children and during that 13 year tenure Becky served in many positions in her tribe, including serving on the Tribal Governing Board and in the office of Vice-Chair for the tribe. 

Becky & Derwin now live in Liberty, UT with their two youngest daughters; Autumn Rose and Starr Mamie Lewis. 

 Title: Constitutionally Speaking - One Ojibwe Woman's Experience

 Summary: Becky Lewis, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Indian Woman, former Vice Chair of the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Band of Ojibwe Indians,  speaks of her experiences as she served as one of the first women elected to the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Indian Reservation  Tribal Governing Board, dealing with Ojibwe Indian Treaty Rights and being catapulted into mainstream US American politics during the 80's and 90's.


Cal Nez
Cal Nez
President, Utah Native America Chamber of Commerce, Cal Nez Design


Cal Nez, Navajo, Tachiinii Clan born for the Tanaszanii Clan originally from Tocito New Mexico. He was raised by Grandparents, of the late Bitonie and Mary B. Nez from infancy. He only spoke Navajo until he entered Bureau of Indian Affairs Boarding School operated in nearby Sanostee, New Mexico. Cal takes pride in being a Navajo person bridging the gap between cultures. He gives special thanks to the support of his loving wife, Yolanda.

Cal Nez believes he is an artist first. All of Cal's art is original art work. He believes if one looks closely at his work you will begin to touch his soul and understand what he means by cross-cultural communication. In 1973, Cal left his homeland and traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah with the approval of his grandparents and graduated from South High School where he studied fine arts and graphic design.

Donald N. Yates
Donald N. Yates
President - DNA Consultants

Donald N. Yates (also published as Donald Panther-Yates) was born in 1950 in Cedartown, Georgia and is of one-quarter American Indian descent. His first book was The Bear Went over the Mountain, a genealogy and social history of the Yates family of Virginia. Around 2000 he found out his parents and ancestors belonged to the Melungeons, an Appalachian ethnic group in which a lot of interest has built since N. Brent Kennedy's publication Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People (1996). With Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman he has co-authored When Scotland Was Jewish (2007) and Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America: A Genealogical History.

His latest book is Old World Roots of the Cherokee: How DNA, Ancient Alphabets and Religion Explain the Origins of America's Largest Indian Nation (released, September 2012). He also publishes a series called Cherokee Chapbooks aimed at making essential texts and traditional American Indian storytelling accessible to those rediscovering their Native roots. He lives in Phoenix.

Franklin Keel
Franklin Keel
Specialist in Contemporary Indian Policy

Franklin Keel is the current Director of the Eastern Region for the Bureau of Indian Affairs serving over 25 tribes comprising about 65,000 Native Americans.  He is a licensed attorney and has worked in management at every level of the bureau during his career of 33 years.  He was a Foreign Service officer for the Dept of State in Athens, Greece at the American Embassy, as a Federal Senior Executive which is the highest rank in the career civil service.  His ancestry is of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Native American tribes of the eastern woodlands.  Franklin is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of 36 years and lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Kathie, three sons and one daughter.

Chief Charles L. Rogers, M.D.
Chief Charles L. Rogers, M.D.
Cherokee Medicine Person, Oncologist

Chief Charles L. Rogers, M.D. has been a Cherokee Medicine Person for over forty years, beginning in 1970.  He graduated from Grace University School of Medicine with an M.D. degree in 1987 and has achieved many medical accolades in the area of natural and herbal treatments as well as allopathic oncology training. 

He is founder and owner of the Homeopathic Medication Laboratory and has been in homeopathic private practice for many years.  He founded the non-profit Rehabilitation Center for U.S. Veterans with Chronic Alcoholism and had a private practice in alternative oncology in Matamoros, Mexico.  He built a private oncology clinic in Acapulco, Mexico and later opened another clinic in Scottsdale, AZ.  In 2011 he opened The Rogers Cancer Institute in Brownsville/Matamoros, Mexico.  His website is www.doctorofhope.com.  He is an Anikutani Priest of The Ancient Cherokee Church of the One God, Yohewaah. 

Eric Bjarnson
Eric Bjarnson
Herbalist, Alternative Healthcare Expert

Eric Bjarnson is vice-president of marketing and sales and part owner of Sunstone, Inc., known as SunstoneFormulas.com (since January, 2005), an herbal formulas manufacturer in Pleasant Grove, UT.  Eric has had extensive hands-on experience in nutrition and herbal remedies since childhood.  In 1981, Eric earned a Ph.D. in Uralic Studies and linguistics from Indiana University.  Later (2000), he also obtained an MA in counseling psychology from the University of Phoenix, and, for several years, he worked as a mental health therapist in various counseling agencies and then in his own clinic (Little Mountain Center).  Eric is certified in several modalities, including NLP, cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, PSTEC, and MBTI personality typing.   His experience, expertise, and chief interests are helping people heal from trauma and dissociative disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, utilizing Keirsey temperament/personality typing and various forms of meditation/hypnosis and bio-energy techniques.  Among the many bio-energy therapy modalities Eric utilizes currently are EFT, Spring Forest Qi Gong, and, most recently, the Rezzimax Therapy techniques.

Shawn Terry Littlebear
Shawn Terry Littlebear
Cheyenne Medicine Man, LDS Member

Shawn Terry Littlebear was born Terry Lynn Scabby in Hammon Oklahoma in 1963 to Cheyenne Indian Parents Robert and Mary Hamilton Scabby. At the age of 2 he was taken from his parents and placed into an Orphanage in Tipton, Oklahoma. Along with his siblings he stayed there until December 1976. Then he was placed into the LDS Church Indian Placement Program out of Kansas City, Missouri, where he was placed into a home in the countryside in Jackson County. Four months later he was moved to Utah. He Joined the church in 1977 and graduated from Provo High School in 1981. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1982 and received an Honorable Medical Discharge in 1983. After his service changed his name to Shawn Terry Littlebear.  He moved to Oklahoma to be near his mother and attend school at the local junior college, graduating with a two year Associates Degree in Commercial Arts. He also began to be involved in his tribes culture and traditions and became one of its leaders. He has three girls and is now teaching the ways of his people. In 2009 he was taken through the Provo Temple by his foster dad and was called to serve a mission in Oklahoma. After his mission he began to gather genealogy and history and piece together the history of his people... and he continues today...

Presentation Title: Ancient Natives & Mormonism


For Centuries our Native People have awaited the fulfillment of our Prophecies and the coming of the Earth changes. Specific prophecy has come to pass with a list of more things to come to pass as of yet. Book of Mormon evidence has become a signpost of the times we live in and allows us a look into the past, and presently truth is being manifest from out of the earth. Come listen to a full blood Southern Cheyenne Medicine Man, a convert and 6th generation Church member, who is active in Oklahoma among his people and other tribes.  Shawn will speak on prophecies yet to come, evidences within his family and people and how he came into the Mormon faith and was raised for seven years by a Mormon family in Provo. How and why the Cheyenne people have to do with ancient people of this land.

Dale Lewis
Dale Lewis
President, Fortress Clothing

Business Experience:     Manufacturers Rep within the Grocery Channel, Nabisco, Frito-Lay.  Founded WRLD Alliance, a telecommunications enterprise in 1997 and exited that business in 2007.

Dale has a passion for preparedness, he enjoys ranching (150 head of Black Angus cattle) gardening, and enjoys a honeybee hobby.  Married for 30 Years to Karen Lewis, they are the parents of 8 children and several grandchildren.

Fortress is happy to offer THE solution to cold: FORTRESS- cold weather clothing, your “Heat Storage” solution.  Renewable /Free Heat

Title:  Preparing for the Cold… Tapping into your FREE / RENEWABLE Heat Source.  Comfort in the Cold, Enjoy the Cold like a Polar Bear!!

Summary: Being Self Reliant isn’t just food and water!  Come and learn How to Prepare for the Cold, Discover the FREE/RENEWABLE Heat Source that is untapped!  Come and procure knowledge regarding “How to be COMFORTABLE in the Cold”

Even better, discover how to enjoy the cold Today, not just for preparedness purposes… Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Play and Work in the Cold comfortably!!

Shari Nevitt
Shari Nevitt
Disaster Preparedness Expert

Compliments of the U. S. Air Force tours of duty (husband's), I have experienced six natural disasters/emergencies: hurricane went over our house in Charleston, SC; power plant froze for weeks in Great Falls, MT at minus 20 degrees; tornado went through our village in Minderlittgen, Germany, destroying a fairy-tale forest but not hitting homes; experienced the first earthquake in 300 yrs. in our area of Germany; experienced in one day 2 volcanoes in Anchorage bay erupting and dropping 18 inches of ash all over which confined us to quarters for two weeks; 7.6 earthquake (7.9 epicenter in Denali) and 2 weeks of aftershocks; 13 feet of snowfall in Logan, UT and no way to get out of house for 2 weeks.

After the 7.6 earthquake in Alaska, I decided I had to find ways to prepare for whatever was following me and my family. I started gathering brochures and buying small items that would get us through a "shelter-in" situation after a natural disaster/emergency. Almost all of the items I show during my presentation are under $20. I don't sell the items, I just let people know where to buy them.

I have presented to Emergency Preparedness Expo last year and have presented to Fruit Heights City Council, Honeyville Farms in Brigham City and Salt Lake City, UT, to church groups/stake preparedness fairs, and groups of friends and families. I do this for free because God gave me the experience for free so I just pass it along for the benefit of others.

Jonathan & Kylene Jones
Jonathan & Kylene Jones
Alternative Energy Experts

Jonathan is a licensed civil engineer and an avid enthusiast of alternative energy sources; especially solar and wind power. He has served on the advisory board and on the board of directors as vice president for The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA), as secretary/treasurer for a local chapter of Civil Defense Volunteers, as an emergency preparedness and communications specialist, and as a city councilperson, has been tasked with developing the city emergency plan in his own community. He has co-authored numerous articles published in The Journal of Civil Defense on emergency preparedness topics with his wife. He is the co-owner of Your Family Ark, LLC, an educational and consulting business designed to assist individuals and families in preparing for an uncertain future (www.yourfamilyark.org and www.theprovidentprepper.org).

LaRee Westover
LaRee Westover
Herbalist, Essential Oils Expert

LaRee teaches from where she lives- from the standpoint of the gospel she loves. She has been a faithful, active member of the LDS church for her entire life. She has been studying and living various natural medicine modalities, including the use of essential oils, herbals and homeopathy, for over 30 years. She has an extensive knowledge of plants, their family groups, and their individual medicinal qualities. Using this knowledge as a springboard, LaRee has been able to relate the specific energies of each plant and how each is utilized within its specific modality as she has compiled the information for each of her four books. Her practical, no nonsense, hands-on approach has inspired countless people to make the leap to natural healing. LaRee teaches, "To feel the living spirit and intelligence of each plant is the true foundation of alternative medicine. Just as each plant can exemplify the attributes of our loving Father, so can the plants personify some lessons about the operation of the body and the soul. The possibilities for learning are endless. To think "herbally" is to think differently; we must think as nature does - holistically. Nature emphasizes the whole, rather than the precise piece, and nature has an inherent logic and wisdom." Whether it is through essential oils, herbs or homeopathics, LaRee's insight into the natural world is precise and helpful to the novice as well as the more advanced practitioner.

Sharon Moran
Sharon Moran
Nutitionist, Essential Oils Expert

Sharon Moran holds a degree in nutrition from Utah State University. She started with Butterfly Express in 2002 as an aroma therapist, working closely with essential oils and their individual frequencies.

Sharon is also a Cranio-Sacral therapist, Foot Zonist and a Master Gardener in the state of Idaho. Along with the study of essential oils, Sharon has also extensively studied herbs and her first love; homeopathy. With this knowledge as a foundation, she works to improve the quality of life of individuals through the use of natural and alternative methods.

Sharon currently consults with Butterfly Expressions teaching webinars on line, as well as, teaching oil classes across the country, promulgating the beneficial effects of alternative health. She works with LaRee in research and development of new products for Butterfly Express. She is currently researching and compiling new homeopathics for the new revision of the book, Butterfly Miracles with Homeopathic Remedies.

Sharik & Cheryl Peck
Sharik & Cheryl Peck
Pain Relief Therapy Specialists

Sharik Peck is a physical therapist with an MRC (Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling) degree.  Sharik works closely with his wife Cheryl as owners of Maximum Function Physical Therapy.  Sharik and Cheryl have been privileged to develop Rezzimax TherapyTM (www.rezzimax.com) and The Headache StopperTM systems for non-medication pain relief.  Along with a busy life raising 7 children, they have built several physical therapy practices and been privileged to lecture around the United States.  Their passion has been to bring simple techniques to the world that can calm down pain and anxiety.  Using patented technology they have experienced excellent success. 

Sharik developed and patented a device that helps headaches and jaw pain disappear!  The principles involved in shutting off pain will allow you to turn off addictions and strong trauma in the nervous system.  Sharik will explain the neurotransmitters involved in stress and non-pharmacological calming of the nervous system.  Come learn how to easily overcome many forms of pain in the nervous system at the Firm Foundation Expo!

Tatia Nelson
Tatia Nelson
Health Mentor, Director of School of Health Freedom

Tatia Nelson is the Director and Master Instructor of the School of Health Freedom where beloved students gather to learn freedom in personal healthcare. She is also a Certified Iridologist, Health Mentor, Professional Presenter, and Singer. Passionate about health and helping people, she graduated from BYU with a BS in Psychology and minor in music. She later earned a Master Herbalist and Iridologist degree from the School of Natural Healing and presentation training from 3Key Elements. She has over 25 years of experience in the natural healing industry. She has presented over 100 presentations on topics of health, self-reliance, and freedom to audiences all over. She has entertained thousands with patriotic, or other uplifting music as a professional singer. She is a loving wife and mother of two beautiful children.

Presentation Titles:

1. Medical Self Reliance

Could you take care of yourself and family if regular medical care was not available to you? Come learn how to!

 2. Faith Healing in the Latter Days

Everything is spiritual and temporal. Faith miraculously heals both spirit and body. Learn about how to tap into faith in order to heal!  Discover Steve Fountaine's vitality products.

 3. Edible plants

Learn what to identify, harvest, grow, and store!

Dr. Bradley Nelson
Dr. Bradley Nelson
Best Selling Author of The Emotion Code

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the developer of the most advanced form of energy medicine on the planet. A holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. As an author and international lecturer in bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology, Dr. Brad has successfully used The Emotion Code with thousands of patients around the globe to relieve symptoms and often affect cures in conditions ranging from depression to cancer. His best-selling book, The Emotion Code, offers step-by-step instructions for working with the body's own healing power. Learn more at www.DrBradleyNelson.com and www.TheEmotionCode.com. Watch the video HERE.

In college, Dr. Brad studied computer programming and decided to pursue a career in business. But just six months before entering the MBA program at Brigham Young University, he had an epiphany. "I had asked God for guidance about my future. One night, I woke up and my mind was overflowing with thoughts of service to mankind and to humanity. The feelings were absolutely overwhelming, and as my head was filled with thoughts of healing and helping the world, a voice that was crystal clear spoke to me saying, 'This is a sacred calling.'"

In response to this calling, Dr. Brad entered Life Chiropractic College West, in San Lorenzo, California in 1988. After graduating with honors, he began his practice as a holistic chiropractic physician and saw a wide variety of patients, many of whom had seemingly incurable conditions.

Father to seven children, Dr. Brad lives in St. George, Utah with his wife Jean and their two youngest children.

"I feel this is my calling: to help people use their own intrinsic genius to find trapped emotions and release them so that their pain goes away, their diseases improve and sometimes disappear, and they no longer have depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or phobias. They stop sabotaging themselves, improve their health, and often improve their love life by getting rid of their emotional baggage through The Emotion Code."

Author and international lecturer in bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology, Dr. Brad has successfully used The Emotion Code with thousands of patients around the globe to relieve symptoms and often affect cures in conditions ranging from depression to cancer. His best-selling book, The Emotion Code, offers step-by-step instructions for working with the body's own healing power. Learn more at www.DrBradleyNelson.com and www.TheEmotionCode.com. - See more at: http://drbradleynelson.onlinepresskit247.com/about.html#sthash.fi5zmZao.dpuf
Beverly Neville, PhD
Beverly Neville, PhD
Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Beverly Hyatt Neville currently manages the Health Promotion Bureau for the Salt Lake County Health Department. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, has a MS in Public Health and a PhD in Health Education. She teaches nutrition and public health courses at local and online universities. She is a Past President of the Utah Public Health Association and the Utah Nutrition Council. She has worked on humanitarian projects in Utah, Colombia and the Dominican Republic and has done nutrition research on all seven continents. She has published peer-reviewed articles on public health and authored a book on healthy eating for consumers titled The Five Hungers.


The 5 Hungers: Solutions to carb cravings, emotional eating, and the energy roller coaster.


This presentation explores the Five Hungers that make us crave carbs and overeat. When we respond to our true hungers and eat in healthier ways, we can get off the energy roller coaster and end the vicious circles of failed dieting with a renewal of vibrant health and vigor.

Clark R. Burbidge
Clark R. Burbidge
Author of Giants in the Land Best Selling Book Series

Clark was born and raised in the mountain valleys of the Rockies.  He received an MBA degree from the University of Southern California and a BS degree from the University of Utah. He has over 30 years of experience in finance and banking, which has taken him throughout the world. He has been active in community and church service, including those serving both youth and adults for over 35 years. Clark and his sweetheart, Leah, currently live near the high mountain trails and enjoy their blended family of 10 children and three grandchildren. Clark’s greatly anticipated fifth book and capstone installment of the international award winning young adult series “Giants in the Land” trilogy is due to be released in May 2015. 'Like' his Facebook page at www.facebook/clarkrburbidge.com or visit his website at www.giantsinthelandbook.com.

Mr. Burbidges' career has taken him throughout the world and has exposed him to a wide variety of companies, industries, cultures, management styles and people.  His activities have spanned the globe from China and Russia in the east to Europe and the Czech Republic in the west and from Australia in the south to Canada and Scandinavia in the north. He has raised more than $6.5 billion in capital for numerous project financing activities including independent energy, alternative fuels, cogeneration, recycling and waste to energy as well as completing another $1.4 billion in over 110 investment banking transactions with regional and local companies. His career passion has been to develop the small to medium size businesses and grow them to and through a next level strategy usually involving some kind of capital turnover or exit.    He especially enjoys mentoring early stage businesses and individuals to guide them as they strive to develop their full potential.

His most recent endeavor has been writing and having published four books. Each one in its own way is designed to provide hope and encouragement, guidance and instruction to those who struggle along their respective paths in life. His active religious and community participation has afforded him the opportunity to serve both youth and adults for over 37 years.  He served an LDS mission from 1975-1977 to Boston, Massachusetts. He has served throughout his adult life in various Stake and Ward callings including over 18 years with the youth and young adults.

Clark enjoys mountain and road cycling, scuba diving and believes that any activity is better when he can share it with his wife and children.  His wonderful wife, Leah, and blended family of 10 children and 3 grandchildren have kept him well grounded through it all.

Title of Presentations:

How to Live with the Heart of a Giant

Presentation Give-Aways!  “Live with the Heart of a Giant” T-Shirts are given away to selected presentation attendees.

Summary: At times both humorous and spiritually touching, this memorable message presented by multiple international award winning Young Adult author Clark R. Burbidge has changed lives of young and old alike throughout the country by helping them to see their potential and purpose from a uniquely different perspective. Mr. Burbidge presents six clear and straightforward steps designed for individuals, families to help them discover their greatness and understand how to become something more than they otherwise would have been.  Learn what it means to become a giant and live with the heart of a giant. Learn how to inspire others to reach, to do hard things and become giants as well. Anyone can do it, “…with God, nothing shall be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)  Bring your youth and young adults with you, they won’t look at their cell phones for an hour. J Yes, it can happen!

Living in the Family Blender
Summary: This inspiring presentation covers the 10 principles and practices that make the challenging task of blending together families easier.  It is a critical discussion for anyone in such a situation, of course, but also has tremendous application in all family situations. Something important for everyone.

Angie Christensen
Angie Christensen
Certified Neurofeedback and Energy Healer, Nutritionist

Angie is a passionate truth-seeker.  Her own health challenges and the needs of her two amazing adopted boys launched her search for avenues of true healing.   She has overcome fibromyalgia, endometriosis, allergies, anxiety and more through holistic methods.  Angie is certified in neurofeedback and energy healing, and her greatest passion is teaching others how to support and reclaim their health through food.  Angie has studied and taught nutrition for 15 years, using her background in chemistry, her analytical approach, and her experience with numerous special diets to find the simple, universal patterns for healthy eating.  Her Simply Divine Eating program makes it easy for others to use these principles to discover exactly what their unique body wants them to eat.

 Angie loves to think, and she thrives on (very limited) quiet time where she can read and study.  During the rest of the time while juggling the needs of home and family, she loves music, old movies, cooking shows, visiting the beach and wearing warm fuzzy socks.


How to Build Divinely Designed Food Storage

This class is packed with life-saving details to help you learn:

  • What God’s patterns teach us about food storage
  • What foods to store to ensure good health
  • What forms of food are the best to store
  • What foods can make you disease resistant during an emergency
  • What to do when science is saying wheat is bad for us
  • The essential skills that will help you thrive while living on food storage

 Achieving Your Ultimate Health without Diets

 Are you trying to eat healthier but frustrated by all the changing and conflicting advice?  After 15 years of studying nutrition I have found that there are 4 Divine principles that are so far-reaching and powerful that they answer every question we encounter about food.  In this class you will learn how to use these 4 principles to discover exactly what YOUR unique body needs you to eat.  These principles helped me get off all my prescription medications and eliminate multiple diseases without dieting.  Come learn how to simply eat in harmony with your own body and watch your health improve!

Cindy Miller
Cindy Miller
Author, Certified Foot Zone Therapist

Like many wives and mothers, Cindy’s journey to a healthier lifestyle has been paved by her love for her family. As she started studying all things health, Cindy started teaching what she was learning. Studying and teaching about food and gardening naturally led to her interest in preparedness. She focuses on learning how to produce her own food and prepare her family for times of trouble.

Cindy loves teaching her “Let’s Make Sense of” series, her current favorite course is called Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking. Her cookbook by the same name is at the printer and will be out soon. Cindy and her husband live in South Jordan where she has lived most of her life.  They have 4 amazing children and two beautiful daughters-in-laws. Cindy owned and operated a wedding business, Elaine’s Weddings for 25 years, specializing in catering. Her latest adventure in learning was becoming certified in foot zoning.


Making Sense of Thermal Cooking

"Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking". Thermal cooking, what is it really? How does it work?  Would you like to know how to adapt your own recipe to any method of thermal cooking? The long awaited Let’s Make Sense of Thermal Cooking cookbook is complete and I am ready to share with you everything I have learned throughout this process. This is more than just a boiling water class. This is an “everything you didn’t know you wanted to know and more” thermal cooking class.

Indoor/Outdoor Cooking Methods and Fuel Sources

Let’s Make Sense of Indoor/Outdoor Cooking Methods”. During stress and difficulty having knowledge of how to prepare meals will help relieve stress. When preparing meals for family and friends it is important to have a variety of cooking methods and fuel sources available. This class will discuss different methods and how to integrate them into life now. For whatever your “it” may be, if you do not use “it” now, in an emergency you will not use “it” well.

Jessica Mockett
Jessica Mockett
Director/Producer of the film, The Heart of the Matter

In 2002 Jessica earned a BFA in Acting from Brigham Young University. In 2005 she decided to pursue a career behind the camera as a producer. She began her career working at Microsoft Studios in Redmond, WA. She then worked for three years at RUN Studios, a boutique animation studio in the Seattle area, as a producer working in commercial, event, and corporate graphics. Jessica returned to Utah to work for the cable station BYUtv; for two years she produced and directed various forms of broadcast content ranging from long format dramatic docu-series, talk show, short format character docs, and reality competition.

 In 2011 Jessica formed her own production company, Girl with a Curl, and is constantly developing both documentary and fictional independent film and TV projects. The Heart of the Matter released in October of 2014 and is her first full-length documentary. With eight years in the industry, her roster of clients include Microsoft, Xbox, PBJS, McCann-Erickson, Biz Kid$, Superfad, BYUtv, SA Lifeline, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and GLOCK. She lives in the Atlanta area with her two sassy cats, Gigi and Prim.

Title: The Heart of the Matter Film Screening with Director Q&A

Summary: Join us in watching an extremely important film about a subject most tend to avoid – pornography addiction. This honest, hopeful, and healing documentary film gives viewers a comprehensive picture of what it means to be a Christian addicted to pornography. You will hear personal accountants from both male and female addicts, from spouses and parents, and from experts in the field. After the screening, stay for a discussion with the director of the film. Attending this session may just change your life.

Emily Shakespeare Nielsen
Emily Shakespeare Nielsen
Energy Coach

In each of us there is at least one precious gift waiting to be defined, refined and shared with the world. To find that gift, we must reach for the finest within. Knowing who you are and what you value, prepares you to uniquely handle any situation.

Emily is passionate about helping spiritually minded people understand and refine their unique gifts and use that knowledge to prepare them for the challenges they will meet. Being a wife and mother to two growing teen boys, has increased her motivation to find understanding of factors that define and make us who and what we are. Emily's studies in arts, humanities, anthropology, health, nutrition, science, energy modalities, herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, and most especially the Gospel of Jesus Christ, have allowed her to define and refine who she is, and prepared her to help people meet life’s challenges. Over the last couple decades Emily has explored different aspects of designing, refining and creating in various arenas such as design consultant, event planner, and wellness mentor.


Presentation Title: Be Real. Be You. Be Prepared.

 Come learn how to identify your specific priorities so that you can simplify and maximize your capacity to be prepared in every situation. Whether you are looking to change jobs, plan for the future or prepare for a disaster, knowing what you value most can help you make the best decisions.

Bob Clayton
Bob Clayton
Founder of Valley Food Storage

Bob Clayton has been involved in becoming prepared his entire life. He often relates the story of going to school in the 6th grade with a backpack for his schoolwork on one shoulder and a 72 hr kit on the other.  This may have made him the toughest kid in school, but it also created a different view of the world.

Growing up in a small Idaho farming community, there were many chances for learning. After attending the University of Utah and studying business, He started a very successful career in sales. All the while, learning about how and why personal preparedness is important.

With that goal in mind, Bob founded Valley Food Storage as a way to offer a healthy, durable, and most importantly, a great tasting option for the long term food storage industry. After looking in the basements of his family and friends, he realized the food they were buying wouldn’t be edible in the event of an emergency.

Without finding a viable option, the idea for Valley was formed. It took years of research and testing to get the right blend of natural ingredients and amazing taste to bring our food storage to market. We’re committed to helping everyone become ready to not just survive an emergency, but to thrive during it.

Presentation Title: Hidden Secrets of Food Storage; and why we don’t do them

Summary:  Why do we have increases in immune deficiencies, mental issues, and allergies? Could it be that what we eat is affecting our health and immune systems? What can we do to get back to becoming healthy?

Christine Dixon
Christine Dixon
Addiction Recovery Educator

Christine and her husband Rick Dixon are the owners of Renaissance Ranch, an LDS based inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery treatment center. Mother of five children and currently family support addiction recovery educator.  She and her husband have been missionaries in the LDS addiction recovery program for the past eight years, serving in the prison and local churches.

Having personal experience as a mother battling the disease of addiction in her family, Christine will share the recovery tools and principles that not only helped save her two sons from a heroin addiction but also helped save her marriage, family, and life! Christine is passionate about helping families understand their role in helping their loved ones and themselves find recovery from the bondage of addiction.

The Dixon family has been active in addiction recovery for almost 9 years. They know firsthand that individuals and families heal from addiction more successfully when everyone in the family learns the basic recovery principles found in 12 step programs and is willing to work their own personal recovery program.  Son, Preston, is currently the executive director of the Renaissance Ranch Inpatient treatment centers. Christy and her husband Rick are family  addiction recovery educators for the Renaissance Ranch.

Presentation: Healing Together as a Family from Addictions Seen and Unseen

Summary:  What is the most important thing we can do for our addicted loved ones and ourselves? Christine and Preston Dixon are a mother/son duo who offer proven solutions for families suffering from the effects of addiction.

Cyndy Parkinson
Cyndy Parkinson
Natural Healthcare Advocate, Cancer Survivor

Cyndy Parkinson graduated from BYU in University Studies with an emphasis in biological science, physical science, and family studies. She ran her own business putting her husband through medical school while raising seven children--two of whom were national athletes, and one who was recently inducted into the BYU Hall of Fame. 

After her husband, a successful orthopedic surgeon, broke his wrist and subsequently his back, she became schooled in the battles of addiction. Then in 2008, after being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, she underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Since that time however, she has learned alternative methods in addition to Western Medicine, and has focused her efforts on the benefits of alkalizing the body. In recent years, she has witnessed people getting off of narcotic pain meds, ridding themselves of chronic migraines and inflammation, and even canceling scheduled surgeries, simply by changing their diets.

She has become passionately involved with SevenPoint2, the Alkaline Company.  Sevenpoint2 has incredible products that are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, whey-free, non GMO, sugar free, and great tasting! These products have made it simple and easy for the average person to improve their health, or drop unwanted pounds. 

Most incredible though, is their flagship product, Recovery with Hydro FX, which releases molecular hydrogen.  MOLECULAR HYDROGEN has been proven in over 400 peer reviewed studies to neutralize inflammation and promote healing in the body, as well as to decrease lactic acid and increase endurance in Olympic athletes.

Come to her HEALTH MADE SIMPLE, WEIGHT LOSS MADE SIMPLE class to see and experience the benefits of molecular hydrogen for yourself!


Presentation Title: HEALTH MADE SIMPLE (Weight Loss too!)

Summary: Learn from this mother who raised 7 children utilizing western medicine for health concerns, but today would do things differently. The wife of a surgeon, and breast cancer survivor, Cyndy has learned firsthand about the side effects of medication and the battles of addiction.  She understands the importance of getting a second opinion for medical issues, especially surgery.  Cancer, disease, toxins and fat cells thrive in an acidic environment.  Learn the benefits of a balanced pH and to "let food by thy medicine”. Discover the advertising ploys that companies use on their labels to sell their products and how to avoid them! 

Patty Jake
Patty Jake
Healthy Life Coach

Patty Jake is a certified Lifestyle Educator, Health Coach and trained Mentor.  She has worked as a Healthy Life Coach at the Alpine Clinic with Dr Diane Farley-Jones for 3 years. She fell in love with whole food nutrition 28 years ago and has been on a journey toward greater health and wellness ever since. The greatest realization of her coaching so far is that it is impossible to make long-term behavior change without adjusting our relationship with ourselves and with God.

Her greatest joy is motherhood and her second greatest joy is helping people get healthy and feel better. She also enjoys traveling, nature walks, gardening, cooking, cycling, hiking, goofing off, movies, silly jokes, and she absolutely loves people, nectarines, hummingbirds,  and sea turtles.

Title: Section 89: Conspiring Men and Your Food 

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  In the Word of Wisdom, we are warned, "...of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days...  What does this mean?  As Americans, we have, in large part, become slaves to our taste buds and our insatiable desires to fulfill what feels like hunger, which mysteriously cannot be satisfied.  And we spend our days in search of the ever elusive energy that we desire. Most people fall into bed exhausted and wake up no more rested than they were the night before.

The commercial food industry has hijacked our eating habits by altering  and distorting  natural substances to manipulate our taste buds and create physiological processes that drive addictions. The results of this diabolical manipulation results in big profits for the "food" corporations, and an enormous cost to us and impacts our
health, vitality, mental health, emotional well being and even our ability to discern spiritual things.

In this class, Healthy Life Coach, Patty Jake, will teach you about the most dangerous  additives and chemicals, in what types of foods they can be found, and strategies to help you create a more vibrant life through better food choices.

Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Allen
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor

Elizabeth has studied health and healing for over 30 years, she shares her love of the Healing Arts and how you too can tap into your own natural healing abilities - both to be healed as well as to help others heal. Come learn some simple yet powerful techniques to help yourself, your family and loved ones find healing of emotions, body, mind, and spirit. Tools and techniques that you will be thankful to know in times of emergency as well as on a daily basis.   

"Elizabeth's extensive training and knowledge combined with her kindness offers powerful yet gentle healing. She creates a safe place in which to allow the heart to open and the body systems to align and interact in a healthier way. "                  -- K. H., Provo Utah

"You are an amazing instructor and person. I have to tell you that my life is so much better! The session you did on me (in class) has changed my life, the way I feel about myself and others, the way I look at myself and others."                        -- K. C., Evanston, Wyoming

In 2002 Elizabeth brought the BodyTalk System to Utah. She is now a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Instructor. BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple yet effective healing system that allows the body to reconnect to it's natural healing ability. It resynchronizes the body's energy systems so they can operate as nature intended. Through using BodyTalk the practitioner identifies the priority issues including emotional, physical, mental and spiritual that are blocking communication and healing.  Lines of communication are restored within the body, mind, and spirit allowing the body's innate wisdom to balance and heal itself on all levels. 

Presentation Title: The Healers Art - Transformational Healing for Body Mind and Spirit

Come learn how to reconnect to your God given natural healing abilities, your birthright of healing, and how you can be better  prepared for the times ahead. 

Steven Fountaine
Steven Fountaine
Health Altruist

For more than 25 years Steven Fountaine has been working to find affordable solutions for improving the cost of healthcare.  While studying medicine he found that many times the success of the treatment was based upon how much money you had to spend.  This inequality bothered him greatly so he has dedicated many years of his life seeking for solutions to this problem. Some disciplines he studied include: allopathic medicine, preventative medicine, homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, health information technologies, physics and many other health related fields and techniques.  

He loves meeting new people and listening to their experiences because in doing so he has been led to many simple solutions for improving and maintaining a person’s health.  There are countless ways to regain and maintain good health and this is what he continues to learn on his journey through life.   


Presentation Title:  Better than Organic

Summary: Come see how easy it is to change regular store bought food into Better than Organic is just a few seconds.  This same process applies to neutralizing most all forms of toxins that have been added to most everything we use by conspiring men and women.  Simple solutions that even children enjoy.

Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips
Cold Weather Survival Expert

Jim Phillips is a nationally known speaker and teacher who has professionally taught thousands of classes all across the U.S. and Canada for 40 years.  For a number of years prior to this career, his avocation was teaching cold weather safety & survival, which are still major parts of his instruction. 

Jim is a strong advocate of self-reliant living and family preparedness.  He developed an entire preparedness curriculum by asking himself the question "What if?" and then setting out to discover what actually does and does not work.  The answers he seeks (and then teaches) must be based on true principles derived from firsthand experience.  Above all else, he believes that attitude and practical knowledge are more critical to survival than having a bunch of "stuff." (“Who you are and what you know are far more important than what you have.”)  He encourages people to develop a powerful positive purpose and mission to focus on in order to carry them through the serious challenges of life.

Presentation Title: Cold Weather Clothing: How to Live in Winter Without Utilities — People are very poorly prepared to live safely and comfortably in winter without utilities for any extended length of time.  For a long-term crises the conventional answers of stored fuels for back-up heat in order to maintain your lifestyle have not the slightest chance of working.

Dan Neville
Dan Neville
Author, Scientist, Food Preservation Expert

Dan graduated from the University of Utah with a Master’s of Science Degree in Business and from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s of Science.

He is the author of a book titled: Scientific Discoveries that Strengthen Faith.

Dan is the CEO of Harvest Right, LLC which designs, manufactures, and markets In-Home Freeze Dryers as well as innovative Green House and Emergency Shelter systems.

He has been the owner and CEO of many technology companies including: (1) iTera Inc. (developed and marketed disaster recovery software for large IBM computer systems – clients included Coca Cola, Campbells Soup Company, Intermountain Healthcare, Wal-Mart, SYSCO, etc. ); (2) AmeriNet (Healthcare Consulting); (3) Assist Cornerstone Technologies (developed Financial and Wholesale Distribution Software for businesses like Sinclair Oil, Maverik Country Stores, and CR England Trucking).

Peggy Layton
Peggy Layton
Home Economist, Licenced Nutritionist and Author

A home economist and licensed nutritionist, Peggy Layton holds a B.S. in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from BYU. She lives in Manti, Utah with her husband Scott and together they have raised seven children and have 7 grandchildren.

Peggy owns and operates two businesses: One called "The Therapy Center", where she is a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist, and the other an online cookbook and preparedness products business. She is nationally known for publishing a series of seven books on the subject of food storage and also lectures and teaches seminars about preparedness and using food storage products. Peggy and her husband Scott practice what they preach, they have no debt, they grow a huge garden, live off the land, raise chickens, bottles and dehydrates food and has time left over to operate their own businesses. To check out Peggy's cookbooks and self-sufficiency products go to her website www.peggylayton.com.

Presentation 1: Preparedness, Plagues & Prevention

Summary: I thought I was one of the most prepared people on the planet, but I was not prepared for a bacterial infection that I got when a monkey in Honduras bit me which triggered Lyme disease, an autoimmune disorder. The next two years were spent in search of answers on how to boost my immune system to cure this horrible disease. After seeing many medical doctors and several clinics later I decided to go off all the antibiotics and heal with natural products instead of drugs. I put together a list of the products to have on hand in case of a bite by a tick, mosquito, spider, or animal carrying Lyme disease. This class will feature recipes for Liposomal vitamin C that can be made at home to save someone’s life, Veggie kraut with natural probiotics, as well as homemade dehydrated greens for smoothies made from edible weeds and plants such as dandelion, purslane, comfrey, garden vegetables, and other herbs that will boost the immune system, plus many other supplemental products to have in your personal home pharmacy.

Presentation 2: Food Storage, Keeping It Simple

Summary: You Can Live On Soup and Bread. This class will feature the most important food and non-food items to store that will sustain life and can be easily transported in case of an evacuation. Most people tend to over stock and have a lot of waste. This class will explore the fundamentals like, non-GMO whole grains for breakfast, homemade green smoothie powder, simple soup and bread making, and simple sprouting, how to get enough protein, how to use dehydrated foods and what to do for special needs like babies, elderly and people with diseases such as diabetes?

Beuna Tomalino
Beuna Tomalino
Garden Coach, Owner of Garden Inspire, Author

As a garden coach, Beuna loves teaching people how to grow their own food both indoors and out. Her formal education is in Ornamental Horticulture from Utah State University. She is also self taught in organic gardening methods and is a Certified Square Foot Garden instructor.  Beuna has consulted with hundreds of clients and designed, planted, and maintained such diverse gardens as herb, flower, native, and show gardens for individuals, businesses, and gardens open for public use. Beuna also teaches gardening classes including organic gardening, herb gardening, composting, organic lawn care, wild edible plants, and Square Foot Gardening.  Her own gardens have been organically maintained for 25+years. Almost all of Beuna's houseplants are edible.

Beuna is the author of What About Herbs? Growing & Using Herbs and co author of Herbs to Know 2: Wild Medicinal & Edible Plants and Herbs to Grow.

Beuna has been published in The Essential Herbal Magazine, Utah Boomers Magazine, and blogs including MintLife and ChopChop Magazine. She has been a guest on The Place Fox 13, Salt Lake City, Utah, Vitality Radio, and  Joy In Your Garden.

Presentation: Edible Landscaping

Summary:  Grow plants you can eat - indoors and out. It is estimated that there are 20,000 edible plants. Find out if some of the plants you are already growing are edible and learn about plants you can add to your landscape or grow as houseplants.

Tim Adams
Tim Adams
Author, Speaker on Pattern of the Heavens

Tim Adams likes nothing better than a good mystery.  He set out to explore the iconographic images of our solar constellations and wrote the Book: "Pattern of the Heavens", a pattern that matches Old and New Testament themes.  A native of upstate New York; his exploration as a young teenager of the Hill Cumorah, the Sacred Grove, and the Smith Farm had him identifying with the boy prophet Joseph Smith, and the truths of the record taken from the ground, the Book of Mormon. 

His Father Roger James Adams (PHD from Penn State University) brought the concept of Typology to the church in the early 70's.  With an understanding of that background Tim has found a relation between the stories of the Old Testament and the restored Gospel.  His new book "Similitude's" is expected to be out by year's end.  A husband to Katy Ann McArthur, and father to four boys and two girls and now lives in Beaverton Oregon.

Title: Revelation in the Heavens

Summary: Tim will be talking about how the Lion of Judah provides an anchor for star maps; and what it has to do with the upcoming 2017 Solar Eclipse. In addition we will be covering a rare star sequence at the birth of Abraham, and how it sets ancient chronology.

Nancy Phippen Browne
Nancy Phippen Browne
Journalist, Investigative Reporter and Editor

Nancy Phippen Browne is the author of "Help Thou Mine Unbelief: Scientific, Historical, and Spiritual Evidence of God," currently available in Seagull Books and Amazon.com.  She is a retired journalist who has worked as an investigative reporter and editor for various newspapers and magazines across the country, including the Church News. Her writing background also took her into the field of public relations and marketing. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls, served a full-time mission to Colorado, and has actively served in ward and stake callings throughout her life. She is also a freelance writer, with articles appearing in a variety of publications, including the Ensign and This People magazine. Browne and her husband, Raymond Browne, reside in St. George. They have seven children and 20 grandchildren.

Title: Tangible Evidence For God

Tangible evidence through science can augment a witness of the spirit to strengthen even the most fragile members who struggle to believe in God. What they sometimes need is something with more meat on the bone--something they can see and touch--to fertilize even the tiniest seed of faith. In this lecture, we’ll explore convincing evidence of God through 1) the science of creation, 2) metaphysical phenomena such as dreams, visions, and near-death experiences, and 3) nuggets of the restored gospel in ancient writings. LDS leaders and educators weigh in right alongside scholars and scientists to illuminate truth and arm attendees with information they can share with friends and family having a crisis of faith. 

Thomas Butler
Thomas Butler
CEO and Co Founder of MedicalCostShare.com

Thomas Butler is the CEO and Co founder of MedicalCostShare.com, an authorized member sponsor of one of the pioneer groups in medical cost and health sharing going back 30 years.  He has been self employed for nearly all of his adult life and has been on the short end of how the health insurance establishment can and does treat the self employed, small business owners and independent contractors.  

Thomas believes in and fights for liberty where ever he can, including medical liberty.  He is politically active in his city and state and served for 4 years on the Highland City Council.  He is a member of Oath Keepers, Campaign for Liberty and Gun Owners of America just to name a few.  He also started and administers the "Highland Meeting" which has grown to several hundred members and brings in monthly speakers, who present on a wide variety of political and cultural current topics. He has 4 children with his wife Lynne and lives in Highland, Utah.

 Title: Obamacare; How to Opt Out

 Summary: Are you concerned about increasing health care costs?  Frustrated with paying huge premiums and outrageous deductibles?  Want a truly affordable alternative that makes you exempt from Obamacare, including the IRS penalties, truly allows you to keep your doctor and costs a lot less? Come find out about the Values based alternative to the unaffordable "Affordable Care Act" that is sweeping the country.

David Lindsley
David Lindsley
Renown LDS Painter - Joseph Smith, Children of Light

David Lindsley exhibited artistic talent at an early age. At age 11, he studied with legendary artist Jon Gnagy and later received art scholarships for college and university training. David has also studied with artists Daniel Greene and Tom Browning. From 8x10-inch miniatures to 8x10-foot murals, he works exclusively in oils and has created commissioned works for private collections, colleges, publications, and corporations, including the LDS Church.  His portrait of Joseph Smith standing before the Kirtland, Ohio Temple holding the Book of Mormon in his outstretched hand was chosen to depict the Prophet Joseph on the front cover of the church’s manual “Teachings of Presidents of the Church; Joseph Smith” being studied this year. 


David tells the story behind his incredible painting of the prophet and his desire to create on canvas the historic reality of events, people and places from the scriptures and Church history.  He unveiled for the first time a newly completed masterful original art piece of the tender scene from the Book of Mormon wherein the Savior takes the little children into his arms for a very special moment in history.  This scene, depicted in a backdrop from an ancient culture that once flourished in the Heartland of America, gives the viewer a profound sense of the Savior’s love and compassion as well as the beauty and hope of innocent children.

Title: The Michigan Plates: an Artist's Perspective

Summary: Artist David Lindsley shares some interesting findings while researching the Michigan Plates including two plates with hidden "Mystic symbols" and an insight into the perplexing "toothbrush font" often seen on many of the plates. David will discuss the article he wrote for Ancient American magazine last year, the Title of Liberty painting, and the UNVEILING of his new "Lincoln" painting.

Jason P. Millward
Jason P. Millward
Renowned Sculptor - Visions of the Past


Jason is a Utah Valley artist who specializes in traditional, figurative sculpture.  As a missionary for the LDS church in Paris, France, he was able to observe and appreciate the vast tradition of classical art.  Upon return, he learned the fundamentals of casting while working at a bronze foundry. As an apprentice to renowned sculptor, Kraig Varner, he learned the foundation of figurative sculpture.  He observed and incorporated creativity and imagination while working for local artist, James Christensen.  Jason returned to France to continue his education under internationally famed sculptor, Martine Vaugel.  On his own, Jason has undertaken many public and private commissions including two pieces for the Atlanta and Salt Lake Olympics as well as various public monuments for groups and private business.  He is currently the lead sculptor at Luna Bronze, LLC in Heber City where his work can be seen locally. As a member of the LDS Church, he has a strong testimony and the deep desire to portray scenes from the Book of Mormon. 


Jason speaks, as an LDS artist, about the challenge of portraying Book of Mormon scenes in sculpture.  He unveiled his recently created bas-relief depicting Joseph Smith's discovery of Zelph titled “Visions of the past” at the FIRM Foundations Book of Mormon Prophecies Conference, Oct. 2009.  He utilized church history, private journal accounts, as well as archaeological facts surrounding the Zelph accounts before making this masterpiece.  Always busy creating, he also talks about future art commissions related to the Book of Mormon.

Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith
Great-great-granddaughter of Joseph Smith Jr. and Musician

Kimberly Smith and son Bryan Davis from Nauvoo, Illinois share their amazing conversion story and baptism into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and perform moving and uplifting original music inspired by their ancestor's lives.


Kimberly, as an adult, visited the Osmond Family Theater in Branson, Missouri where she met Merrill Osmond.  Merrill invited her to take the missionary discussions at his home.  Kimberly had no knowledge of her great-great-grandfather, Joseph Smith Jr.'s history or accomplishments before meeting with Merrill, and she gained her testimony of the restoration of the gospel, and the granduer of her renowned ancestor, in the same way as all must do who seek after truth.  Shortly thereafter Merrill Osmond baptized Kimberly into the Church.


Kimberly is the great-great-granddaughter of the Prophet Joseph Smith and Emma Smith.  Her son Bryan Davis is the great-great-great-grandson to Joseph and Emma.

The Fab Five
The Fab Five
Extreme Power Clogging / Tap-Dancing Troup


The  Fab Five from NBC’s  "America's Got Talent" are power tap dancers from a dairy farm in Morgan, Utah where life consisted of raising wheat, cows, and family. From these Utah roots came five fabulous sisters who could accomplish daily dairy chores in the morning and dance like wildfire at dusk. Nearly three decades of dancing has brought tours, trophies, husbands, and kids. The Whitear sisters are impressing audiences across America not only because of their fancy footwork, but because the sisters — better known as the "Fab Five" — are all Mormon wives and mothers with 17 children collectively.

The Whitear sisters who billed themselves as the Fab Five made it to the 2009 finals of NBC's "America's Got Talent" and will be performing throughout our Friday July 9th fundraising event. Shaundalee Morgan, who lives in Burley, Idaho, said "We've all been dancing since we were kids. Veva the youngest has been dancing since she could walk and I've been dancing since I was eight."

The Fab Five sisters' lives have been filled with smiles and tears: their father lost his farm to economic hardships, a child with severe cerebral palsy, and another child with kidney disease, but through it all, family and dancing were there. The Fab Five, made up of Veva Ahlstrom (age 24), Cambria Gibson (age 28), Ayrion Myers (age 31), Shaundalee Morgan (age 33) and LaChere Vawdrey (age 35), are forever family strong. Click HERE to watch their "America's Got Talent" week 8 performance!

Nathan Osmond
Nathan Osmond
Professional Singer/Songwriter and Motivational Speaker

Nathan Osmond is, according to his blog, "Donny & Marie's favorite nephew!"  He is the son of music legend Alan Osmond and his lovely wife Suzanne, their second oldest of 8 boys! Nathan is a Country Music Singer and recently released his debut Country single, "SWEET" which is working its way up the charts. He grew up on the set of the Donny & Marie show and he and his brothers, The Osmonds 2nd Generation have toured the globe singing in many languages. They've had 3 songs in the top 40 in the UK. Nathan took two years out of his career to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile, Santiago North Mission. Upon returning, he toured for two years on the North American Tour of the hit musical, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and was cast as Charlie Brown in the National Tour of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown." He was also cast as President Gordon B. Hinckley's mission companion in the film, "Gordon B. Hinckley - A Giant Among Men." He is happily married and the proud father of three incredible little boys.

Alex Boye'
Alex Boye'
Superstar Singer/Songwriter - Mormon Tabernacle Choir Member - New American!

London born superstar singer/songwriter Alex Boye' tells the story of his early life and how he became a Mormon in this touching video.  Rod Meldrum first met Alex at one of his first firesides many years ago and was inspired by his passion, testimony, and amazing vocal talent.  More recently, Rod learned that Alex is a fan of the Heartland Book of Mormon research.  After a conversation over lunch regarding the promises and covenants of the Lord with America, Alex decided to incorporate those ideals into his latest music video which became the title of his new album "Calling America."  Read the Lyrics HERE.  The video includes Native American dancers, a stone with the word "Liberty" being passed from person to person, as well as a warning from the "Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn. It is all set to an incredibly powerful new patriotic song that brings all American's together and calls them to remember the greatness of this nation we call the United States of America. 

Alex has been entertaining audiences worldwide for over 16 years and has had hits in over 15 countries, selling over half a million CD's and performing alongside such groups as Bryan Adams, George Michael, Simon Garfunkel, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, N'SYNC, Jay-Z, The Backstreet Boys, Jordyn Sparks, David Archuleta, and The smashing Pumpkins to name a few.  He recently joined with the Utah Valley University LDS Institute Choir in a visually and audibly stunning video called "I Will Rise."  He was asked by world renown pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson (ThePianoGuys) to help them with a new arrangement of Coldplay's hit "Paradise" they called "Peponi" and was shot in Southern Utah on the precipice of a massive sandstone cliff.  This must-watch video is approaching 9 million viewings on youtube! 

He served as an LDS missionary in Bristol, England and at the suggestion of his mission president chose a career in music so that he could influence and inspire people for good.  In February of 2012 Alex became a United States citizen where he was asked to sing the National Anthem for the first time as an officially recognized citizen.  Watch his impromptu a cappella rendition HERE.  He hosted the 2012 Stadium of Fire event on the 4th of July in Provo, Utah which was broadcast around the world to armed forces. He is a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, performed with Glenn Beck in Israel (read the story of how Alex was chosen to close Beck's program) and brought Glenn Beck to tears when Alex sang an unconventional Christmas song of Christ.  He recently opened Glenn Beck's Restoring Love event in Dallas Texas where he sang an incredibly energizing rendition of the National Anthem to the awaiting crowd! 

Alex "loves to laugh" and his energy and enthusiasm for the gospel and his citizenship in his new country are contagious!  Some of the highlights of his life include giving a book of Mormon to Prince Charles, joining the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and marrying his beautiful wife Julie. He has recorded two solo songs on the Tabernacle Choir CD "Come Thou Fount" which has garnered rave reviews and reached #1 in the Billboard Classical Charts.

Ron Lawson
Ron Lawson

Ron says art is a form of communication. "When we speak, we are by our words creating mental images for others to see. With art, whether it is in the form of music; dance; drama or painting, we are communicating with others. It can be an enjoyable experience.

Ron is a native of California and grew up in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. He spent every chance he could, out in nature, hunting; fishing; camping and exploring with his dad who taught him how to survive in the wild. Ron is a descendant of the famed Pocahontas and John Rolfe.

Art has always been a part of his life, sketching and painting ever since he can remember. It was his favorite subject in school and his major in college. He enjoys painting people the most, then landscape, wildlife, etc. Early on, he sold his paintings direct and then through the very best western art galleries in Alaska; Arizona; California; Connecticut; Hawaii; Texas; Utah and Wyoming.  One example of Ron's ability to capture the right mood in his work happened in Utah. While there, Robert Redford's buyer contacted Ron and requested some paintings.  Mr. Redford wanted landscapes without people in them. Ron produced three or four paintings....one without people and the others with a lone Indian or mountain man. Mr. Redford purchased the ones with the figures in them, indicating, “he related to the people in the paintings." Mr. Redford's buyer purchased the pure landscape.

Ron and his beautiful wife Vanda currently live in Southern Utah. The beauty of the red rock country is enough to inspire any artist to greater heights. Together they have 15 children.

Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.
Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.
Renown Scholar, Author and Lecturer on the Book of Isaiah

Avraham Gileadi was born in the Netherlands in 1940. During World War II, his father’s underground organization helped a New Zealand pilot escape to England. This led to the family migrating to New Zealand. After becoming a popular jazz and rock musician, Avraham gave up the music to return to his spiritual roots. He traveled to Israel, received his Hebrew name from a rabbinical court on converting to Judaism, became an Israeli citizen, attended rabbinical school in Jerusalem, and learned Jewish analytical methods. He was baptized LDS in 1972 in the Pool of Siloam after having read the Book of Mormon, which he found in a kibbutz library.

 After living five years in Israel, he moved to the United States, enrolled at BYU, and raised a family of nine children. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies under the tutelage of Professor R. K. Harrison of Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology, with Professor Hugh Nibley as chairman. For his Ph.D. thesis, he analyzed a complex literary structure in the Book of Isaiah that radically impacts the book’s interpretation.

 During six of his eight years at BYU, he taught Hebrew, Old and New Testaments, and an honors class in the literary analysis of Isaiah. Under the direction of Ellis Rasmussen, dean of Religion, he reviewed and revised Israeli scholar Jonathan Shunary’s Hebrew translation of the Book of Mormon for the church’s Translation Division, discovering many Hebrew prophetic structures and literary patterns in the Book of Mormon. He also translated the Book of Isaiah into modern English with annotations from the Dead Sea scroll of Isaiah and the Septuagint Version, publishing it with analyses of Isaiah’s literary patterns discovered during a decade of post-doctoral research.

 Sponsored by the Hebraeus Foundation since 1990, Avraham Gileadi has lectured widely, given seminars and firesides, and published ten books on the Book of Isaiah and related subjects that teach Jewish analytical methods and help anyone to understand Isaiah. Hugh Nibley calls Avraham “the only LDS scholar I know of who is thoroughly competent to teach the words of Isaiah.” Avraham’s books, videos, and mp3s are for sale at the Isaiah Institute table.

Presentation Titles:

1. The Mission of the Servant and 144,000 Servants

Synopsis: The coming of God’s servant to prepare the way for Jesus’ Second Coming leads directly to the 144,000 servants of God performing their saving missions on the earth.

2. The Callout According to Isaiah and the Prophets

Synopsis: The idea of a “Callout into the Wilderness,” as seen by modern visionaries, finds scriptural support in the writings of Isaiah and other ancient and latter-day prophets.

John Pugliano
John Pugliano
Financial Advisor

John Pugliano is the host of the Wealthsteading Podcast and the money manager/founder of Investable Wealth LLC. John has spent nearly 30 years studying and applying the habits of financially independent middle class Americans. He encourages everyone to live debt free and practice 10 simple wealth building principles. John and his wife are the parents of six and presently reside in Utah.

Title:  Surviving the Currency Wars

Summary:  Central bankers throughout the world are devaluating their currency in a race toward the bottom.  Negative interest rates were once unthinkable, now they are reality in many developed countries.  Money manager John Pugliano will explain the global currency wars and discuss exchange traded fund strategies to combat it.

Title:  Live Debt Free

Summary: The consumer driven economy is designed to entrap people into a life of excessive spending and debt.  Middle class wealth can only be achieved by those living dramatically below their income.  Money manager John Pugliano will share with you simple principles to help you live debt free and financially independent.

Pastor Tom Kerry
Pastor Tom Kerry
Founder of the Television Ministry, Gods Unchanging Word, New Orleans, LA

Founder of the Television Ministry, God’s Unchanging Word from the Church of God Ministries International in New Orleans, LA

Tom is a remarkable open-minded and God-fearing Christian man. He was invited to attend the Book of Mormon evidences conference to share some of his insights regarding his research dealing with Old Testament prophecy and its fulfillment in our day.

 Tom has produced a series of DVD’s that examine many of the landmark events unfolding in these last days. His list of documentaries is long, but a few of them are:

 This Generation Shall not Pass, The Rise of Evil, Handwriting on the Wall, The Divine Destiny of America, Tamuz 17, A Perfect Storm: The Blood Moons Tetrad, The Holy Roman Revival, Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses  and many others...

His Interviews include such guests as:

Rabbi Jonatan Cahn (The Harbinger)

Pastor Mark Biltz (discoverer of the Blood Moons Tetrad)

Stephen Spykerman – The Hidden Ancestry of America and Great Britain

Timothy Ballard – America’s Sacred and Immutable Connection to Ancient Israel


Presentation:  Tammuz 17, linking Ancient Hebrews and America

Summary:  Tammuz 17 links Esau and Jacob through the centuries tying it all to America’s rise and fall, that brings the Rise of the Beast. I believe God has blessed me to put together the story that has never been told. I also feel the info is well documented Biblically and historically. It’s like this massive puzzle I’ve been studying for many years... just finally came together.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater
President of Family Watch International

 Sharon Slater has dedicated the past ten years of her life to defending marriage, family and life.  Whether in a remote village in Africa, addressing 1.5 million people at a pro-marriage rally in Spain, or opposing challenges to family values in the United States, Canada or at the United Nations, Sharon is an internationally recognized leader in the effort to protect and promote the family and family values at the international, national and local level. 

In 1999, Sharon co-founded Family Watch International (FWI), a nonprofit organization in consultative status with the United Nations, and she currently serves as its president.  Among other activities, Sharon writes a biweekly column for The Family Watch a free e-newsletter with readers in over 160 countries around the world. 

Sharon holds a Bachelors degree in Family Sciences.  Before becoming involved in family issues, Sharon was a certified interpreter for the deaf and an instructor of American Sign Language at the university level.  She is also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. 

 America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and outline:

Title: The International and National Threats to our Families and our Fundamental Freedoms

Outline: Questions that will be answered during this presentation:

Can our current form of government survive if the institution of the family fails or is drastically altered?

Does the morality of a nation’s people determine the degree to which a nation’s people are free?

Can our Constitution adequately govern a nation of immoral people?

Where same-sex marriage has been legalized, what has happened to religious freedom and parental rights?

 How does what happens at the United Nations impact our laws and our families?

What can we do to protect our families?



Vicki Jo Andersen
Vicki Jo Andersen
Author, The Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruff

 Vicki Jo Anderson has dedicated over 10 years of her life researching the great eminent men and women who appeared to Wilford Woodruff in 1877 in the St. George, Utah temple.  Vicki graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S. degree in Sociology then went on to earn a M.A. degree in History form Coral Ridge Baptist University (George Wythe Campus).  She was awarded four grants from BYU to assist in the research project.  She is a former home schooler, past president of Arizona Charter School Association and owner of Zichron Historical Research Institute.  Prior to her marriage to Steve Anderson and subsequent eight children she served a mission in Paraguay/Uruguay.  She has lectured extensively throughout the Southwestern United States. 

John Yves Bizimana
John Yves Bizimana
Author, Rwanda genocide survivor

 John Yves Bizimana was born in Kigali, Rwanda, and lived there until the Rwandan genocide in 1994. He then moved with his family to Harare, Zimbabwe, where he lived for eight years before relocating to Brussels, Belgium. Because of his Rwandan, Zimbabwean, and Belgian heritage, he considers himself a citizen of the world.

John resides in Provo, Utah, where he attended Brigham Young University, graduating with a degree in economics in August 2010. He enjoys performing African cultural dances, songs, and traditions with his friends in Voice of Africa, a Utah Valley performing group. He enjoys playing all kinds of sport – especially basketball – and learning about other cultures and languages.

"I was but 10 years old when I first heard of America and its glorious legends. I could not believe my eyes when I read the story of a poor boy born in a log cabin who rose to become one of America's greatest presidents. I heard about the American dream. I heard that a man could come to this country with nothing but the shirt on his back, but with toil, ascend to the status of a millionaire and live out the dreams he could never achieve in his native homeland.  From that early age my biggest dream became to one day come to America and pursue this legend. 10 years later, I finally got my chance to come and I did, only I was wearing my heart on my sleeve about my love for this country and the opportunities it offered -  opportunities I had not experienced yet. 


There is so much that is wrong with America but the good is overwhelming. The American dream is still alive ladies and gentleman, for those who are willing to toil. The opportunities that exist in no other country sit waiting to be ceased. In times of great trial, heroes have heeded the call of duty and prevailed against all odds. This is the story of America. It is my hope that when your day comes to bear testimony of this great country, be it in word or action, you will find yourself ready and willing to rise to the occasion and soar into the heavens of greatness. I love this country, and God bless America."

 John will be speaking at America's Freedom Education Week.  A summary of his presentation is below.

Many parts of the world only dream of the freedoms Americans enjoy. A summary of John's perceptions of America having lived in other different and interesting places such as Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Belgium, France, Switzerland and a few more.

Jaden Bliss
Jaden Bliss
Patriotic Song Writer, Composer, and Vocalist


Jaden Bliss wrote her first song when she was in the fifth grade titled “I Can Be A Hero.” Since then she has co-written many patriotic songs to pay tribute to our Veterans and all of our brave men and women who protect our freedoms. At the age of twelve she began selling herself produced CD door to door to raise money for the children of fallen soldiers.  She raised $1,520 and donated 100% of those proceeds to the “Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund” and the “National Freedom Alliance”. Her song “God Bless Our Soldiers Tonight” first aired on the Bob Lonsberry Show and has touched many lives including our soldiers overseas. Jaden has sent over 350 copies of her CD to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, including 100 last Christmas.  She continues to donate her time to local charities benefiting Military families.

With the help of “Mike’s Guardian Eagle Foundation” Jaden has had the opportunity to perform at numerous military events and present her patriotic program to children at elementary schools across the Country.   She was also a recipient of the prestigious “Freedom Award” at the 2008 Freedom Festival; the first time they have ever given the award to someone so young.

Jaden recently returned home from her second trip to Washington DC where she performed at the Pentagon for “Rolling Thunder” as well as in the National Parade. She was also invited to take part in a wreath laying ceremony and place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Three years ago Jaden signed a publishing and distribution deal for her CD “God Bless Our Soldiers” with Cedar Fort Publishing.  Her newest CD, “I Want To Thank You”  includes 11 of Jaden’s  original patriotic songs, with arrangements by award winning musicians/composers Ron Saltmarsh, Michael Dowdle and Robert Allen Elliott.  It is available at local LDS book stores as well as Jaden’s web site www.blessoursoldiers.com 

Jared Law
Jared Law
Regional Coordinator, 9.12 Project

Jared Law is a pro-liberty researcher, writer, organizer, and activist, whose fight to help restore America's Constitutional Republic is relatively young, compared to many of the speakers at this week-long event. Jared Law has studied the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the founding documents of this nation, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and other original sources, and has read dozens of books on politics, history, and ideology. Mr. Law was raised in a very conservative home, and learned the laws of nature and of nature's God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Principles of Freedom which are enshrined in the Constitution in his youth.


Mr. Law is the Utah State Volunteer Coordinator for Glenn Beck's 9.12 Project, and the founder of The 9.12 Project Network, a private social network for those who agree with the Nine Principles & 12 Values of The 9.12 Project. 


When Glenn Beck began talking about how "We Surround Them" on January 27th, 2009, during the second hour of his talk radio show, in response to a phone call from Ed of New Haven, CT, Mr. Law knew he had to do more than simply comment on news stories on Facebook. By the time that a month had passed, Jared had already built, and had started recruiting members for a social network he had created and dedicated to whatever it was that Glenn Beck was going to do. When Glenn Beck disclosed The 9.12 Project name to insiders listening to him during a commercial break on his talk radio show, the morning of Friday the 13th of March, 2009, Jared had already invested over 300 hours recruiting well over 3,000 members to The 9.12 Project Network. He immediately purchased the current domain name, 'the912project.us,' and renamed the network from 'We Surround Them USA' to 'The 9.12 Project Network." Since that time, Jared's social network has experienced growth of well over 1,200%, and will surpass 40,000 members nationwide during America's Freedom Education Week. Jared has organized what we believe to be the largest political rally of Principled Patriots in Utah history, with over 3,500 9.12'ers attending his 9/12/2009 rally at the Utah State Capitol.

Title: The Covenant of Freedom

Summary: A sacred covenant exists between God & the inhabitants of the United States of America. In multiple ancient civilizations, those who failed to honor the covenant were annihilated from off the face of the Earth. Jared will discuss the covenant, including quotes from prophets and other notable individuals, applying it to American history through the present day. Americans must know that if we wish to remain free, we MUST honor the Covenant of Freedom!

A sacred covenant exists between God & the inhabitants of the United States of America. In multiple ancient civilizations, those who failed to honor the covenant were annihilated from off the face of the Earth. Jared will discuss the covenant, including quotes from prophets and other notable individuals, applying it to American history through the present day. Americans must know that if we wish to remain free, we MUST honor the Covenant of Freedom!


Part II: Applying the Covenant of Freedom to Our Day: Our Patriotic Duties and Applied Constitutionalism


In addition to honoring the Covenant of Freedom in a spiritual sense, in addition to learning about it in a historical sense, we must also honor it in a practical, immediate sense if we wish to survive as a nation. 'God helps those who help themselves.' We know we can't just be good people; we must be informed, involved citizens armed with principles AND knowledge. Jared offers a practical guide for restoring America, from education to elections and activism. If we do our part, honor ourselves and God, then ask for His help, we can restore America!





Dr. Clovis Karam
Dr. Clovis Karam
Faculty of Humanities at Notre Dame University (NDU), Lebanon

Clovis Karam has a Doctorate in Philosophy of Religions from the Catholic University of Lyon France, and another Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Lyon III France. Currently Dr. C. Karam is a full-time faculty member in the rank of Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Humanities at Notre Dame University (NDU) Lebanon.

According to the Bulletin of the Catholic University of Lyon, Dr. C. Karam is one of the few scholars that have demonstrated extensive knowledge and research in the fields of Phoenician Mythology and Religion. Dr. C. Karam is the co-founder of the (IPRC) International Phoenician Research Center based in Research Triangle, North Carolina, USA sponsored by (WLCU) World Lebanese Cultural Union. Dr . C. Karam is the Liaison-Coordinator between IPRC & NDU and the IPRC Dean of Research for Lebanon and the Middle East. Also he is a member of the GETT- Program conducting research in Global Sociology and Anthropology with El Camino College, CA, USA, along with San Ignacio De Loyola University, Peru, and Dnepropetrovsk University, Ukraine, and Regianemento University of Monterey in Mexico. Dr. Karam shares his study of the ancient Phoenician civilization on website at Phoenicia.org.

Dr. Jerome Horowitz
Dr. Jerome Horowitz
Lawyer, Author, Constitutional Speaker

 Jerome Horowitz was raised in the Jewish faith in New York City.  He learned about the restored gospel while serving in the US Army during World War II.  After a year of serious study and prayer, he became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  With his acceptance of the gospel he reoriented his thinking about freedom and the Constitution to conform to his new understanding of eternal realities.  He started practicing law in 1947 and retired in 2003. 

Jerome (Jerry) Horowitz has done much writing and speaking about the Constitution including writing The Elders of Israel and the Constitution mentioned favorably by Ezra Taft Benson in his April 1972 General Conference address.  He is also the author of The United States Has Two Constitutions pointing out the difference between the Framers’ Constitution and the Supreme Court’s constitution, and The Constitution of the Founding Fathers that examines all the provisions of the Constitution and the Amendments from a gospel perspective. 

 America's Freedom Education Week presentation title and outline:

Title: Forgotten Fundamentals of the Constitution

Outline:  Today many people misunderstand the Constitution because they focus on its specific technical provisions without understanding the philosophy and intention behind those provisions.  Yet it is that philosophy and intention that illuminate the true meaning of the detailed provisions of the Constitution.   

In this talk entitled “Forgotten Fundamentals of the Constitution” Mr. Horowitz discussed the great principles underlying the detailed technical provisions of the Constitution.  Understanding those principles makes the Constitution a living document, not by reinterpreting it to fit modern times but by understanding the timeless realities of human nature underlying its detailed provisions. 

Dr. Horowitz had been fighting a progressive disease for many years at the time he presented this talk during the Freedom Education Week event.  At the end of his presentation Dr. Horowitz became very weak and was helped from the podium and stage.  He regained strength to return home but he had truly given his all to share his message.  As it turned out, this was the last public speaking engagement of Dr. Horowitz' esteemed life.  He passed away Aug. 31st 2012 (Read Obituary HERE.) after a heroic 43 year struggle with leukemia.  He is dearly missed.   

Vicki Bean Topliff
Vicki Bean Topliff
Author and Historian Focusing on Willard Bean, the Fighting Parson

Vicki Bean Topliff grew up in Burbank, CA, with her parents, two brothers and a sister. After graduating from Burbank High School in 1961, she attended BYU and later married Ed Topliff and settled in Huntington Beach, CA, where they raised seven children. When they became empty nesters in 1996, Vicki and Ed moved to Orem, UT, where they have very much enjoyed the clear blue skies and the Rocky Mountains – and even the occasional snow.

Vicki has always been particularly attached to her paternal grandparents, Willard and Rebecca Bean, who were called on a mission in 1915 to serve in Palmyra, NY, a place of tremendous prejudice toward the Church. In an effort to preserve their stories of faith and heart-warming (as well as heart-wrenching) missionary experiences, she compiled a book entitled Willard Bean, the Fighting Parson so that her children would never forget their honorable heritage. She was surprised and delighted that even those outside the family found Willard to be just as powerful a preacher and just as remarkable a man as she did.

Finding Utah to be replete with additional information, letters, newspaper clippings, etc., about Willard, Vicki compiled a more extensive 2-volume work on her grandfather which included the very detailed autobiography which he had typed, one finger and one peck at a time, on a very ancient manual typewriter. Other books published by Vicki have included the life story of her father, Alvin Pliny Bean, and her great-grandfather’s life story, George Washington Bean, His Three Wives and 30 Children. She says she loves having that “Bean blood running through my veins.”

Seven wonderful children became part of the family tree between 1966 and 1977, and now 25 grandchildren have also been welcomed aboard. She is happy to admit that there is simply nothing more satisfying and just plain fun than being in the midst of family.  Vicki returned to her heavenly family August 3rd, 2014 after a long bout with cancer.  She is dearly missed. 

J.C. Bollers
J.C. Bollers
Reseacher and Geographer

 JC Bollers is a researcher and geographer of Guyanese Heritage. He was raised in Alabama, served a mission in Brazil and earned his degree at Brigham young University. His dream was to travel around the globe meeting and documenting relations with our relatives in the house of Israel. Our brother JC contracted a rare and very aggressive cancer and passed away in 2016.  He will be greatly missed by us all. 

FIRM Foundation Spring 2016 Event - Speaker Profiles
FIRM Foundation Spring 2016 Event - Speaker Profiles
Profiles of Current and Past Speakers at FIRM Foundation Events

The FIRM Foundation (Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism) is an organization dedicated to faithfully exploring relevant LDS topics of our time, together with showing forth evidences for the Book of Mormon to provide LDS Church members with well researched information empowering their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and thus enabling them to powerfully and respectfully defend its historicity and thus its truthfulness - with the ultimate goal of bringing people unto Christ.

Speaker Profiles Are By Category

1. Book of Mormon Research  

2. Emergency Preparedness  

3. Holistic Health & Wellness  

4. Constitution & Issues of Our Day  

5. Camping, Gardening & Food  

6. Signs of Our Times & Science